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Annie Build Guide by Kolyo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kolyo

Annie, Tibbers FTW!

Kolyo Last updated on February 17, 2012
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Hi all. This is my first guide ever, so i wish to apologise if its too brief, ugly or hard to read. I want also to ask you to forgive me about the many mistakes you will find because english is not my native language. Some will ask why should i make a guide then... Because i looked at most of annie's guides and i found out that they are misleading people into making the false items, and not explaning the things annie should and must do in order to survive and destroy everything in her path.

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I think these are standard runes for an ap charachter, you can always use something else, though i think the only ones good enough to replace them are Greater seal of replenishment and Greater Glyph of Ability Power.

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There is not so much to talk about the masteries either. Like the rune page i use standard ap masteries, except you can probably transfer 3 points from Swiftness to Meditation if you feel you dont have enough mana regeneration.

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is generally a good starting item, but i dont feel its good for Annie because almost every other mid char is a counter to her and thats because Boots of Speed are better.
are the best choise of my opinion because they give you the possibility to harrass easier, to dodge skill shots a lot easier and thus giving you the survivability you need to stay and control the lane.
Is the second item i would go for by first puchising Needlessly Large Rod

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Laning is pretty easy though. There are two options: The first one is for you to be destroyed because of a noob jungler in your team and the second one is exactly the oposite :)
Champions you might lane aganst:
1. Kassadin
If the Kassadin player knows what he is doing, you will never stand a chance. As soon as he gets to level 6, you will be killed on sight, your team will call you noob, reported, and other ****, mostly because they dont understand that he is just the best counter to you. Just dont take Annie against him...
2. Mordekaiser
If you lane against Mordekaiser you should be catious. Play it more defensively, don't harrass him and wait for your jungler to come and gang him, just because it will be very hard for you to make him any damage. Again we are speaking about players who know what are they doing. :)
3. Cassiopeia
She is probably the worst champion you can go against after Kassadin Be very catious, play extremely defensively. She is not like Kassadin though. You actually stand a chance against her if your jungler provides you with good and frequent gangs. Remember its not so important to kill her to control the lane. Every time you and your jungler make her recall is a little victory because you go ahead in level and gold. There are two options if your jungler suck. The first you will die a lot, the second one is that you will stay at level 3-4 when she is 6-7 :D
4. LeBlanc
She is also a counter to annie, play defensively, try to have as much minion kills as possible and in general to out farm her. The kill will come naturally. :)
5. Akali
Actually i have played only one time against Akali and i made the mistake to underestimate her wich costed me the game. Though with a Vision Ward you should be able to control the lane and kill her pretty easily.
6. Karthus
Just grab Boots of Speed and have fun.
7. Ahri
Be carefull, you can beat her but you are also in this case dependable on gangs from your jungler
8. Veigar
As soon as he gets to level 6, manage to hit you with Event Horizon its game over, you will die in a second. But if you dodge the stun, you actually might kill him, its 50/50, just dont panic and learn how to do it.
9. Giggs
Just dodge his abilities and you will be fine. As soon as you hit lvl 6 and have at least 100 ap, flash and let Summon: Tibbers do the rest :)
10. Lux
Again its all about dodging her abilities. If you can do it you will never have a problem against her. Beware though she makes massive amounts of damage and if she hits you more than 2 times you are as good as dead if she has Finales Funkeln.

These, i think, are the most common mid champs, you will find yourself against most of the games, if there is someone i forgot please pm me and i will add him.

Its all about minion kills, you must ourfarm your oponent. Use your Disintegrate to last hit minions and auto attack when Q is on cooldown. WIth Annie you have two options in front of you. First is farming and starting gangs and trying to make kills at level 6. The other one is harrassing. You cant do both like other champions if you dont have the Blue buff!!! Ask your jungler to help you get it and give it to you as much as possible and you will control the lane like a boss. :)
If you although have chosen to harrass your opponent, do it after level three, there is no point before that because of the low damage you deal.

This is the time you go gangs top/bot. You must always have your stun, when going to gang or not in the lane or not in the base, in general try to have a stun as much as possible. For that you will need to have Blue buff. I say it again, ask your jungler to help you get it, its a game winning thing. Also in mid game its a good thing to start buying Elixir of Briliance.


The phase when you make only team fights and try to take Nashor and so on. Your job is to stay behind your team and not die. You go in, drop Summon: Tibbers over their heads and get out, he will do the rest :D, wait for the CD, and do it again. Everything should be dead after the second time.