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Leona General Guide by pezSnakie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pezSnakie

AP offtank, be a support

pezSnakie Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Greetings Summoners:

This is probably the only guide which will tell you that you have to feed.
But not their carry this time, No: feed your own carry!
I will explain that later.

First, Who am I, and why should I make this build, and how did I came up with this build:
Hi I'm pezSnakie. If you have ever seen a leona ingame, and you called her noob, that probably will be me. Only because you have no clue how I work leona, and then you will die because of Our carry who was In my lane.
I have expierience with Leona for a long time, since she's out, I have played her constantly(exept for some udyr time wich is still my favourite when on my own).
I always do this with a friend of mine, who is pro playing carry. If you got a friend like that, use this build then, you will laugh of the angryness of the people towards the carry while it is not his fault that he is fed.

mark my words, If you don't do this right, It won't work.
If you do it right, your lane partner will be undefeatable.

So if you are going to follow this build right. You can have some fun. (never tried this in ranked, you can try it, but i'm afraid of me screwing it up because i'm always too hasty under pressure)

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Recommended for

I recommend this build for two Premade friends only. You will need close teamwork otherwise this build is not going to work.

that friend HAS to be a CARRY

with some luck you could do this Unpremade, but preferable only premade with someone on mic network/ sitting next to you.

This is only for people who can stand giving all your kills away, and won't be able to do anything for your team at all late game other then double stun + teamfights.

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Pros / Cons


    Your team will win if done good
    if you are not a killer this is a perfect game style
    for teamplayers perfect style
    If your lane partner isn't a carry it is will **** it up
    If your lane partner is a carry but has no clue how to carry, it is ****ed up
    If you are not made for this play style, you will hate leona and either will do this build wrong.

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As you see the masteries are not Tanky at all.
It is there to provide you damage and extra mana regen, movement and mana.
It is only how I use it. Many people won't use this, but I need it for how I Use this build.
Of course it is a possibility to change it, see that your self, if you wanna play her more tanky without changing items and runes, you can change your masteries and vice versa.

the mana regen and the mana is providing some extra times stun.
the movement is providing help at any time. She has an annoying base movement speed and boots of lucidity won't provide enough. And you are not going to get other boots or other movement items. So that mastery is definitely necessary.

If you don't get that damage on the mastery page, You won't do enough damage.

this all bound together makes it logical for me that I need those masteries for my build.

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Either are these runes not permanent.
These are the Runes I use because of extra extra AP damage and Mana.
They are good combination with the masteries. The masteries are the final piece of the puzzle of runes, summoner spells and masteries.

Don't get me wrong, these runes won't be the best runes for this exact build, but it is what I prefer with this play style. but you can find your own way in that.

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The items are maybe the weirdest of this tank build.

As you start, Take your Dorans ring
This will provide you enough mana for early and mid game

directly after that RUSH boots of lucidity.
this will give you that stun faster and faster.

Its very important to get Rod of ages.
if you don't get this on the first place, the bonus isn't loaded at midgame and you will fail.

after that get your crystal scepter .
you'll need that health, and you will be more durable in lane.

THIS is the base of the item build for leona.

Either if you finished the hole build sell Doran's ring for Archangel staff

If you wanna stay durable for everything, Stay this build. you will need it sometimes, not many times. Its either very weird if I take warmog and Force of nature together.

after that we get some variables.
If you are against some of AD and some AP, get Force of nature like above, BUT instead of the warmog, get Thornmail.
If you get AD only, get thornmail INSTEAD of force of nature.

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Skill Sequence

As you see it is switching between shield of daybreak and zenith blade.
You need those both maxed. Eclipse is not important in this build.
To get an enemy stunned as you want it and be sure of your carry to kill it: use


this is how you use your skills. Its very easy and great pleasure. at the time you used your Ultimate you can use your shield of daybreak again, and triple stun him. then keep repeating Q and E for the chase. you won't lose him, nor will the carry be dead because of chasing on his own.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells is actually something you have to choose yourself.

Because i'm tank and wanna get atleast one kill, I get Heal and Ignite. Heal is used for saving the carry, and ignite for getting a kill if needed.

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The guide itself

As I explained All the use of the skills+ masteries+ spells + runes, you probably know what the purpose is of this build.

but I'll put it all together in this guide itself.

The play style is Stun stun chase stun chase stun assist.
This is a style wich makes you give all your kills away to the carry.
As soon it is close to death stun it one more time(if necessary) and leave the fight, the carry has to finish it himself. If he's not doing that, use your zenith blade to get the kill anyway, its not long ranged, but long enough if the carry screws up(wich is almost impossible if you do it right).

You keep assisting the carry till he has 7 to 12 kills, then get 1 or 2 kills from him. You need those to get some money. the deal is this: while he gets the kills, you gets the minnions. If you get 1 or 2 kills he'll gets the minnions. This only be done if he's really getting fed, so use this deal after 3 to 5 kills(depending on deaths of carry). If he's not getting fed, and sees killing won't work for him yet, help him getting all the minnion kills.
He surely needs to get fed, either by minnions OR kills.

as you can read in the skill sequence you have a way to use your skills, At this point, you have a 90% chance to triple stun him(if you don't mess up your ult(wich happens to my quite alot...(thats the 10 %). So use that sequence and that way, otherwise you won't be able to FULLY support your carry.

Make sure you get rod of ages SOON, if you don't get it soon, the bonus won't make it. So if you see that you are flawing because of lack of AP/health/mana, get rod of ages first instead of lucidity. thats just a trick for lack of those things above.

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Farming is very easy with zenith blade together with eclipse.
I recommend using eclipse, let it explode and then use zenith blade through a minion wave(sideways). Don't forget that you are close range and not able to harras, so Don't come close to an enemy champion which is farming either, look out for that.

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Last word

This is my first build ever, No clue if Its good enough.
Not sure if you guys are going to like this.

Thanks to Wickex who helped me.


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