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League of Legends Build Guide Author MashiroSunao

AP Evelynn; no chance of getting away

MashiroSunao Last updated on May 16, 2011
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Here is my first guide and my take on how to dominate with Evelynn. When I started playing Evelynn (now I main with her), I started building Evelynn based on the a couple of top guides here on Mobafire, but eventually I started to stray away from those and began to experiment a bit. The intentions of this guide is to teach players how to use Evelynn correctly and dominate games with her. Not much else to say in an intro, so let's begin!

If you do not like this guide for structural reasons, please tell me where I can improve before voting -1. At the same time, this is just the general information and is under construction. I will add the more detailed things when I am able to.

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Pros / Cons

-Great burst damage
-Easy kills and assists
-Can tower dive easily once you have your ultimate.
-Finish off people who think they've gotten away from a fight with low HP
-Amazing chaser
-Make people afraid of overextending

-Mana problems (only early game), one gank and you're pretty much left with nothing
-Slow early game, getting creep kills are a pain for Evelynn
-Easily shut down by oracles if the enemy team decides to stick together constantly
-Very bad in team fights
-Extremely squishy
-First focus as soon as you appear

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Not going to go into great detail about runes. My choice is basically flat AP Quintessences, cool-down reduction glyphs, magic penetration marks and mana regeneration seals. Basically runes of a standard caster. Honestly, I do not think they are worth going into detail with.

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Summoner Spells

Main choices:
: Although you can do some great bursts, your damage output is pretty much **** afterward until you get a higher level of Hate Spike. Ignite will help you get some damage in as well as saving you the risk of tower diving during the laning phase. Also, it is a great spell to have thanks to one mastery that gives you 10 AP when it is on cooldown.

: should be pretty much self-explanatory. One thing you do as Evelynn is assassinate people who are low on HP. Now what if they're surrounded by a few people, but you just have to get that kill? Just go in stealthed and use your bursty Ravage to finish them off. After, the enemy will focus you and sometimes you're in a jam and need to flash away. Another nice usage is turret diving. If you see an enemy with low HP who is just turret hugging, you can easily flash into him/her (with stealth) and burst your target down. Reason why flash is so useful in this case is because the turret will reveal you even in your stealth and they'll start to run away; using flash will surprise them and not allow them time to react until it is too late. Overall, I say do not play Evelynn without this spell in my opinion.

Other options:
: this is not my first choice since your ultimate already does the job, but Ghost does help if you need that extra boost to chase, get away, get to a team fight, etc.

Allows you to leave your lane and get a kill in another lane before the enemy team has a chance to call MIA.

One of Evelynn's weaknesses is tanky DPS, after you open up with your burst, your damage will not be enough to kill them alone. They'll start to crush you with their damage and Exhaust is great for reducing the damage they deal so you can try to get the kill. It's also good for keeping an enemy from getting away if they are about to reach their tower. Overall, I do not see much use of this spell considering that you'll be bursting others to death before they have a chance to retaliate.

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Skill Sequence

at level one for scouting and perhaps an early gank, though not likely since Evelynn cannot really do much at level 1. The stun can save your laning partner though if s/he should be ganked early. Get another level in it at level 8 for a longer duration. Max this last afterward.

get it when you're level two. This skill is the reason why Evelynn has mana problems early game. It's good for a little bit of early burst. You should level this up this whenever possible. size=

get it when you're level three, mainly to farm creeps or give you a little bit of extra damage when you're in a fight. You can argue that you should get it at level two though. After you finish maxing Ravage, max this next.

: your ultimate, level it up whenever possible. A great skill that can save you or get you a kill. Use it whenever you think someone on the other team is about to die.

When ever you are about to initiate a gank, stealth yourself and open op on your target with Ravage. If you have your ultimate, use it and start pounding on your target whilst spamming Hate Spike until they die. If they get away under the condition that turret diving is not worth it, leave them and initiate again should they decide to stay, or look for other lanes to gank.

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Laning Phase and Item Explanation

With this guide, you will be laning with Evelynn. Unfortunately, due to her lack of range, she is easily harassed. However, you will just be laning to get some EXP and last hits when possible. I would like to jungle with her, but I do not know how to and unfortunately, most junglers build a bit of AD, which is what I'm not looking forward to.

Start with Boots of Speed and one health potion. The reason for the one health potion is so that you will be a bit ahead in gold. You should not even need the health potion since you will not be playing aggressive while you lane, but having one is just for good measures. After you get 650 gold, get your Boots of Mobility. Why this first? Because right after this item, you will start looking around the map for ganks. Having these boots save time and allow you to roam around much faster. If you do not see a gank-worthy target, return to your lane for some farm/EXP. After you earn enough money from those ganks, get a Mejai's Soulstealer (if you're confident) and then Sheen for some extra damage, and then your Fiendish Codex for some cool-down reduction. Then get your Deathcap for some massive damage. At this point, assess the situation and determine if you need to counter-build, if not then continue with the items I have listed.

Other item explanations:
-Zhonya's Hourglass: not really viable in my opinion since you do not have an AoE or a continuous skill going on while you're in that state. All you're doing is delaying your death.
-Abyssal Scepter: Always good to lower your target's magic resist, but I think there are much better options out there.
-Deathfire Grasp: Since you are bursting, this item will help with the tanky people. Unfortunately last I used it, I came out of my stealth and my target was not stunned. I'm unsure of this though since I was not paying much attention and I rarely get this.
-Rod of Ages: Gives you some mana as well as survivability, but I do not think the AP it offers is enough for Evelynn.
-Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Good item since you will be spamming your Hate Spike, but with your chasing ability, the slow is not necessary.

Types of items that I like to emphasize about are Heavy AP for damage as well as your cooldown reduction to allow you to spam as often as possible. Late game, this skill deals massive damage.

Despite that you are laning, your creep count will be laughably low, but that's okay! Most of your gold will come from ganks anyway!

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Team Work

When ganking, of course you need to coordinate with your teammates. Let them know you're coming and if there are multiple people there, ping the target you intend to gank. Unless your target is low on HP or a squishy caster, your 1v1 capabilities are pretty bad especially against other bursters or tanky DPS.

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Debunking the Myths

Myth: Max Hate Spike first
-Yes, your Hate Spike will be dealing quite a good amount of damage thanks to all the AP you've acquired. Your damage over time will be massive. Unfortunately, this skill is a pain during the laning phase because there's a pretty good chance creep waves will be around when you're ganking and your Hate Spike ends up hitting creeps instead of your enemy. In other words, at this stage of the game, it is pretty unreliable. Your main income comes from ganking early, so having your Hate Spike hit creeps while you do **** damage to your target is not going to get you the kill. In addition, your target has a good chance of successfully running to their turret while you're still trying to Q them to death. You want Ravage first to burst and kill them as fast as possible. Your stun only lasts so long, and you want to get as much damage as possible in those few seconds. Also, Evelynn needs her teammates to gank successfully during the laning phase, lowering their defense and magic resist with Ravage for your teammate can make a difference in them getting away or dying. If you go for Hate Spike first, you may as well build AD Evelynn...

Myth: AD Evelynn is better
-To some extent, yes she is. For most of time, you will be using auto attacks, but that is not your main source of damage. Both her offensive skills scale with AP and leaving them alone for your autoattacks is not maxing your damage output. Same argument I used for Hate Spike: you want to get in as much damage within a few seconds rather than more damage over 10 seconds or so.

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Well, I hope I've shed some light in building Evelynn. Overall, Evelynn's ability to gank is unmatchable and her potential damage just makes her that much more dangerous.

Again, this is my very first guide and there may be some important things I've left out. If there is, please comment and let me know before voting down on this guide!