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Master Yi Build Guide by Shaquintosh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaquintosh

AP Master Yi - ARAM/Proving Grounds Guide

Shaquintosh Last updated on September 6, 2012
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ThoorDaktheror | July 27, 2013 11:32pm
This build is awesome to Aram . From beginning you don t have damage but you will survive with protector and meditate . With this build I get unoffical penta kill . Very good and thanks you for it ! :)
CrazyPeruano | September 6, 2012 9:42pm
I really liked your build and I have tried it but it needs some decoration to get this build page to the maximum pages. First try and make it more colorful and attractive by putting photos of your matches with that build. Also I want to know which is the starter item you use, as this changes if you start well or not.

Please don´t take this comment the hard way, I am trying the opposite.

PS: Check my build page, Jarvan IV - Gotta Get Them In The Circle. It is relatively new so put some comments and please give it a thumbs up.
Shaquintosh | September 6, 2012 9:41pm
Thanks for the feedback!

I've found that Catalyst is the strongest starting buy (though a Kage's Lucky Pick is what I'd go with otherwise, for the GP10.) If you get caught by some CC early game, the extra health helps you survive the burst so you can run away and heal up. Much of building RoA is for that early/midgame durability so you don't get instagibbed. The extra health is useless in the late game when the enemy team can burst you down, but it's usually over around the point when that happens. It's easy to get a full build and have some money to spare if the game goes on for a while, so it could always be sold late game for a more damage-ey item.
Emoskittles (4) | September 6, 2012 8:31pm
Your reasoning for RoA is weak tbh. Your meditate is very OP within itself as AP. The RoA is too costly and the stats don't benefit Yi much at all. Deathfire is definitely a must
Lampi (11) | September 6, 2012 7:49pm
The idea making a proving grounds guide.....+1 I really wish for a queue for ARAM would be awesome...

The Items on Yi are ok? So far it's what I'm used to buy too.....BUT there is a HUGE mistake you are might missing. Deathfire Grasp lemme write up the cons of it.....ok and now the pros:

-cooldown reduction 15%
what is more awesome than having the q back more early? Helps in teamfights to spamm more and with Zhonya's Hourglass it's easier to get the cooldowns ready when your no more goldened up.

it helps you burst down your maintarget quite more easily the carries! Deathfire it - activate ult - q that biatch down meanwhile the rest of the team gets dmg! - q again! what give you maybe even a second kill - now the rest should be fairly low to penta them or is already dead.

-it provides ap
80 ap call for themself doesn't it?

I'm used it to build it straight after rabadon's

Heres my build I'll go for mostly:
Sorc boots - Rod - rabadons - Deathfire - lich bane - Zhonya's

situational with m-pen stuff

I doesnt think Yi needs rylai's in ARAM he got Highlander which speeds him the hell up and he got his q which teleports yi straight to the enemy. Enough for me tho.

Oh and don't underestimate Wuju style it's 70 AD which it adds if i remember? After your Q you can do about 2 hits and with ult it's 105's might not that bad tho....and it brocks lich bane...which you mentioned.

Not that bad guide it got at least some links but try to make some colour in it and pics and more strategies and placeholder etc into's not THAT bad....for me a +1 rating for the idea and a good "try".
But please do some more work on it. I've seen don't waste your guide to the archieves.

Apologies if I got the grammar or syntax's 4:50 am here xD a bit tired^^
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