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League of Legends Build Guide Author hashbrowns

AP shaco- box dominationi

hashbrowns Last updated on January 30, 2011
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hey this is my AP shaco build. I used to destroy with him pre nerf as AD and felt like fooling around with him as AP and demolished everyone :3

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alright so for runes i go hp quints because they are my default. little extra hp wont hurt anyone. Mpen marks since my items lack penetration until later game, the mana regen seals do wonders early game and the ability power glyphs are best for early-mid game because thats the time where you need to start getting a little fed.

other options. pure ap. why not? the extra boost would be helpful

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9-0-21. Average caster build getting 2 in neutral buff and improved clarity.

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start dorean ring and hp pot. That should be able to sustain you for a long *** time in lane. Get your codex and lvl 1 boots. if you're premade and comfortable with the build and stuff id get a mejais as well. either before your codex or just after it and the boots. its a risk, but often worth it. id save lich bane for last or second to last item seeing as this build makes you extremely squishy which causes you to want to stay on the edge of team fights tossing in a deathfire active and a shiv while setting up boxes for your teams "retreat"

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Skill Sequence

i like to stack boxes first if the team is dumb, seeing as having 5 boxes hitting for around 70 each during EARLY game kind of destroys. ive had boxes hit squishys late game for around 200 each. demolishes them so quick.

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Alright so here comes the fun stuff.

Early game.
Get your dorean and pot super fast then run to blue. If both teams have jungles then don't worry about it, but if your teams jungle is taking theirs then grab it. Place multiple JITB (jack in the box) at the point parallel with the small purple light in the trees. Attack golem and run him to the jacks. Try not to get too far away or else he'll **** and run back. Finish the lil golems off then run to lane. Start making a nest in the bush at the river where junglers hide to gank. Try your best to get as many JITB as you can stack. try to lure someone into it, and remember dont let creeps get to close or else they pop. two shiv the enemy a few times to piss them off till they say omfg and chase you. By now the nest should have about 5 JITBs waiting and when the enemy reaches them they will tear them up. toss a two shiv at them to slow them and keep them in range longer then go for first blood with your partner. DONT TAKE SOLO LANES. My strategy focuses on staying in bushes and living off kills instead of minions. Now you make it into the far bushes in your lane. Set up 2 in your bush closest to your teams turret and make another nest in the enemy bush. set it at any point in the bush, but make sure its as close to the wall as possible. at this point you'll want your partner to start harassing until they retaliate and get him to drag them into the bush. its nice if your partner has a slow, stun or taunt.

Mid game. you should be semi fed. keep setting up your boxes in bushes and in unorthodox places such as at the multiple torched areas, in parts of the jungle that the enemy moves frequently through. dont roam for kills, instead be patient and wait for people to come gank you. often they will run through boxes once you find patterns and will die.

Late game. your K/D should be very high. during team fights you make nests and throw in shivs and your DEATHFIRE ACTIVE whenever you can. as well send in your clone to explode. If your team is the stronger have them retreat to the boxes as a mock run away then once they pop destroy the other team. push where you can and never feel bad to leave a teammate if youve got mejais. if they're being stupid make a nest and run.

Special notes:
You arent a tank or a melee. youre too squishy and youll get something hard rammed up your ***. if you do get lichbane only enter when you'll forsure get a kill. if you want to scare a squishy ****less pop your deathfire active on them then a two shiv. late game that should bring them near death. remember to place your boxes where you think enemys will go. play SUPER PASSIVE, you cant rambo with this build only be aggresive when the kill is ensured and you will get away. Be an ******* kser.