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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExtraterrestrialJizzFarme

AP/Jungle Shaco (Stalker for short!)

ExtraterrestrialJizzFarme Last updated on May 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AD/Jungle Shaco - The Demonic Jester (Stalker for short!)

i apologize early for my language in this build, i swear - some poeple just have to ge tused to it, it is not professional, but im not a professional guy, im here to play the ****ing game and have fun, give some tips and help out.

Hello, this is my Shaco build - ive seen many posts on shaco builds but none of them really did the job. well im here to help you DO the job. I've seen way too many people asking 'why arent you AP? shaco are you ******ed?' the answer is no, i am not AP and i am not ******ed.
people need to take into fact the sheer power of AD and it's uses. sure people can utilize AP, but not to shacos full potential. here ill decribe, step by step on how to create, this awesome build and be a force to be reckoned with. thanks for your time and consideration i appreciate it, now lets get on with it!

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Runes (pretty important)

for runes you want to go as i went, as above. the CD reduction may not be in your best interest (it was for me as i love them low CDs) but ive recently tested the full physical aspects of shaco and it's pretty ****ing terrifying.

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masteries (very important)

with masteries copy as i did above EXACTLY.
the reason i didnt get the last talent in offense, is because as a long time player - it just hasnt cut the cake for me as well as it probably has for other players. my build is designed for those assasin gank top, gank bottom moments. IT ALSO JUNGLES PEOPLE!

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your bread and butter.

Build your berserker greaves first, the extra attack speed definatly helps with your passive AD - it build's pretty dam high after Tiamat.
Build Tiamat next, then just follow my build order. you can get a Wriggles lantern (i prefer calling it Giggles.) for if the opposing team seems to be high ganking (i dont need it because im not stupid at calling MIAs..) anywho. tiamat Splashes, has a nice hp & mana regen, WITH 50 AD?! can't go wrong guys! it's the bread and butter to this build.

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your skill leveling

go Jack in the box for the beginning gank, cant go wrong with the fear + another attacker for 5 seconds.. you just cant!
Decieve is next, et that up to about 3, then grab your shank (3rd ability)

basically max Decieve first, Shank, then jack in the box (the last move [ULTI] is mainly situational you can use it ANYWHERE)
for instance if you want the dragon? place Jack in the box, tab ulti, then beat it away. (ive gotten dragon at lvl 6.. may not seem impressive at all by some standards, but i also idnt have smite like most junglers do)

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i went with EXHAUST and IGNITE.
Shaco takes alot of damage, as you want to mitigate this as much as possible, go for the Exhaust ( AND TALENT IT PEOPLE!! DONT FORGET THAT)
that'll blind them, and buy you some time for a well placed Jack in the box, and decieve.

Ignite. ahh. the bread and butter to Ganking.
USe that as much as possible, try to be situational about it though guys - a bad placed ingite could mean no deaths for the opposing team. Highly sought after for begining ganks.

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awesome **** / bad ****

PROS - High Gank potential, in this build Mid - late game (if you die more than 4 times, your not using decieve right)
CONS - HIGHLY gankable, i cant tell you how many times ive been sought after in matches, and just ganked to hell by ALL three of them, while i had two other dps doing higher than me, it's the fact shaco has high survivability, if you play him right you could never die. decieve helps with that, its pretty sweet.

Tips : Place your Jester boxes in the right place people, i cant tell you how many times ive seen Shacos place them in ***** nowhere. Place them in the bushes above the gank bush in 3v3s, ****, even place them under the top laner, so he doesnt get ganked. the 1 : 30 time on it is pretty nice, and since you might be jungling AFTER grabbing Tiamat, you should do just fine.

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Shaco, the creepy jungler. basically hes a stalker.

if your team doesnt go for the begining gank, set up 5 JAck in theboxes outside a creep farm ( try to look for one that has the green giant creep) ive hit level 2 before anyone else before, and it's just a nice addition for quick Exp.

Basically if your top, take out your lane creeps, jungle top - bottom ( HELP TEAM IF THEY NEED IT, dont be a fail shaco) rinse and repeat.

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a little help goes a long way

Shaco is TEAM ESSENTIAL. if youve got a team that isnt team orriented, then your gunna have a bad time.

Try to talk to people, be friendly - give tips, anything. cant tell you how many times ive had bad teams just because of poor sportage.

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A somber Farewell.

this was my Shaco build, and still it up to date. i hope you like it, and ill meet you ont he battlefield!
- Br0dog