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Shaco Build Guide by theawkwardchild

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author theawkwardchild

AOE Shaco? Really? Yeah Really!

theawkwardchild Last updated on October 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There may seem like this is a crazy, stupid, messed up, wanky build and I know many people do not like fortify but that does not need to be part of your build that is just my personal preference. I also like to use ghost because he already has a flash equivalent with a much shorter cool down. All of this is just how I do it and I think I play shaco respectively well so look at it and try it out before you criticize.

I play 3v3 and I don't know how well this may work in 5v5 just as a disclaimer

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The [b]KEY[/b] in using Shaco I believe is to annoy the piss out of the enemy with your boxes. Placing them in key point of entry and escape will get you kills with out you knowing, help your team mates from across the map or just bother them and give people heads up when enemies are coming. I took this build from some one else and ever since I started using it I have won all my games. I don't know why this works so well but it does, my guess is the inexpensive parts to build Tiamat really helps in lots of small steps. Two poison shiv is defiantly his worst ability with his boxes being his best and deceive and his ult coming after those.

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First you want to rush Boots Of Mobility giving your self a speed advantage so you can get away, get in or come gank. Tiamats give you great farming capabilities while still being able to let you dish out the damage on your foes. By the time you have both Tiamats your deceive should be pretty powerful, this is when you start relying a little less on boxes and more on your own AD, Infinity Edge just helps to increase the bad-***ness of your stealthy assassinations. BloodThirster gives you survivability because you sure can dish out the damage but can take very little as Shaco. A Trinity Force in the end just helps to decimate your enemies with your Deceive

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Because the nature of Shaco is to get powerful crits it is good to have some extra crit chance. Early, mid and late game you want to utilize your boxes as much as you can. Make them scared to walk into a bush or go through the jungle, a little bit of extra AP will help them. 3% CDR is not a lot but the 15% spell pen sure helps with his ult and boxes, boxes are VERY IMPORTANT, I cannot stress this enough. Armor pen is good for the crits along with the added 10% crit power. And of course get the last in offense.
Because I use ghost I put a point into upgrading ghost in utility. Because in this build you get two Tiamats that increases your health and mana regen so getting a boost to that is nice and helps you lane longer and put down MORE BOXES. I then chose to get the extra EXP since Shaco is squishy it is always nice to be a level ahead of your opponent.

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  • Armor pen for more damage with your attacks and lots more from your Deceive
  • Extra crit damage for duhh better crits, I am currently using extra attack speed but once I have the Money I will get the extra crit damage. Attack speed can replace the crit damage though

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Skill Sequence

BOXES BOXES BOXES. Even though this is not an AP build he has crazy good boxes which help kill, or kill by them selves if stacked.
I find his Shiv to be pretty weak so I usually wait until after I get my ult to have even 1 level in it.

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Summoner Spells

Most of you will probably disagree on the whole thing with fortify, i think it is useful but a lot of people think it is kinda ****ty, do what ever you want with the summoner skills I don't really think it effects your game play direly

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By the time that you have both of the Tiamats farming will be super easy. It is really quite easy to rack up those 40 minion kills for BloodThirster because you can kill 3 minion in one hit, I don't kid you, its really easy to farm late game

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Team Work

In the very beginning with out the help of a few boxes it may be hard to directly engage some one, team attacks are when you should be getting most kills in early game. By late game you should be able to 2v1 or even 3v1 their team with, the help of some boxes of course