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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sprite

AP/Laning Shaco

Sprite Last updated on January 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Shaco ever sense a second Shaco has owned me. That one day, he made me want play Shaco, and as soon as i played him i fell in love with him. He is a squishy melee but if he isnt focused he can really own face. He is a really great "hit and run" kind of guy, he can deceive through walls while getting chase, or if they run away, deceive into bushes and such. He is a good harasser with his Two-Shiv Poison and deceive. Be sure to use his Jack in the box often as it is a great minion killer and a great utility for group fight as it fears.

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I use all Ability power seals and glyphs and Magic pen Marks, I use one Magic pen Quintessence, and two Ability power Quintessence's. I use Cripple in the Offense tree to get rid of some magic resistance and armor. and Haste to get more movement while ghosting. Using your Ghost then Deceive, allows you to catch up to them while still in stealth and in case they try to run, you have ghost up and can Exhaust and hopefully kill.

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Team Work

I play with someone name Kalendori. He plays Caitlyn, and so far, we have been a really good team. With his long range, my ability to get close and personal with the other champion, and still be able to run away, and if we do not kill then, if he has his Ace in the hole he is able to kill them at long range. With Caitlyn's ability to place a trap, and my Jack in the boxes on top of it allows for some quick damage(not a lot but some).

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Summoner Spells

I use Ghost And Exhaust as my Summoner spells. Ghost for a speedy get away or for a quick Deceive to them. Having Exhaust also for a blind and a cripple on the target so you can catch up for so blind a champion such as Olaf for his melee burst and such. You can use flash instead of ghost, but you already have a "flash ability" (Deceive) which is why i use Ghost instead plus for the movement, and Flash is over used in my opinion, but does allow you to jump to them. But i do not enjoy flash as i do Ghost.

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I get the Ability power ring and one health potion first allowing me to hopefully get the blue buff first. I get a Fiendish Codex next working up to my Death fire Grasp. but before i do, i get my Cool down reduction boot for my Jack in the boxes. After my boots i will then get my Sheen. When getting Death fire Grasp Be sure to use its ability when ever you can. After my Sheen i get my Malady next for the Ability power and the Attack speed on it sense you don't have any, plus the De buff it gives its amazing for single target DPS. I get my Hextech Revolver for the damage and its De Buff it gives also. Both of them are amazing to be used when possible. After that get your Lich Bane. More Ability power and you got more MR in there. when you finish those core items, then i usually get a Death cap for the more ability power, but you can go any other item as damage or more ability power item as well.

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At the beginning of the 5v5 map I get the Ability power ring and one health potion to get the blue buff off the bat and put 4-5 jack in the boxes in the bush and bring the golem to you allowing your Jack in the boxes to focus the golem to get the buff first and pop your health potion to kill the other two minions then your able to back to your lane partner without going back, Blue buff gives you mana back, and you just get into combat after. Getting the 1 talent in the 15/30% longer duration of buffs helps a lot in that, Plus it allows you to place a "Jack in the box trap."

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Using your Jack in the boxes allows you to ear minions and kill them faster. Use your Jack in the boxes as much as you can. To get your gold up you could try and one hit the minions with your two-shiv poison, but that does waste your mana quickly.

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Pros / Cons

*Easily able to get away
*Good Support
*Good Harasser
*Placing your Jax in the boxes on top of Te emo's mushrooms or such thing as that, makes a quick damaging ablilty.
*Easily able to be stunned/Exhausted

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Tips on Shaco

*Always use Jack in the boxes
*Deceive away if needed/Deceive through walls
*If a tower is below half life, you can Hallucinate and use a Jack in the box if you do enough damage and kill tower(s)
*Try to not go in alone, your a good partner :D

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Skill Sequence

I Pop Ghost then Deceive right to them Pop Exhaust just Jack in the box, Just Two-Poison and Hallucinate. If they chose to stay Most of the time they attack your Hallucinate but, not always. If your Deceive is off Cool down you should run away, hopefully they attack your Hallucinate causing them around 200-300 damage then you can run back and kill them with your finishing blow of your TWO-POISON SHIV!!!! Use your Jack in the boxes as much as you can, That is a great Harassing ability. pwnt :D

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All in all, Shaco is a really good harasser and a good joker :P. When he lanes, especially with a ranged such as Caitlyn with her amazing long range all Shaco has to do is use two poison shiv and she will just ace in the hole. or such as Morgana she will lock down, you just run in there and pwn face hopefully and you can just run to them. I enjoy playing shaco a lot, he is my favorite champion so far, plus i enough sneaky ninja's such as Akali,Shaco,twitch.

Please Rate and Comment. This is my first build, Please give me advise other suggestions you like, I do like to hear you input on them, and hopefully i can improve my builds i might do in the future
Sspritee :D