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Kennen Build Guide by jordancapote

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jordancapote

AP Kennen 3v3 done right

jordancapote Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Hi everyone. This is a 3v3 guide for Kennen. This is my first guide on Moba and i just want to explain how i play Kennen 3v3. Despite what many QQ'ers might say, Kennen is very viable in 3v3 games and can be a VERY good carry. Alot of people dont like having a Kennen on their team because of his "risky" stun. Yes. i understand running face first into a crowd of people can be risky, but im going to explain how to properly pull the stun off and harrass.

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Reds- Self-explanatory for any AP carry in my opinion

Yellows- I personally like playing Kennen a liiiitle bit tanky in 3v3, so i go for flat armor. It gives the little bit of support that lets you stay in lane just that much longer.

Blues- MR. kinda the same explanation as for my yellows really. Helps you stay in lane longer

Quints- Flat AP. I dont like using scaling AP because... well i just dont. Flat gives you the early damage that lets you harrass great while staying in lane because of your other runes.

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Pretty standard 9/0/21 build. I like it. But its not the only good build. 9/21/0 works great too. Its all an experiment really. Both are good, you just have to find one that you like.

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Amazing harrass if you can land your Q
Low cool down and easy to land stun
Decent AP scaling
Super epic ultimate

Can be very very very very risky if you are too aggresive
Diving is risky

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Kennen has a great passive. Kennen's abilities give his opponent a Mark of the Storm. After receiving 3 Marks, they become stunned and you regain 25 energy. The marks last 8 seconds, so you wanna try and apply them with enough time.

His Q ability is Thundering Shuriken. Its a skill shot that damages and applies a Mark of the Storm to the first enemy it hits. Mind you, this means that it can and most likely WILL hit minions unless you position yourself to hit a champion. This skill has a really short cooldown at later ranks and can even let you "spam" to get that harrasss going. I max this skill first because its an amazing harrassment skill. With your early AP bonus due to runes, you should be able to dominate your lane if positioned right.

Kennen's W ability is called Electrical Surge. When used, it damages nearby opponents with a Mark of the Storm on them, and applies another mark. When you pick this skill up, Its passive immediately takes effect. Every 5 auto attacks you hit with, applies a mark of the storm to your opponent. It takes some micromanagement to take COMPLETE advantage of this. it helps you get your stun off really easily and allows your teammates and you to get a good amount of damage off.

E. Lightning Rush recently this skill received some love from Riot. What it is, is a "ghost" type of ability. when you use it, and run through your enemies, EVERY opponent touched receives a Mark. This skill is maxed last because its alot more effective late game. Lightning Rush allows for good farm too. just pop E, run through an enemy creep wave, and use W and just auto attack them down. Because Kennen is energy based, this can be used very often because when you use this skill and pass through an opponent, you regain 40 energy instantly. This only works once per rush.

Kennen's ultimate is amazing. Slicing Maelstorm is a good sized AOE attack that attacks all enemies inside and on the rim of the attack. This attack can hit the same target no more than 3 times, but by then, your opponents will be low enough to kill if not dead already. Also, if hit, this applies a Mark of the Storm to all enemies inside.

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Combos are important for alot of champs and Kennen is no different. These are most of his combos:

Harrass combo (post level 1)- Q->E or Q->Q->E and possibly an auto attack

AOE stun- Q on one opponent once your E's passive is at its 5th stack. Lightning rush in and hit one or two enemy champions if you ended up being bottom lane. Use W, and auto attackthe unstunned target. both should be stunned and allow you to Q one more enemy.

Team Fight- E->W-> then Ult. Everyone will be stunned inside and takes all the damage from your ultimate

KILL!!! (1v1)- this all depends on who your laning against. if its Bran (god forbid in a 3v3, lolz) or anyone who uses skill shots, you have to be careful. if you think you can take them, then sue Q and dont miss. then use W to apply the second mark. Now you can either run in with your E, and stun to ultimate, or you and automatically uwalk in with your ultimate and lightning rush away from him just incase the run awaay. This keeps them in you area for all the damage

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Okay. i wanna start by stating that yes, i understand that im not rushing Deathcap in this build. Its a great item, but i dont think it needs to be rushed like most guides suggest.

I start with a Dorans shield just so i can stay in lane and possibly survive the first gank more effectively. 120+ hp and some extra armor works really well with your runes. You CAN start with boots and 3 health pots but dont suggest it because at lvl 1, even with your runes or possibly 9/21/0 build, Kennen is squishy. Its inevitable. And people can argue that "600 possible hp from pots is better than 120 more to your max", i dont care. Doran's is friendlier to new Kennen users in my opinion.

Try to stay in lane for as long as possible as on your first trip back, youre gonna be buying Sorcery Boots and if you have enough, and Amplifying Tome. This will hold you for a decent ammount of time and allow good harrass in team fights early on. After this, you wanna get a Blasting Wand, or a Giants Belt. Both have their pros. Giants lets you stay in lane longer and Blasting Wand lets you hit harder with your Q. But nonetheless, you get Rylais next.

Your next two items are either Zhonya's Hourglass or Abyssal Sceptar. I KNOW! they dont offer the AP that Deathcap offers, but like i said, i play kennen a bit deffensive in 3v3 early on. so buy whichever first depending on your enemy team.

Your 6th item is Deathcap :). Offers the most AP and lets you melt people with your ultimate.

If you are raping early on and no one is doing much damage, get your boots, Rylai's, and rush Deathcap. BUT tahts only if you are raping face.

OTHER ITEMS THAT WORK!... in certain situations that is:
Void Staff. Good AP and MP
Quicksilver Sash. Helps you LIVE!
Moonflare Spellblade. Its worked sometimes. Not common
Mejai's. Too dependant on kills/assists. Not reliable in my opinion.
Hextech Gunglade. If youre in a 50 minute game and you wanna get rid of Doran's.
Banshee's. Enough said
Malady. Helps on tower pushing sometimes.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost or Flash work really well with Kennen. i prefer ghost just because... well i just like it

Ignite is a must. You can apply it when you use your ultimate and everyone is stunned, and just Q someone else. This gives you a good ammount of damage for people runningin your ult.

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Farming is sometimes and issue with Kennen. His auto attack speed is pretty slow. So you can usually farm pretty good with your Q if you dont think you'll need it in the next few seconds. Your E->W works well too. But for the most part its gonna be Q and auto attacks

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Kennen is a great champ. He's underrated though. This was my 3v3 guide for him and i hope you all liked it. Again, this is my first guide so im not to good with all this. This build works well for me.