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AP shen

Creator Last updated on November 8, 2010
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Hi there guys, as you can see this is the first build I have ever made, so don't judge me to hard about the lay-out ^^. If you guys dislike it, put in comment why, if you guys like it, know :P
If you guys think i need to put more descriptions, gameplay, etc., leave a comment =D

Pro's and con's

Pro : [*] Good iniater of battle
[*] Hard to kill
[*] Good chaser
[*] Lifesaving ulti
[*] Great escape abilities

Con : [*] Expensive items
[*] Hard to master


Good : Flash ( Great escape), ghost ( to save), ignite ( to finish 'm of ), cleanse ( Don't know how to explain >_< ), exhaust ( to make most most dps'es useless and again for chaising) and last but not least : Teleport ( To make sure you don't get underleveled )

Bad : Heal ( won't need it), revive ( noob spell), clarity ( must be a moron to take this cause shen haves energy) , rally , clairvoyance and fortify ( since you are not going support/tank)


The good ones are the ones who help you bad ones are the ones who need to get feeded :P

Good: Sion, Alistar, Amumu, Blitzcrank, Galio, Gragas, Heimerdinger, Malphite, Morgana, Nunu, Rammus, Singed, Sona, Soraka, Taric and Urgot

Bad: All the other ones :D

Skill explanation

Ki strike : Make sure to have it ready when you use taunt

Vorpal blade : Mostly used for your lichbane's passive and chasing. Also use it on minions so you can drain HP and don't need to constantly recall.

Feint : Just use it whenever you think you are going to be attacked, if you are fully builded it will absorb for about 500dmg so don't worry as it lasts for 2.5 secs and recharges in 3 secs. ( Btw : You can also use this absord the damage from poison, such likes teemo's mushrooms.)

Shadow Dash : A great initiater for battle and a great escape ability, just make sure you have enought energy though;

Stand united : Use it to get somewhere quickly, help your teammates, ks, etc.,
Note: This ability can also be used to escape. Just target somebody who already is in spawn or out of range of enemies and SHAZAM. " Where'd he go? :o"


AP shen does really well througout all the game. Just follow this guide and you'll do just fine.

[*] Early game

Play defensive and help your teammate, that's all i have to say.
Shen can't herras very well so just help your lanemate get some kills with your taunt -> followed by your shield to protect you from most of the damage. To get easy kills, you can also taunt an enemy under your tower. How? Just stay close to your tower ---> taunt him if he is in range, run back to your tower ---> use shield to protect you from damage and if you know the taunt is going to end soon ---> let him hit you so the tower attacks him/her.


This is when it is tim to get some kills. As soon as you have rylai's , you can start chasing them. The 35% slow and the low cooldowns of your abilities is what makes you the best chaser in the game. To chase : Repeat using you Vorpal Blade and Shadow Dash. Since you do not have allot of cooldown it normally isn't a problem to use them. But pay attention!!! Your Shadow Dash consumes allot of your energy if you miss!
So make sure to always hit the enemy champion with it.


As soon as you have your gunblade, you can almost kill everybody ( except full hp tanks <_<).
And now, the thing i love to abuse, is the ulti of shen which becomes more important.
For example : 1 of your teammate is pushing an bot inhibitor turret and your other teammates are pushing the top inhibitor turret. If that 1 teammate of yours is ganked by 2 ( if there are more enemies, don't go, cause you'll probaly be dead and be called noob :) ) use your ulti which shields him for almost 1100 dmg and BOEM. You teleport ---> taunt ----> shield ----> vorpal blade and probaly kill them both.

Item Guide + explanation

I start of with an amplifying tome and an HP pot, just to give you that little extra. shen is really good to feed you lanemate early game. You taunt, use shield and and teammae get the kills

But as the name says, this shen is an AP shen. So YOU need to get the kills.
To get you feeded ( and to get your stacks) get mejai's. IMPORTANT : Do NOT : do not recall unless you can buy mejai's and boots of speed.

To let you dominate early/mid game, I am going to tell you what item to choose first. If you are laning against a tank, take fiendish codex

> deathfire grasp first, if you are not laning against a tank, take giant belt
> rylai's crystal scepter first. The reason of which is just because of the item's passive's. Deathfire grasp's ability let's you massive damage the tank with 2 clicks and rylai's crystal scepter's passive is great for chasing.
[*] If you are chasing a low hp opponent = kill him(unless you know it's suicide)
[*] mid hp = only chase if you have enough hp and there aren't any ss calls, and if they still got 2 towers standing, just don't do it.
[*] Max hp = just forget it.

The next item to get is Sheen, which evolves the into your lichbane.
I know it gives mana which is a real shame, but the good side is (yes I love abusing the passives =) ) the passive of this item. It not only gives 80 AP but it also gives you an devastating AP convert to dmg ability which makes Shen a real pain in the ***.

The next and final item to get is the hextech revolver, followed by bilgewater cutlass and finally, the almighty ----> Hextech gunblade. The reason why i chose this items is because really nice AP/AT combo and yet again, because of the unique active of the gunblade. If you are chasing somebody, just use the ability and he's screwed :)

I really hope you guys enjoy the build, it worked for me and i hope it will work for you.
Pls leave a comment and GL!