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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsIsgeres

AP Shaco=OP Shaco

AsIsgeres Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Hello everybody!

I've been playing shaco a lot,until he got really nerfed. Couple of days ago, i wanted to try out AP Shaco,and that worked. I wanted to make him not so squishy,or at least more durable in the team fights because shaco cant own late game karthus or any other AoE champions. He's just too squishy. And now that the rabadons cap has been released,it makes all casters OP.

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1. Easy to get first blood or even double kill at the beggining of the game
2. Jack in the box late game deals ~150 dmg/hit (imagine 5 of those)
3. Hard to catch
4. combined with deathfire grasp - nuke is guaranteed


1. Squishy
2. Early game mana starving
3. Takes some time to learn

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To tell the truth I have never played with AP runes. All i used was critical damage and chance runes,so these up there is just my guess what would be good with shaco. If you know which masteries would be better and why,tell me,I'll fix it :)

Masteries 9/0/21 because you need Mag Pen,and Cooldown reduction

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Well, I'm not a professional at computers so there wont be any images but:

EXHAUST - you need it. there are couple of reasons: first of all,it helps with your jack in the box. Second - it helps you escape from AoE like ryze or karthus since it reduces their damage.

others are optional.
FLASH - if you want to have even more chances to run away (but i dont recommend it)
GHOST - it's actually better than flash. You can chase,run,deceive run,and so on. This helps a lot
IGNITE - ye,you can use it. Sometimes after using two shiv poison,enemy runs away with 45 hp,so thats when you can use it
CLARITY - NO WAY. You'll have enough mana from RoA
HEAL - will be useful,since you have no hp regen

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You start with dorans ring,because it's really the best item you can get at the moment. Then first item you MUST build isDeathfire Grasp. You might ask why? Simple. AP Shaco is really terrible farmer,and this item here gives you gold. second,to be effective with AP Shaco you MUST have cd reduction because two shiv poison is your only killing spell,and if it has 7 second cooldown it is BAD. and the third reason you need it is that it gives you one more killing ability (though this one wont kill but it's really effective against tanks or something). Use the Active spell everytime you can.

now when you have some damage,you need to have survivabilty. thats when you buy RoA(I'm still not so sure about this item,don't ask why) I get it because it gives HP and MANA,and you need mana verrry much. You are mana starving champion,don't forget that

other items is in any order,but i would suggest follow my sequence - rabadons to get some damage,rylais to have 3k hp and be hard-to-kill champion and at last you buy lich bane which makes you sick nuker.


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Skill sequence is pretty much clear,isnt it?
you max out your only damage-dealing spell,then jack in the box to have LONG fear and more damage,and then your only running spell.
but the game play is the hardest part.


you have to choose early game,either you want first blood,or you want golem.
golem gives you lot of time with infinite mana,and first blood gives you easy gold,level and empty mana bar. but the tactics are the same.
If you want to get first blood,go laning and in the first bush you can jump in,plant boxes as many as possible and as near to the wall as possible. if you plant one box close to minions you will fail. the tactics is to lure your opponent in to the bush. boxes will do the job.
same with golem. plant boxes,but not too close and just watch how golem dies. But you need 4-6 boxes to do that :)
so early game is pretty much the same. try to harras with boxes or E. you can stick to the boxes planting,and once cooldown is gone,you can go in to the bush,place the box and go fighting again. it really helps actually. though there arent many players who would fall for the same trick,but still,try your luck.

early game in a couple of words:
harras,don't get in to fights until you dont have ulti,boxes placing


that's where you have RoA finished or if you are lucky you are building now rabadons deathcap and the team play is a must. You are pretty much worthless. yeah,i know. but still you can do many funny things. Like place boxes to work as wards all over the map,or you can jump in to the enemy lines,place jack in the box and run away. Your team will do the rest. use two shiv poison as much as possible. right now it deals some damage. once you finish your rabadons it deals SICK damage. But it's more like hit and run tactics with shaco. you launch your dagger and retreat. then you can stay with same tactics you used early game. placing a lot of boxes in one bush. this gives you NUKE damage,because each box deals like 120 dmg,5 boxes x 5 hits each = 3000 dmg + 2 shiv poison + deathfire grasp = (depending on enemy champ and with all reductions) ~ 1400 damage in ONE ATTACK!!! of course,to kill low hp enemies you can use your ultimate. let the clone go turret diving and explode. your clone deals ~ 500 damage, BAM your enemy is dead :)

mid game in couple of words:
two shiv poison,watching for enemies


late game is where you shine. boxes deal 100 pure damage per hit,two shiv poison takes away 1/3 of your opponents hp,ulti gives you survivabilty.. just perfect. late game you are getting more and more impossible to kill,because of you damage and jumping. you hit,jump,once you are out of your stealth,two shiv poison is ready. so you can nuke your opponent. Still,be afraid of stuns !!

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this is my first normal build i've done here. and shaco is really fun to play. nobody will say you are op,because everybody knows that shaco was nerfed and it's hard to play :)

thanks for reading this,good luck. waiting for some feedback :))