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Malphite Build Guide by CryinToxic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CryinToxic


CryinToxic Last updated on November 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi,this is my ap malphite guide.Read down for reasons behind my build,runes,thoughts,etc..

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I usually run mpen marks because his ratios on q and e are kinda low,flat ap seals or mana regen seals against a tough lane,ap per lvl glyphs because they are better post 6 and Malphite's ult is 100% ap!Standard ap quints.

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I like having 21-0-9 because i want to instakill low health enemies so i need as much dmg as possible and also mana regen is a must especialy early game.Take Runic Affinity for longer blue buff :)

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Skill Sequence

As an assasin I want to have as much dmg as possible on my q and e because they are my main source of dmg so if you are laning against and ap you won't really need your w except if you are last hitting under your tower.If you are laning against a pantheon or talon it's metter if you max your e first,q second with a few points in w and then finish maxing w the last.Get points on r whenever you can of course.

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Summoner Spells

Take flash and ignite,you won't really need any other spells tbh.Flash+ult helps you chase your enemies or escape deadly situations very quickly.I think I don't have to explain the ignite.
MUST READ! If you are laning against Eve you can take tp it will be really useful if she makes you go back early or you can counter-gank with it while still getting the farm in mid.

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Magic pen boots go well with your magic pen marks which with 2 Doran's rings makes for a good early game.
Always get rabadon and as sooner the better.
Get zhonya's too because it gives you alot of ability power and has an awesome active+goes well with your e.
Other items are optional.Take Abyssal Scepter if their mid is too bursty or they have 2 aps,Void Staff if they are stacking armor,Rylai's or Rod of ages for tankyness.You can also buy a DFG if you feel like you aren't doing much dmg,but i would use it after the nerf,and you can also buy GA or warmongs if you think zhonya's isn't enough but you probably won't because your dmg would be low.

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Early Game

Start with boots and 3 health pots.
Go back at around 1k gold and buy 2 Doran's Rings some pots and a ward.
Next time you go b try to buy boots and possibly a part of rabadon.
Farm safely till lvl 4/5,it doesn't matter so much if you are 10 or 20 cs behind.Now start harrasing and get to about 40% of their hp by th time you hit 6 ask for a jungler to gank and take the kill.It's pretty easy.

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Mid Game

Now considering you have deathcap you can force small fight at dragon or 4 men push bot,just any kind of a team fight and you'll win it.You need a lot of gold so forcing objectives is a thing you need to do.

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Late Game

It's late game,you have every item that you need,you are 1 team fight away from victory or defeat. You can split push if the enemy team isn't that mobile and there is little chance of them catching you,you can you your q,r and flash to get out of danger. But if that isn't the case then you push all the lanes and force a team fight at baron and make sure you have vision everywhere.

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As an ap carry you don't wanna run in 1st and get dropped immediately.Wait for your more tankier jungler or solo toper to initiate. Everyone will follow up and get carried away,that's youjr chance to jump in! Now,use your ultimate wisely.If you can't get to their adc with your team following,then don't,ult 3/4 people and that's great.Don't be afraid to use your ult on just 1 person,if it's the enemy adc or apc that's jkust a little out of position jump right at them! You will have better chances of winning if you kill their main source of dmg.

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Ap Malphite is op and you can pretty much lane against anybody if you master him.You can really suprise your opponents with this pick and gameplay becuase no one knows how to play against it.
You don't have to worry about counters because who expects Malphite to go mid?Although there are a few champions that will cause you trouble if you are experienced player you will have no trouble dealing with them.

Anyways Malphite is a strong pick and you should definetly try this guide! Thanks for reading my first guide!