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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExTazzi

Annie,The Child of Fire

ExTazzi Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 21

In the time shortly before the League, there were those within the sinister city-state of Noxus who did not agree with the evils perpetrated by the Noxian High Command. The High Command had just put down a coup attempt from the self-proclaimed Crown Prince Raschallion, and a crack down on any form of dissent against the new government was underway. These political and social outcasts, known as the Gray Order, sought to leave their neighbors in peace as they pursued dark arcane knowledge. The leaders of this outcast society were a married couple: Gregori Hastur, the Gray Warlock, and his wife Amoline, the Shadow Witch. Together they led an exodus of magicians and other intelligentsia from Noxus, resettling their followers beyond the Great Barrier to the northern reaches of the unforgiving Voodoo Lands. Though survival was a challenge at times, the Gray Order's colony managed to thrive in a land where so many others would have failed.

Years after the exodus, Gregori and Amoline had a child: Annie. Early on, Annie's parents knew there was something special about their daughter. At the age of two, Annie miraculously ensorcelled a shadow bear - a ferocious denizen of the petrified forests outside the colony - turning it into her pet. To this day she keeps her bear ''Tibbers'' by her side, often keeping him spellbound as a stuffed doll to be carried like a child's toy. The combination of Annie's lineage and the dark magic of her birthplace have given this little girl tremendous arcane power. It is this same girl who now finds herself as one of the most sought-after champions within the League of Legends - even by the city-state who would have exiled her parents had they not fled beforehand.

''Annie may be one of the most powerful champions ever to have fought in a Field of Justice. I shudder to think of her capabilities when she becomes an adult.'' -- High Councilor Kiersta Mandrake

Begin Lane:

Start off with disintegrate and get the last shot in on your enemies. once you use it 5 times you get your stun. on your second level you need to get incinerate. use both skills to get your stun and set it up so you use disintegrate first followed up by incinerate and if there health is low drop ignite spell on them and you will have time to walk away fine and they will burn out very fast in the beginning.


Use your stun to your advantage and pay attention the map. if anyone is low on health get your stun first and use disintegrate since its your longest range spell. followed by your bear then incinerate, and if you have ignite its game over. stack up your ability power and you might not even need to use all your spells.


Spam moves really.. at this point you should be stacked with AP and nothing should be able to kill you even if they double team you since your stuns can also be used with your bear or incinerate. so you can stun more then one person then just use your skills to chase them away and pop on ghost to chase.


Ruby Crystal: so you have enough hp in the beginning to do dmg and stay alive at it.

Sorcerer's Shoes: get the boots of speed then these shoes so you can penetrate armor and still keep your distance.

Amplifying Tome: Get this to get some early AP then turn it into Mejais soulstealer.

Mejais soulstealer: every kill you get you get AP stacked on. this is very good at helping you level early and do a ton of dmg to still weak champs.

Catalyst the Protector: Mana, HP, and turns into Rod of Ages.

The rest of the items are basically good for AP (Archangel's Staff, Zonyas Ring)

Then Rylai's Crystal Scepter is good for slowing people down and Huge AP as well.

Spells to use:

: If you find yourself dying in the beginning this may be useful and especially for gank situations.

: can be used to slow people down or escape as well.

: since Annie has no escape skills other then the stun,ghost can be used as an escape skill or used to chase people down.

: Good finishing spell in case they run away or try too. it does 50 dmg plus 20 per level.

lvl 1: 70

lvl 2: 90

lvl 3: 110

lvl 4: 130

lvl 5: 150

lvl 6: 170

lvl 7: 190

lvl 8: 210

lvl 9: 230

lvl 10: 250

lvl 11: 270

lvl 12: 290

lvl 13: 310

lvl 14: 330

lvl 15: 350

lvl 16: 370

lvl 17: 390

lvl 18: 410

Spells to never touch:

Revive: Never. I shouldn't have to explain why this move sucks.

Smite: your not gonna be junlging and this move isn't that useful for Annie.

You get a ton of HP and AP you are pretty hard to kill. my best game with annie was 28-1

Every game i play i go positive. You gotta take advantage of the gank opportunity. so talk with your teammates and tell them to call out a gank especially early on.

Why Annie is the best Mage.

She does so much more dmg then any other caster i have played. Veiger is good but he doesn't do as much dmg and his stun isn't as good. Ryze has one stun which holds them in place which still allows them to cast. since his hp is low anyways thats GG. plus his ult is **** it just wastes mana. Annie has a very good stun which can be an AOE stun or just single target stun. She has a very useful pet which deals very good dmg and is basically a sunfire cloak which helps kill creeps and rack in the money as well, he can also be used as a turret diver (takes all the dmg while you destroy the turret). This is all based on my opinion and experience with Annie so don't take it personal if i dissed your champ. :D

Good Luck, Have fun and enjoy the game.

Stats from a couple of my games

If you get Mejais soulstealer maxed out and you follow my build you get around 790 ability power. Also PLEASE Don't Give me a negative score without first telling me why you don't like my build.