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League of Legends Build Guide Author JustLegit

AP Amumu (Difficult to Play)

JustLegit Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Hello everyone! This is my 1st build so please give don't bash :D

This is my AP Amumu build that I use when i play Amumu (obviously)
In general Amumu is a great champion, overlooked and uncommon however. With this AP build, you can end doing lots of damage with all of Amumu's skills, since they all have AP benefits. Please take time to read through this build and give some nice feedback. Thank you and hopefully you'll benefit from this!

Few Notes Before I Continue
You may notice I put Guardian Angel last on the item sequence list. If you feel like you should get it earlier, then do so. If you're raping hard, then get a Mejai's Soulstealer instead, it helps add even more AP. You may also notice I do 9/21/0 for Masteries, you can do 21/9/0 if you please. However to compensate for a lack of armor and magic res of a tank Amumu, we use Masteries and Runes.

To Start Things Off....
I normally pick Exhaust and Flash for my 2 Summoner Skills, however you can replace them as you please. If I had to pick different Summoner Skills, I'd pick Ignite instead of Flash, just to help with getting kills. If you do chose ignite, feel free to take a Mastery Point off Harden Skin and put it in Burning Embers, to get that 10 AP bonus. It helps a lot.

Early Game (Level 1 - Level 6)
Grab Boots of Speed and a Mana Potion OR Health Potion depending on what you think you'll need. Generally, I chose Mana Potion, because it helps to keep me in my lane and not recall. You're going to want to play safely in Early Game, and last hit minions as much as you can. Try not to initiate/engage into a fight unless your certain to win. And also NEVER get greedy and chase after your enemy, only to have them turn around and kick your butt. That goes for all champions. You should be completing your Ninja Tabi by Level 6.

Mid Game (Level 7-11)
This is a crucial part of the game for Amumu. You really want to get your items quickly and try to stay safe. You should push your lane, but don't leave yourself vulnerable at like less than 1/2 health attacking a turret, that ends up with you dying. You should have your Rod of Ages done in Mid Game and start on your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. And luckily, finish your Rylai's Crystal Scepter by the time End Game comes.

End Game (Level 12-18)
At this point you should have somewhere around 140-160 Ability Power. That's an extra 140-160 damage on Bandage Toss and 70-80 damage on Tantrum. And about +1% on your Despair. And your ultimate (Curse of The Sad Mummy) gets an extra 49-56 more damage. Focus on lane pushing and also assisting an ally/killing an enemy IF possible. Meaning, if you're gonna not end up getting owned. Obvious statement right there. Amumu is a very good jungler, so keep jungling in mind if your behind your enemies in level. You should be working on/finishing your Zhonya's Ring, giving you 350 total AP!!! Yes. It's starting to look a lot better. You're looking at 350 more damage on Bandage Toss, 175 more damage on Tantrum, 5% total HP as damage per second with Despair, and 122 more damage with Curse of The Sad Mummy. Not bad, eh?

Now you should be getting your Archangel's Staff, bringing your AP to a grand total of ......406 AP - Not yet counting Archangel's Staff's passive. Which at Lv18, should give an extra 90 or so AP!. That's a total of 496 AP. Talk about godly. Now this is where you're gonna have fun**. You should be getting the blue golem buff as much as you can. Then toggling despair, bandage tossing to an enemy, and watch the rape happen. Keep bandage tossing your enemy as they try to run away or fight back. Don't overachieve and chase too much though. Remember to play smart.

When initiating a fight, I always toggle Despair, bandage toss to enemy, Curse of The Sad mummy if you can, Tantrum, auto attack twice, tantrum, bandage toss should be back by that time, and keep repeating 'till dead.

** Exact Calculations
Bandage Toss will be doing 320 (+496) damage = 816 damage every 7.6 seconds with the Golem Buff
Tantrum will be doing 175 (+248) damage = 423 damage every 6 seconds, or even less if your opponent fights back
Despair will be doing 24 + 7.66% of your opponent's max HP per second
Curse of The Sad Mummy will be doing 150 (+173) damage per second for 2 seconds.

Some Ending Notes
This build has been very fun for me to play and I hope it is the same for you. Please remember to give constructive feedback! I'll be making more builds in the future....when I have time!