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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ezaX

[AP hybrid] There is a reson for madness

ezaX Last updated on January 26, 2011
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about this guide

I play most champions in Lol has hybrid, not because its better but because its how i learned to play. shaco along with akali and teemo where the first three champions i bought ( I didnt know you could own a cham tell lvl 18 lol i was nub ) first off this is my first guide and im sick and half asleep so just yell at me ( not realy ) if i do something wrong and leave as much constructive criticism as you want. also this build is for realy early game pressure ( i play sc2 alot =P ) and you shouldnt be defensive with shaco, if you are read a diffrent guide, but i well explain every thing you should know and how to handle it with as much detail as i can.

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so agin this is my first guide and i got a little lost by the iteam select thing.
ill explain it here
first you buy amp tomeand manna pot, 20 ap to start the game is good -> As soon as you get the money for sheen go get in unless you are 100% positive you can get kill -> th next item should be boots you have 3 to pick from boots of swiftness, mercery's treads, or sorccer's shoes just read wht thay do and you'll know which to buy :3-> next you want to buy revolver for the spell vamp your third spell you "e" key scales for 100% of your ap + i think its like 45% of your ad? so the spell vamp well keep you healed in most cases -> next you get the gunblade the use effect on this iteam is nice if you combine with your slow auto attack, shiv, use GB, no one can esscape! ( not even garen -> next you want one of too iteams Bloodrazer or deathcap pick one depending on there other team bloodrazer is thay are heavy on hp iteams and deathcap if thay arnt-> either way you want to buy the other now -> after that you get lichbane next at this point lich bane well be OP because you can auto crit for 100% of your ap( 100% of ap + a crit for 180%(i think thats what his ability dose)) then shiv then again auto atack for 100% again-> after that you get BF sword then go for inf edge for more chance to crit on auto attack and a chance to get a 250%+180%+100% ap all in one =P

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tearms I use

early game = laneing about the first 8mins of the game
early mid game = this is the point where every one wants a gank and because you are shaco you are the man for the job ( i recemend getting red lizerd buff at this point befor any ganks )
mid game = the point where you start to lose luster around the 20min mark -30min mark
late mid game = this is when the other team wont surrender about 40mins in even if thay are loseing and you are just giveng them a royal beat down
late game = when the respawn times is 60secs +
iteams LB, BR, gunblade, boot all refer to the iteam choice i have above..
DoT = dmg over time

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how to play effectively with this build

this build is a fairly strong early game by its self but as the game progesses you well become weaker so you well need to be as aggresive as you can be, not so agreesive you make stupid mistakes but agressive enough to get FB or 3 kills befor lv6 and every one has ult. but this build isnt about get kills-get kills-get kills, shaco is an amazeing champion with the ability to auto crit, slow, fear, there are 2 of him for crying out loud! but if you have a goal its to get shen asap. as soon as you get 825 moneys you go get it, unless you can snag another kill =). so that was how yo be effective early/early-mid game for mid game.
the mid game is when this shaco build loses its ability to kill, get dragon and jungle a bit make sure you have boot at this point because every one wants shaco dead. you dont want to start a fight for a bit not untell you get guneblade because od shaco being soo squishy. other than that just play smart
ok so this is about 30mins in you have sheen ( not LB yet ), boots, gunblade and you are porting back to buy BR. this is when you want to use your clone very effectively, when your clone dies it dose a small splah for about 300+100% ap plus your clone gets the on-hit effect from BR. so your clone becomes your point of intrest. because even after you die ( if you die ) your clone is still doing 50% of your auto attack +4% of the targets health every hit. as soon as you can get deathcap because 300+100% ap is just so much stonger.
anything after this point is just team fights and ganks, you are a ganker as shaco and never be with your team stay hidden because 9/10 thay want you dead. flash in and pick them off 1 at a time.

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Summoner Spells - What i use and why

flash- this is very helpful haveing a second flash to flash around rocks, walls,away from team fights because your built in one is on CD are all resons i have flash.
ignite- i put the point in my masterys to get the 10ap after i cast and the DoT and 50% less healing

i guess you can use these as well QQ
ghost - a very nice ability you can zip in and oput of battle if you take this grab LB earlyer and buy boots of swiftness regardless and move a point from ignite to ghost, or just a point in general to ghost you well be a fast bunny.
teleport - this ability is great for the early agression needed with this shaco shaco build
exahust - this is an "OK" spell at best, but you have a slow alrdy, if you realy want fist blood like 100% take this.
cleanse- use it when stund, flash away=win

things that are bad NEVER USE THEM
any other spells - just no...