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Kayle Build Guide by KalAnubis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KalAnubis

Angel of death

KalAnubis Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Right first of all I like to note this is my first build and I'm buy no means a pro but Iv played Kayle alot now and have learnt alot over that time, I'd also like to note this is a build for those of you who play aggressive with her. Please don't down vote till you try it and read all my reasons well hope this is helpful and il update as I learn new things any advice plz leave some feedback.

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Right il cover my rune choice first. I choose armour pen Marks as this allows you do more damage even against tanks as I said this a agressive build made to get alot of kills. I pick armour seals as this adds much needed defence to allow you to maintain laneing longer and to make up for lack of defence masteries. I choose magic resist glyphs for the same reason I choose armour seals. Finally I pick mp quintessence for much needed early damage aswell as it grows with the deathcap.

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For masteries it's a lot more flexible due to preference I play 30 utility as I think this allows me to level quickly and lane longer to buy those key items to deal tremendous damage but if not full utility I'd go for 21/0/9 as your main priority is to kill, if you really feel that you can't survive I'd go 21/9/0 but I don't suggest this your runes, move set plus items help keep you alive long enough to get the kill and get out again

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For items I start with a cloth armour, 5 health pots plus a mana potion this allows a long laneing time, I return usually when I have enough to grow the cloth into madreds razor, which gives early minion farming and a bit of damage but this is far from what you need to really get aggressive unless your doing well in lane. Then after that I go for berserker greaves, this gives a much needed speed boost for chasing and a attack speed boost that helps to kill quicker, id like to note 25% attack speed boost isnt that noticable but combined with other items really packs a whollop later game. After that I finish building madreds bloodrazor for even more damage to both minions and players aswell as increased attack speed. Then I build sheen for a boost to abilty power and a great passive. The next item I get is guinsoos Rageblade this gives a boost to damage, ability power and attack speed which results in mental damage increase when using rightous fury :), i get phage next for much needed health and the awesome slow and zeal for increased attack and movement speed with the added bonus of higher chance of getting a crit, which I then grow to trinity force the 3 combined but even better. these are the items is the core of the build and usually the game is won or lost or if with bad team by now but if not or your having a bad game get abyssal sceptre, finally get rabadon's deathcap to finish off this will increase your ability power imensly resulting in insane damage with attacks and abilities. You generally don't get this far but If you do watch there health drop in secs when you activate rightous fury triggering trinity forces/sheen passive and then attacking with splash plus all on hit affects :)

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Skill Sequence

Right I pick Rightous fury first for the extended range and splash damage never forget splash of you can't reach you opponent try attacking a minion near him to splash on him, and max second instead of reckoning because this allows you to farm minions quickly and get that much needed gold aswell as allowing you to harass at long range for a lot less mana. I usally attack with basic attack then activate rightous fury to kill them quickly, at this piont aim your curser over a enemy player if they get in range attack untill there not then go back to farming as early game is all about the farm if you think you can get the kill then go for it but only if your certain, but reckoning does alot of damage and slows which can lead to them pulling back giving you space to farm safely. Reckoning is next to pick but first to max as it is a awesome scaling move aswell as slows which will lead to many kills. Divine blessing is the last because the move is way to exspensive for its gain, long cd and your here to kill not play daddy. Ovouisly Pick up intervention whenever possible. a note here if your getting hammered hard think of hitting a tower by yourself and activate intervention when attacked by tower if you got core items built you smash towers generally before enemy team no whats going on then run to avoid ganks

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Summoner Spells

This is easy flash is a must to get of those situations where you over exstend or out of possition this could maybe be replaced with ghost if you really don't like flash but that is less helpful for getting away. The second is exhaust as this greatly reduces there chances of running or killing you another good choice is the new summoner spell surge this can be a must have for kayle as it improves attack speed and mp allowing you to do more damage with reckoning and rightous fury as well as even more attack why its active which is always good. This Is complealy personal choice

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in short you can play kayle aggressivly but remember at start you need to farm only push when you got core items, i also suggest changing self cast ulti to a hotkey easy to cast. As this play style rusults in a lot of situations where you could die this can save time and you in the long run. jungle the blue buff and gank whenever possible and most importantly remember to tell team that your not playing in the normal role as people get sloppy when they play with kayle thinking her intervention is permanent lol