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League of Legends Build Guide Author faminepony

Annie's AP Penetration

faminepony Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Item buy list
1. Amplifying Tome
2. Health Potion
3. Boots of Speed
4. Haunting Guise
5. Sorcerer's Shoes
6. Mejai's Soulstealer
7.Tear of the Goddess
8. Blasting Wand
9. Abyssal Scepter
10. Archangels Staff
11. Zhonya's Ring

Item explaination

Haunting Guise - I get the Haunting Guise instead of the Void Staff because it gives flat penetration instead of a percentage, and while it may not give as much AP it gives some health.

Sorcerer's Shoes - Pretty self explanatory item, cheap, 2 movement speed, and 20 Magic Penetration. It is a good first item to start this build.

Mejai's Soulstealer - Now this item is only good if you know you are going to get kills or assists, if you aren't going to be able to I would get the Rod of Ages because it gives you Health, AP, and Mana and it slowly increases those stats by a set amount.

Abyssal Scepter - This is a really nice item because it gives you the AP you need, along with Reducing an opponents Magic Resistance. And you get a little magic resistance on the side.

Archangels Staff This is a good item for mana, and AP I love it, and it has always been one of my favorite items to use.

Zhonya's Ring[ I used to have Rod of Ages in here until I did a match and realized the health wasn't helping much because I was killing everything on sight well kinda...I died once but that is beside the point, anyways this is an amazing item I've wanted to put in but had no room until now, this is an AP user's amazing awesome buff of DOOM!!! use it well :D.

And now I will go into more detail now that I have time to explain things.

Early Game - So at the beginning you have almost 20 Magic Penetration which is a good start of, so we buy the amplifying tome to up your AP and make you a good starter (you can solo mid or you and can take a side, I am more partial to taking a side) if you are laning with someone sometimes it is actually better to start with Incinerate so you can spam it at the spawning pool and have your next attack stun, this will help with the first blood, but that is a personal preference. Anyways you want to harass the opponent a little but don't use to much mana doing so. When you have your stun or they are close to dying is the best time you cast Disintegrate on them. Try to last hit minions with Disintegrate anytime you can so you can get extra gold. You really want to be able to get Haunting Guise and Sorcerer's Shoes when you go back. This give's you and amazing +60 Magic Penetration pretty early on, if you can buy the Amplifying Tome to start the Mejai's Soulstealer. Once you get your magic pen, you should be pretty well off and be close to getting kills or actually killing.

Mid Game You will want get Mejai's Soulstealer and Tear of the Goddess during this point this is where you will want to get a lot of your kills and Tibbers helps with that, when you cast Tibbers try to make sure you are energized this will help being able to keep them there with Tibbers while you cast your other two spells on them. It should take out a huge chunk if not all of there health, have Tibbers chase them (If you don't know how to control Tibbers hold down Alt and right click where you want him to go, this is a really handy skill) With Tibbers I have been able to get Triple Kills by myself (Ignoring the fact some them were slightly injured to begin with, details details :P) But either way this is 6 stacks if you do that. Annie should be able to go out a little on her own now, just make sure you know where all of your opponents are so you can avoid a gank. Also during mid game you are letting your Tear of the Goddess work it's passive by getting you more many with every spell cast, this will also help make Archangels Staff more powerful. During this time, you should go back and get the Abyssal Scepter, it reduces there Magic Resistance and that is awesome :D.

Late Game If for some reason this game goes on long, we finally get to get the Archangels Staff assuming you let the Tear of the Goddess give you 1000 mana you should have around I think 100 extra AP or so. Late game Annie becomes kinda squishier so try to be with a tank, even though also by this point you should always be laning with someone because of the constant ganking or so. Then we get Zhonya's Ring, and then Annie goes nuke and kills everyone :D...well not quite but her spells take out a chunk of there health and with other people around, they will be dead in no time.

Author Notes - So you don't have to follow this build word for word, if you want more health by all means add more health. Is mana an issue? Alter it for your needs, this isn't a set in stone build, it has been changed like 4 times since it has been up so it isn't even set in stone for me, but it is a good hybrid build and I would always suggest starting with the three items Haunting Guise, Sorcerer's Shoes and, Mejai's Soulstealer

And here is where I add COLORS okay....I feel better now :D