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League of Legends Build Guide Author Herwyn

Annie: The right way

Herwyn Last updated on May 31, 2011
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This is my first build, so sorry about the rough edges, but rest assured, my tactics and items have been extensively tested.This build is for people who want to own with Annie in 5v5 play. Repeat, this is not for use in TT. Maybe later I will include a TT build for her, but I'm BUSY! DEAL. She's a great champ who can turn the tide in a teamfight and walk away with multiple kills. This build offers Maximum survivability without hampering her nuking ability.

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Most people I see playing Annie start out with a Doran's Ring. This is not ideal because even though she benefits from all aspects of it, you sacrifice survivability and harassing potential for mana regen she doesn't need, and a minimal AP boost she certainly won't need. Her skills don't need to be spammed early game, and with mana regen seals, and her awesome Q, you should not run out of mana. Meanwhile, it is very difficult to poke at someone without getting poked back. By getting a REGROWTH Pendant right off the bat, you greatly increase your laning ability, and if you are careful, you won't leave lane until you get your first kill. Upgrade to Philosopher's Stone and boots on your first return to base to become practically immovable from your lane. Do not sell your Phil Stone until you have at least your Rylais. This is an expensive build. Rod of the AGES is just a great item that adds both to offense and defense. Rylais makes you a GOD one on one, and the health regen from your Phil Stone is a great help in case you are ganked or dove at the turret. It can and will save your life. Always buy banshees Veil. Annie is a great champ, but she comes with a unique passive. GLOBAL TAUNT. Banshees Veil and Zhonyas will work great with your Molten Shield to help save you from anti carries such as Irelia and Olaf. As I said, you will most likely be the main target in every team fight, so these items are key. DO NOT build multiple Rabadons as there are so many other items that give better utility and trust me, you won't miss the minimal damage bonus.

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After much experimentation, I'm confident this is the best rune page you can use for Annie in 5v5 play. You'll be starting out with 16 AP straight out of the gate, and by the time you hit lvl 5, you will b able to nuke most champs from full health to dead. I run Magic Pen marks, Mana regen seals, 6 Ability power per level glyphs, 3 MAGIC PEN GLYPHS and flat AP quints. What is great about this Rune page is it allows you to scale very well not only into late game, but it gives you great burst at lvl 5 and up without being so bursty at lvl 1 as to scare them into staying too far away to harass/kill. The reason for the 3 MPen glyphs is because with Sorc. boots, your magic pen becomes 30, which is exactly the amount of magic pen most champs have.

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Skill Sequence

Take disintegrate at first level. This ability allows you to farm much easier without wasting any mana. Time it so your Q always kills a minion, and you will never run out of mana during laning phase. The only reaseon not to take your q at first level is in high elo play or if you are planning to gank the other teams jungler. In this case, take your W and sit on the spawning point and spam it until your passive stun is up. Being able to stun an entire team at level one can lead to your team wiping the other team at first level. If you are laning against a long range AD carry such as Caitlyn or Ashe, it might be prudent to put a point in your shield at lvl 2. This will serve two purposes. It will allow you to build up your stun faster, and it will improve Annies abysmal starting armor in case you get pressed hard by Ashe or Caitlyn. Level up your Q first, followed by W taking a point into your Ultimate at lvls 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Flash ignite is the best combo for Annie, hands down. If you are not familiar with flash, you can substitute ghost instead, but flash has more utility, and Annie generally doesn't need to run people down. She just kills them.

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A Note About Smart Casting

Annie is a champ that benefits greatly from smart-casting. If you are unfamiliar with this, no problem, it's fairly easy to use. By holding shift and selecting a skill, you can spam abilities much faster b/c you aren't required to actually click the champ for each skill, just make sure your cursor is wherever you want the skill to go (the enemy champ). For skill shots, it will aim it where your cursor is, and for lock on abilities, it will target the enemy your cursor is over. This allows you to hit all Annie's abilities and summoner spells within the span of 1-2 seconds. BTW this is why Annie Bot owns.

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Early game/ Laning

you are the Carry, and as such you should always take mid or solo. Although Annie can thrive in a dual lane, especially with a great initiator, she does her best work on her own early game. Grab your regrowth pendant and a pot. (I put health pot because I am usually solo top, but grabbing a mana pot can prove just as useful if you are new to Annie and haven't mastered her Q.) Even without a Doran's ring, your Q does enough damage to keep the enemy champ at bay. You should try to hit the enemy champ with your Q a few times if they have health pots and then back off once they are all gone. Make sure when you harass a champ t take advantage of the very long range of Annie's auto attack. Farm the minions with both your auto attack, and your Q. Once you hit lvl 6, you are ready for your first kill. (unless you are laning against a tank, in which case, call your jungler for a gank to help) Let the minions push near your tower, and wait for the enemy champ to try and harass you (standing among the creeps or standing between them and the creeps accomplishes this nicely) you should have your passive spell count at 4. Yes 4, not 5. If your stun is already up, they will not go near you. once they get close enough, pop your shield to proc your stun, hit flash, then hit them with RQW, and ignite. If they are't dead, you should be able to finish them off by making sure tibbers is chasing them, as his AOE dmg is really nice.

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Team Fights

Annie is a BEAST in team fghts. Most Annie players make 2 mistakes. First, they don't have their stun up when team fights begin, and two, they drop a Tibbers stun on the other team and run away. This is unacceptable. Make sure to employ your full arsenal whenever you land a good stun. When you are roaming around with your team, make sure of two things. 1- your spell count for Pyromania is at either 4 or 5, and 2- never be the first or last person in the group. stay in the middle. this makes you very hard to target, and by the time the enemy team is close, you will be able to stun them with either your Ultimate, or W. The only time you should stun with your Q is early game, or if your team is chasing down survivors. Annie is one of the few champs with an AOE stun. Make use of this! Your Bear with a stun attached to it is an excellent way to start a team fight, but be aware and don't overextend to pull it off. If you do, pop Zhonyas, and pray your team gets there in time.