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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nicorette

Annie In Wonderland

Nicorette Last updated on October 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is how I play Annie I've been playing her for about 3 weeks now and this is what i've come up with. However The double archangels is something I still am thinking about.

Early game:

Many people believe that you should try and go for an early kill with Annie; however I find people are really conservative during ranked games and/or in middle. With this I would say yes try and poke at whoever you are laning against but understand an early kill on Annie requires a big mistake from whoever you're against.
Some of you may be wondering why I would go and take Doran's shield first. I find Annie very weak early on until I've reached catalyst so I've taken up Doran's shield, not only does it provide health and armour but allows me to heal up from pokes be it by minions or other champs. Also I have no need for mana regen due to my runes by level 6 and also because my Q refunds me my mana back if I score the killing blow. I cannot stress how much farming is important on Annie (like any other champ) but I say this because in you will need catalyst and boots 2 for team fights.
Lastly and most important if you are in mid and have poked at your opponent well go ahead and drop a Tibber stun on them and combo up with incinerate followed by a Disintegrate, if they are not dead by now and really 9 times out of 10 that burst will kill them drop ignite on them. Now your ultimate will ensure you a kill if you're smart. However if they do get away let Tibbers tank the turret and dive, yes Annie can and should dive.

Mid game:

This by now you should have a catalyst, sorc boots (boots 2) and possibly a blasting wand depending if you have picked up a few kills. I'll say this now do not engage with Tibbers stun, this is stupid unless you don't have a tank then it's a go. If you have a tank then let them go in and drop Tibbers, 2+ people stunned in a team fight is golden (your ultimate can be game changing). If the other team is not running Magic resist then you will be a nuke, your boots will counter act merc treads (side note: when dropping Tibbers avoid dropping it on a tank, dps will blow up instead). If you're in middle go gank mid game, gank away, learn to gank, your ultimate will give you kills you are a nuke don't sit and wait for your chance to strike take it. Even without your ultimate you can still cause a lane to fall with a good gank. Ward side bushes in mid or top bushes for bottom or bottom bushes for top. Don't let yourself or teammate be open like that, the gold is nothing.
I cannot stress enough that buying pots and elixirs during mid and late game, more so late game elixirs. With your items you won't have much ability power only your zhoyna's and quints so please buy elixirs they will be worth your 300 gold. Also try to jungle blue buff mid and late game ward it up don't let the other team get that as your will be mana starved late game.

Late game:

This is the team fight phase of the game and there is not much I can say about it. Since you are playing Annie being in the open is death, engaging is death, being near and enemy who is not occupied is death, and remember death is all around you do not die it is a bad thing. Let tanks engage drop Tibbers and if all goes well win. Play it safe and wait for the right time to engage with your ult.

Words of advice:

People who think molten shield is stupid at level 4 can shove it, most enemy champs see the swirl around you and run if you hit 6 have 4 stacks of your passive pop your shield drop it on your opponent and laugh. This is a great surprise tactic against people because in the heat of battle you can't really click and check someone's buffs when you know Tibbers is coming and that if Annie gets her 5 stacks they can die. Another way is to gain a stack and flash Tibbers this is what I call straight rape, A flash Tibbers will be the end of someone at level 6 unless they have cleanse (but really what mid carry takes cleanse?). Remember these few tips to success and remember that once you've run out of burst IGNITE for the love of god ignite, because they may get away with 40 hp keep running auto attack and make sure you get that ignite off on them.


Doran's shield: Explained above
Banshees veil: I don't like rod of ages and I rather have Magic resist for other casters and a bubble to stop things like Karthus ult, Galio ult etc.
Sorc boots: 20% magic pen = win, but hey what if you get stunned? If Annie gets stunned that good game
Zhonya's ring: This is a no brainer
Archangel staff x2: Trying to find a better item but really if Annie gets focused late game it's over and a GA is pointless
For a 6th item after I have all off that? I have never had a game last that long so Doran shield stays the same really


Magic pen reds because nothing can compare
Flat armour seals because melee won't rip you a new one with those and Doran's shield
Mp5 blues because mana = killing people
AP quints because if again Annie is dead if she's focused and early game Doran's shield makes up for it.
This is how I play Annie try it out let me know what you think. I will update this guide with nerf/buffs that may come in the future. Till then make sure you let them know that they got "beaten by a little girl"