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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordMikeRahl


LordMikeRahl Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to my guide for Mordekaiser,The Master of Metal. Before trolling or commenting too harshly on this guide please note that this is my FIRST guide. Also, note that all my recommendations in this guide are for a 3 vs 3 match (though not the items).

I have been playing with Mordekaiser for some time now,(actually he is the reason I started playing this game) and I think that I have learn his tactics and secrets quite well (I don't want you to think that I'm a snob). So let's begin, shall we?

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I take 10-0-20 with this type of Mordekaiser. I think that there is no need for me to explain why I get 'Burning Embers' or 'Archaic Knowledge'. Some people may argue that 'Good Hands' is ****, though I myself prefer to spawn as quickly as I can. Now let's get to the 'Items' section.

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I take flat MagicPenetration Marks and Glyphs, becuase that's what you need so that your abilities deal EVEN MORE damage. Also, Ability Power Seals. It's never bad to have some more ap isn't it? As for Quintessences, as you can see, MORE MAGIC PENETRATION !! You might wonder ( Is he crazy?), but with some extra magic penetration you will just counter any magic resist items your opponents will surely get.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

Good survivability.
Late game brings down opponents quickly.
He is Mordekaiser.

Cons :

Doesn't have an escape technique, so prone to ganks.
No attack damage, but he is NOT a dps ( you might say ' RLY???', but this guide is also for noobs).
Everyone hates him, because he is the best champion in LoL and they try to kill him first.

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Please be sure that you pay EXTREME ATTENTION to this section.
Firstly, I get a Doran's Shield for a modest hp/regen and some extra health. However, getting a 'Regrowth Pendant' is not a very bad idea. By the way, I prefer not to take any potions, but that's up to you to decide. Then, of course you should get 'Sorcere's Shoes'.

Now, the next 2 items may seem strange but in action they help A LOT. Afterwards, you get 'Haunting Guise' for more health in order to increase your survivability and also get more ability power. When you come back to the pool a third time also get 'KindleGem'. Before trol please think it over. More hp, and a quite good 10% cdr( for those who don't know, 'cooldown reduction' ).

Then, you should start getting in this order 'Rylai's Crystal Scepter' so that your spells slow the enemies, and 'Abyssal Scepter' , which gives you good ap and magic resist (ad) as well as lowers the magic resist of the opponents.
Now, at this point, if all goes well and you coordinate with your teammates, you should simply be 'PAWNING'. If a Tryndamere comes at you throw 1st and 3rd and he retreats with half his pityfull life (really i am NOT exaggerating).

This game is probably finished but just in case. Sell 'Haunting Guise' and get a 'Hextech Revolver'. Yeah, that's right, a 'Hextech Revolver'. For what reason other than good spellvamp. All the hp you lose from the spamming of your skills is retrieved at once. Now, you could sell 'KindleGem' too for a 2nd one but I personally would NOT recommend it. Your spellvamp is cool, and you need that cdr. Well, as a last item you should get a little hat ( 'Rabaddon's DeathCap' ).
Now you are DEATH himself.

!!!! Please note that the build on the top of the guide is my FINAL BUILD, as I cannot include any sellings of items.

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Skill Sequence

Some people prefer to ALWAYS take 'Creeping Death' instead of 'Mace of Spades'. Both skills are good but I believe that if you played tank you should max 'Creeping Death'. However, here this is not the case. In greater levels 'Mace of Spades' does EXTREME DAMAGE if the target is alone. So get this if you intend to play using this guide.

So, my skill sequence is this :

E, Q, E, Q, E, R, Q, E, Q, E, Q, E, R, W, W, W, R, W.

xD please correct me if I am mistaken (which I probably am), but you get the picture.
Max out first 'Siphon of Destruction' and then 'Mace of Spades'. Of course get ulti when you can :) . Then, in the end, get Creeping Death.

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Summoner Spells

I really think that I won't have to explain why you should absolutely get 'Ignite'. Well, let's just say that 'Ignite' + Ulti = death , but I believe that all you Mordekaiser fans out there now this. Now, let's observe the other spell alternatives.

3 vs 3 match

Instead of 'Ghost' :

Exhaust = 'Exhaust' is a good spell for Mordekaiser that you could easily take instead of 'Ghost', BUT , personally, I really think that 'Ghost' is more appropriate in Mordekaiser than 'Exhaust', especially if another of your teammates already has 'Exhaust'. So, take care if you go for it.

Flash = 'Flash' is a good enough spell, in order to escape and reach your opponents, but I would not recommend to players other than 'Flash' pros. Again, I think that 'Ghost' is better on Mordekaiser.


If you exhaust sb with high health and are on your own without any hard dps nearby, probably you will NOT kill him. Mordekaiser's value lies in his ability to CONTINUALLY HARASS enemies, making them go back more frequently. The spell that enables you to do just that is of course 'Ghost'... You run beside them wiht your shield on and throw all you have at them plus ulti and 'Ignite'. Certain death for them. Also, it's a good escape spell. If you use 'Flash' and sb is hunting you with 'Ghost' he may still get you.

Items I NEVER GET with Mordekaiser

Teleport = Well, I am one of those who detest teleport and think it's almost useless. While it can be of some use in a 5 vs 5 , FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT take it in a 3 vs 3 !

Clairvoyance = I think that there is no point in randomly using this across the map. Though, it could save your *** sometimes, I would certainly NOT recommned this. Practically, wards do the same thing.

Clarity = Well, no comment here xD .

Heal = Generally, not a very bad spell, but unsuitable with this build. As you can understand,
your SpellVamp will be like a heal, so there is no point in gettng this as there is no point for 'Soraka' to get it ( though I have seen 'Soraka' bots who get 'Heal' xD ).

Smite = Mordekaiser is not an early jungler ( I will explain later).

Rally = Your ghost can very well destroy turrets with your help, thank you very much.

Revive = Em, ok revive could be useful VERY LATE GAME , but to put it simply, generally it sucks.

Fortify = SOMEtimes useful in a 5 vs 5 but not in a 3 vs 3.

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Team Work

Your role

Early Game:

Be very careful. DO NOT GO FOR FIRST BLOOD unless you have exhaust and a good disable. Make sure your teammates stay alive by 'ssing' frequently, even if you aren't sure. Tell them not to push too hard until you do some modest damage with your skills. Stay that way until you have completed your 'Haunting Guise' and 'KindleGem'. Now, begin to play a little more aggressively. Try to gank enemies. Again if you have a good disable (like 'Sion's' stun), and your enemies aren't careful enough a kill is almost guaranteed.

Mid Game:

Mid game is when Mordekaiser's power begins to appear. Hunt for kills and try to get a ghost anytime, even if your mates complain about 'ksing'. They will forget that soon enough when you rush and bring down a turret due to the ghost. At this point you should have completed your 'Rylai's' and slow the opponents just enough to kill them.

: Nunu Bot

Exactly. By this time you already should have destroyed the 2 outer turrets and maybe have also lost 1. Encourage your mates to push carefully and steadily.Get in front in the team fights trown everything you've got for some HOT damage and then ulti + 'Ignite' the enemy with the less health. When you get your ghost, even if the other 2 have survived, attack the inner turrets and keep on attacking. Throw your shield to your ghost or your ally with the less hp. The enemy champs won't dare come near you as it would be 4 vs 2.

Late Game:

Now go back and get your 'Abyssal Scepter'. Sell 'Haunting Guise' and get a 'Hextech Revolver'. Practically, the game is over. Destroy the bottom inhibitor and make a final push. If they manage to defend and kill you (might happen if you are too greedy), push more slowly and steadily. If they persist even more, well, buy the hat xD. Destroy the upper inhibitor and win this b@#$h.

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Creeping / Jungling

Mordekaiser, isn't an early jungler. That means that although he cannot jungle easily early game, late game you could pass by the jungle and with 1st and 3rd abilities kill anything for some extra money. However, leave the Lizard Elder and the other buffs if you are asked to by your dps. If not, get them all ! After all, what do you have 'Utility Mastery' for? Another good idea would be to ward key-areas like the Dragon or the the Lizard Elder to prevent enemy ganks. Don't buy the wards yourself: just ask your teammates to do it.

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A very important part of your game. Be sure not to push too hard in the beginning of the game. In case you have trouble farming (though with 'Mace of Spades' and 'Siphon of Destruction' that is quite unlikely) you could always ask for solo lane. By the way, also be sure that you keep your shield up by trying to hit the whole creep wave with 'Siphon of Destruction'. In that way, you won't be harassed and you will be able to continue your farming peacefully. If you farm and last hit well, you should have the necessary money to get the items displayed.

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I would like to personally thank all of you for having the patience to read this guide and tolerate my possible mistakes. Please comment (and vote) telling me what you think. You could also suggest some things that I can do in order to improve this guide. I don't mind you criticising some things I've written but please justify yourself. Thank you very much ,O, Mordekaiser fans !