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Blitzcrank Build Guide by RockemSockemGolem

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RockemSockemGolem

AP Blitz: Victory at Arms Reach

RockemSockemGolem Last updated on July 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey everyone, this is my first build, looking forward to the feedback from all the veterans. First of all i'd like to address the major question that will probably come up with this build: why an AP blitz?
Answer: What makes someone a good blitz player is his/her ability to control the enemy with his grab+fist combo. Nobody on their team should want to be near you. and when you do grab one of them to initiate a team fight, your team gets the early kill and all of a sudden it's a 4v5 fight.
With this in mind, an AP blitz deals serious damage with his grab, as opposed to the AD blitz that primarily uses the grab to force an opponent out of position and into your teams waiting arms. The problem when your grab and lightning deal no damage is that your carries are forced to use more of their time/skills to down the opponent quickly. Also an AP blitz can deal plenty of damage without the hope that his carries focus the opponent fast enough. In short, you become a far greater threat with AP.

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These are simply the runes i'm running with right now. MP marks are obvious. Mana/5 seals so that blitz can have a healthy enough mana barrier while laning. AP glyphs per level give Blitz that growth that makes his grab hurt that much more mid game/late game. The health quints add to his overall survivability and ability to be aggressive early game. I've tried mana glyphs and quints in an attempt to boost AA's power while still contributing to mana barrier, but i found it to be less than impressive.

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Anyone who plays blitz knows that CDR is as important to blitz blue buff is to jungle fiddle. Some say that's pretty important. So i focus on spell pen and cdr with the 9 in offense, and my focus on utility is mana regen to keep that mana pool healthy. Also note the expanded mind and awareness. I love the exp boost and that % increase mana is as good as gold on blitz in this build.

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alright. Firstly the core of my build involves AA, boots of lucidity, and sheen. By this point in the game you're doing a good job of scaring the ** out of people (what expletive has only two letters?). After that, like everyone always says, it's based on the situation you find yourself in. BV is pretty much a must, but there is that rare game that your opponents have no cc, in which case feel free to get RoA... which makes you tankier and hit for a good deal of damage. Rabadon's is good on casters, but with the upcoming nerf we'll see if it's still so cost efficient.

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Skill Sequence

pretty basic stuff, following the goal of the build. Max grab asap. Note that improving fist only decreases cd of the ability, which is already lower than grab. I prefer to max out W because i have the increased mobility to get in position for a grab or escape a chasing opponent. If you get +3 speed boots, then i could understand ignoring W after it gets to level 1 and improving E instead.

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Summoner Spells

Clairvoyance : Synergizes ultra-well with grab, and a must if you don't have a support on your team with it already. I think it is a under-rated spell, as a well-used CV can set up ganks in the opponents jungle, watch drag and baron between wards, etc...

Flash : I can't get over the usefulness of this spell. Against a champ with a chanelling ult like nunu, malz, ww, a flash+ult or flash/fist combo saves your team from the impending damage. Or if you just used all your abilities and you need to get to safety, flash ftw. Flash justifies itself. If you don't believe me, use it in a game and count the number of times it makes a difference.

Other Options:
So you don't want CV. that's cool. not everyone does. I'm the poster-boy for CV though, so let's not make a big deal out of it. Other options are....

teleport: prevents bd. Feel free to get it if nobody on your team has it.

heal: synergy with mana barrier... people say "WHAT! didn't we just take down his health?!" Personally i find it is outclassed by other summoner spells.

ignite: yea, it can make sure those guys don't get away from you... but isn't that was grab, fist, ult, flash are for? I advise it only when the opposing team has a few healers, or someone dependent on lifeseal.

Clarity: I see this on blitz being more useful than on some other chmaps, because a well timed clarity should keep your mana barrier nice and full, but you don't really spend much time with low mana as blitz. If you do, you're spamming grab too much, or you've been fighting for far to long without a recall.

exhaust: good for team fights on those ad carries, but isn't that ad carry already dead because you grabbed him? In all seriousness though, a decent choice for summoner spell.

NO!!! NO!!! BAD!!! Don't bother with ghost. A little birdie taught me this word. The birdie said the word was overkill. W speeds you up already, flash closes the distance when necessary, and grab yanks those sprinters back to you. IMO, other spells are far more useful on blitz.

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In closing, i find that there does not exist a game changing ability as good as a well placed grab. This build tries to exploit that. If you think this build can be improved upon, it is my first, and i will accept all constructive-criticism well. I'm the perpetual student, teach and i will listen, preach and i will hasten..... my escape. sorry, couldn't think of something witty that rhymed with listen.