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Brand Build Guide by RoxasNoYuumei

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RoxasNoYuumei

AP Brand

RoxasNoYuumei Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow LoL players. Brand was free to play this week so i decided to do my first build ever on him. I started playing him and after a couple games, i noticed he could do major damage if built right. I also noticed that there are a lot of skill shots with brand. So, without further ado, here is what i picked and why.

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Pros / Cons

-Relatively Easy to Use
-High Burst Damage

-Squishy. Very Squishy
-Susceptible to Well Coordinated Team Ganks
-I don't even know what the heck is with that dance

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Ok so what i went with is a AP Brand. The runes i chose just give him a boost and help out a ton early game. Late game it will give brand even more AP. With these runes, the masteries, and the items (especially Mejai's) Brand can have over 1k AP. This allows him MAJOR burst damage

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For the masteries, make sure u put points into the ones that give your mana regen a boost along with your summoner spells. The mana regen will help out some early game. Always remember that Brand is EXTREMELY mana dependent. If he has no mana, he's pretty much useless. Archaic Knowledge combined with Sorc Shoes gives u a lot of penetration. This allows for even MORE damage dealt to the enemies. Awareness is always a good mastery to max. It allows you to get those early levels fast, giving you an advantage over the enemy.

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Skill Sequence

My first three levels i like to put in all of my skill so that i have them available.

Sear is going to be your main spell. Especially early game. The mana cost doesn't go up with each point put into it so there is a plus.

Pillar of Flame can be useful for enemies that are in a bunch.

Conflagration is going to be the skill u max out last. While playing i barely notice its effect, so i use it to get the target aflame.

Pyroclasm is an extremely good ult. It can bounce between up to five targets. And unlike other spells, the damage never decreases. Very very useful.

What a fight would be with brand is use Conflagration on the enemy first. After that, get a clean shot with sear. Remember, sear hits the first enemy so make sure no creeps are in the way. When they are hit with sear they should be stunned. Use Pillar of Flame on them. If you miss thats just sad cause they are stunned. :) Finally, finish them off with your Ult. If they still aren't dead, Sear and Conflagration should be off cd by now so just use those again.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Clarity are very useful throughout the entire match. I hear people saying, "Clarity is stupid, just grab blue." Clarity can keep you AND your team in the fight longer. I can name how many times early game when me and my partner were out of mana and i just used clarity and we got back in. By the time you run out of mana again (with Brand at least) it should only have like 20-40 secs left on its cd. Heal is also very good for those close calls and just topping of you and your teams HP.

Some other spells worth considering are

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Early Game

Early game grab your BoS and 3 hp pots. Start heading to a lane. Brand is able to mid, so if you like midding then go for it. Doesn't really matter tho. When minions spawn, only go for the last hits. This gets you money while not pushing all the way to the enemy tower. Harass the enemy champs with sear whenever u can but DON'T overextend. theres nothing worse than chasing the enemy to their turret and going back to find one of their allies with full hp ready to kill u while u only have half. When u can, go back and get your sorc shoes and start your RoA.

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Mid Game

Continue farming until you can finish your RoA. When thats done, u can start going for those enemy kills. Never attack them head on. Always try to get as close as possible before they notice you. If this means using the jungle or the river, then do it. The river is your friend. its an easy way to transfer lanes. You can also have you team start to push mid now, but only if they haver their builds started nicely. When you can, grab Rabban's and Mejai's. Also, start on Rylai's. At this time you will have around 300 AP, making it easy to get those kills.

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Late Game

In this stage you should be finishing up your build. Team fights are tricky with Brand. Since he's alot of skill shots and its usually dificult to see wtf is going on in team fights, it makes it hard to aim with your spells. In team fights, take out the enemy carries FIRST. I've been playin and see people saying, "get Cho first!" No!. If you see your team trying (idiotically) to take out their tank, then u aim for the carries. Try and get them to kill the carries FIRST. That will give your team an advantage. If you see you team starting to die, throw up your heal. If they are still dying, then RUN. Brand is very squishy. Be greedy. If you team says, "Why did u run Brand? We could have won that," then just ignore it cause you know you made the right choice cause even tho brand is a beast, he cant 5v1 even with full hp. Very few champs can do that.

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Thanks for viewing my very first build. Hope it works for you. Please comment and vote. Ill be checking this build daily. Brand isn't a very popular champion. I had never even seen him in action until he was free to play. Even tho he costs 6300 IP, he could easily make a difference on a team hand make the game even more fun than it already is. Also, remember, this build is just a suggestion to others. This suits my playing style and may not work for you. I would love to hear from people who changed my build and did good with it. PLEASE COMMENT! ;) Thank you.