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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gwill15

An essential guide to Jax

Gwill15 Last updated on August 17, 2010
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Hello, this is my first mobafire build and although i made this build for Jax he is not my favorite character but quite simply my most sucessful build.

The goal here is to help you not neccesarily ANNIHILATE the other team (although that is nice too) but to WIN. And i guarantee that if you use this build you will do VERY well as this guide is designed for and plays equally well on both the Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift.

If you have ANY constructive advice please comment

My summoner spells are simple enough, i believe Exhaust is simple and although it is a common choice it is still great for mainly teamfights and pursuit.

Ghost !!!Unless you KNOW you can kill them do not pursue with this!!!
this if for those speed boost to escape by running to your incoming creep wave jumping to them and running like hell. they will get stuck on your creeps while you make a speedy retreat.

Other alternatives

Cleanse- My only other choice for Jax simply to remove exhaust or ignite. my build relies heavily on lifesteal if you are blinded while fighting a DPS like Yi an exhaust can change the outcome of a battle. one keeps their damage and lifesteal while the other loses health without any gain or any damage on their opponent and soon a clear win is a clear loss.(Only exchange ghost for this SS)

My skills- in order they are Relentless Assault>Leap Strike>Counter>Empower

Its pretty self explanatory

Relentless assault because it is amazing your primary skill this allows you to get to max attack speed without alot of monetary cost.

Leap strike because 1. You leap to them! Great chasing tool Leap+Frozen Mallet=No escape and also because with my build the CD for it will be nearly the same as empower and therefore much more useful because Empower CD is 5 secs at all levels while leap strike reduces to 6 secs at full level!

Counter Strike-Jax's Cherries on top. Dodge chance from this skill + Tabi and Phantom dancers= over 50% dodge chance!!! So if a Yi attacks you only 1/2 of his attacks will hit! and you in turn will be able to do Twice the damage than you would normally without dodge.

Empower-This skill is useful for late game pushing but not much else. I always grab a point in this skill early game for one reason... Intimidation! i am still scared when i see a Jax with a flare on his weapon it may not be that effective but man does it typically scare a non-gank away!


My runes are so self explanatory if you have to read this section you should cry. T_T
Attack speed runes= easier Ulti maxing.

Dodge... To dodge things!!!

On a side note i know runes aren't hanging on trees and i know it takes a while to get all of them. I did this build with NO RUNES!!! i have them now and do better because of it but dont stress trying to get them all.

The Item build

Before you guys start spazzing out on me... I know!!! your build is similair but you use (insert item here) instead of (insert item here) my build is made to work well in all its parts so please TRY IT!!!

1. Ninja Tabi-extra dodge and armor one of the best boots

2.Malady-i know i know Malady is generic its lame i hate that item... just get it! the early attack speed and lifesteal is amazing and much more cost effective than starks, not to mention its passive but we will get to that later. but remember... ALWAYS GET THE SCEPTER FIRST!!!

3.Executioners Calling-Same deal as Malady but listen i dont get this item for the passive or the active this is the only item that give Crit chance and lifesteal and is amazing!!! in early game it gives you more of a harass against squishies. Empower-leap strike+execs gives a much better harass and because i dont stack Phantom Dancers it steps up your crit to 50% with your PF's so almost every other attack is a crit. and the overall 33% lifesteal lets you solo 2 enemy heroes at once!!!
They say you cant outdamage Ryze. (and normally you cant) but i soloed both Ryze AND YI!!! ryze ulti's and all of a sudden i have 320 health!! i however quickly exhaust yi while i RAPE ryze and get back to half health. i finish ryze and turn to yi i deal most of his health and he highlanders away! Oh no! I do not allow him to leave! my Ghost+PF speed boost allow me to chase him down until i dodge a creep attack... i leap stun and finish!

THESE THREE ITEMS ARE YOUR CORE BUILD!!! Always get these items first and always get scepter as first ingredient!
And also by this time you should be getting lizard buff whenever he respawns

Wits end- this and malady almost make this build... the attack speed blada bla NO, the passive is what makes this item the best! Full stacks on a malady + this item gives you another 72 damage per attack!!! x3 is 216 every three hits!!! thats like doubling your ultimate and burning mana while your at it!!!
(note you CAN switch this for a last whisper or SotD but only if they have MORE than 1 non-mana hero)

Phantom Dancers- pretty self explanatory attack speed YAY crit chance YAY dodge chance VERY YAY and movement speed VERY YAY.
(note that in my experience it seems like only 2 PF's stack well)

Frozen mallet- this item turns you from a crazy dps chase/finisher into a RAPIST no escaping me. this item gives you more life to steal back from enemies :P, a good attack damage buff and a every hit slow! the slow + the extra PF speed boost makes it like a running enemy is standing still!!! And in the words of Warwick...


Also in mid late game if you get the full build and if the team is hp heavy or you want to kill even faster you can switch out your Executioners Calling for a Bloodthirster.

My masteries are very easy and interchangeable but as a general rule i always get the,- Crit chance, exhaust, attack speed, armor pierce, minion damage, bonus damage, crit damage, and lethality... and i get the defense masteries to give me the speed bonus on dodge.

My strategy and reasoning for the build are within each sections and i wont bore you by repeating them.

If you like the build i would appreciate it if you would rate it up(or at least not down)and if you have any suggestions i will read them as long as you post them and reply on major suggestions. Although i hope this build is so good you have none.

And always remember... "Imagine if he used a REAL weapon!"