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Shaco Build Guide by Coal Mine Ted

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coal Mine Ted

AP Shaco - Running with Scissors

Coal Mine Ted Last updated on August 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First of all, this is my first guide so bear with me. Also keep in mind that I have only used this in unranked matchs, and will most likey need to revise it for ranked, but otherwise I find it works very well.

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Pros / Cons

Two-Shiv poison can do massive damage the whole game
Jack in the Boxs make for devistating ambushes
Quick and easy escape mechanism
Can grab jungle buffs no problem
Easy KS's (Sorry team) =D

Easy to kill when Deceive is on CD
Expensive build

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Your main objective with your build should be to boost your AP and MP as fast as you can, in order maintain you high damage output with your Two-Shiv Poison attack. I make sure to grab Kage's Lucky Pick as soon as I can, because the early AP and Gold Gen, help get kills and Gold very fast, and stay ahead of the enemies in terms or raw power.

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Deceive - Realy AP Shacos only use for this is to escape death like a little *****. Remember that the blink can go over most walls, and the stealth takes all agro of you from minions and jungle mobs.

Jack in the Box - This is your secondary mode of damage, and your ambush tool. Keep in mind that 2 or 3 of these can do very nice damage, and you can port to them.

Two-Shiv Poison - This move is your God. Late game is will be doing 600-800 damage, and this is with about a seven second cool-down! This move is what AP Shaco is all about.

Hallucinate - Unfortunatly, this isent that usefull against enemy players. Its fairly easy to tell which Shaco is the real one, which is unfortunate, because the damage it does when it dies is very nice. But things happen, like if you have a buff, your clone wont appear to have it. It also has an empty inventory if you click on it, making it quite obvious which is the clone. Mobs however cant tell the difference, and most times attack him.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices
Teleport - Put a Jack in the Box in a bush, fake a gank, port back to JitB, Real Gank.
Ignite - Good for quick AP boost early game with Burning Embers Mastery point, and for securing kills. Can also be used in AND out of the jungle, unlike Smite.

Other nice spells.
Exaust - Good for securing kills
Ghost - Can be used for some nice extra movement during the quick time spent invisable.
Flash - You now have 2 blinks


I cant realy say yes or no to this spell, just because Ive NEVER seen anyone use it. If it effects your Clone and your Jack in the Boxes, I could see it being pretty sweet, but I'm not willing to get rid of my Port or Ignite to find out either way.

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First of all, at the beggining of the game, you want to buy Amplifying Tomb and a Mana pot as fast as you can then run over to the Two Golems. You should have just enough time to place 5 Jack in the Boxes and kill them in no time at all, giving you an instant advantage. Remember to Ignite one golem too, and you have some nice AP to start harrasing as well.
Grab your Two-Shiv Poison and start beating the enemy champs. DONT stop moving. As soon as you can afford is, place a Jack in the Box in the grass and port home to get Kage's Lucky Pick and port back in the grass. If your partner can distract them, you should be able to kill both of the enemies. Unless your fighting Galio, the Magic Resisting bastard. Keep harrassing untill level 6.

Once you get level 6, you can pick up your Ult and grab Blue Buff no problem. Just make sure it attacks your clone, and spam your shiv toss. Once you do get blue, its time to start ganking.

Team fights and end game. Realy all there is to team fights is to stay back and toss a shiv every 7 or whatever seconds. You should be focusing the lowest health Champs to secure kills. Place your jack in the Boxes at the choke points for stratagy, or off to the side of the fight to maximize thier damage out put.

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Played right AP Shaco is an amazing champion and can bring down most anyone. His early game killing capability and team fight KS'ing power is Godlike. ( SECURING kills, not stealing =D)
Build your items fast enough, and always keep Blue Buff held, and you should be at the top every time.

Please leave comments and rate this guide. If you have different ideas for AP Shaco, please tell me and Ide love to try them out. I dont claim this to be the BEST build, but I find it work exteamly well for me.

- Coal Mine Ted