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League of Legends Build Guide Author Memory

AP Singed - Watch Your Enemies Die

Memory Last updated on October 12, 2010
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Singed - The Mad Chemist


Hey guys, this is my first build and I will show you how I play Singed, The Mad Chemist.
So, I have never played him with a special build and always played him the way I liked him best.
90% of the Singeds out there play him as a pure tank what makes my build sort of revolutionary.
I do always annoy people with my play and experienced lots of QQ'ing kids.

To the Pros and Cons of this build. I really tried to find Contra Points but really did not find that many.


1. Heavy magic damage
2. Propably one of the most amazing farmer in game from early game on
3. Great survivability
4. Good escaping techniques
5. Crowd Control due to Mega Adhesive and Rylai's, which works great with his poison


1. Slight Mana problems in early game
2. They will QQ and focus on you
3. Bad Tower destroyer, except with Ult on. Quite unimportant point tho.
4. Not that effective in 1on1 with a highly Magic Resistance stacked enemy.
Just do not 1on1 with a highly Magic Resistance stacked enemy, lol.


Easy to recognize, we gain a ridiculous amount of Ability Power. If you haven't noticed yet, the 505 AP is not the maximum of this build.
Archangel's and Mejai's stacks are not counted in the graphic!!
Also, due to Rod of Ages and our glorious passive we gain lots of Hit Points which promise our great survivability, especially in the Late Game.


I go for a 9/0/21 build. The Magic peneration mastery is very important and the Mana regeneration in the Utility Tree even more. Since I do not play him as a Tank, we can forget the Defense Tree. But do never forget kids:
Even though this is not a Tank build, Singed has still got a great survivability potencial due to his health which is given by his passive and my item build!!!


For Runes I like:

9 x Greater Mark Of Insight as Reds
9 x Greater Seal Of Clarity as Yellows
9 x Greater Glyph Of Focus as Blues
3 x Greater Quintessence of Insight as Quints

"I though this was an AP build ???"

Very attentive. But, I find the Magic Penetration Marks and Quints as more effective than the bit of Ability Power. We have enough of that, lol.
So that is why I chose 'em like this. The Magic Penetration makes your enemies die a slow and agonizing death.
Mana Regeneration Seals are important. Very important. As you will see, Singed's mana consumption is ridiculously high and they will help you prevent getting out of mana.
Furthermore, I like Flat Cooldown Glyphs on this build. Your Fling has got quite a high cooldown and you will only in like 99% of your games get 20 Mejai's stacks which would be your only cooldown reduction without these Glyphs ;D ;D

Summoner Spells

I do prefer the Ignite and Ghost combo.
Ignite is my favourite spell at all. I used to rage when people were able to flee with like 20 HP but since I use Ignite, this is history.
Ghost is awesome. In combination with your Ultimate and propably a Speed buff in a 3on3 Speedy Gonzales can blow your ****.
You can easily chase enemies by activating Ghost, Insanity Potion and a well placed field of Puke ( Mega Adhesive ). Then you toss your opponent behind you and he will think like "Oh come on, what the heck is this -.-" - DevastatedBySinged has left the game.
In addition, you can easily escape your foes. Just place your W Ability behind you, activate all your movement increasing stuff and leave Poison Trail activated. If he chases you, he will be killed and you survive. If he doesn't, you survive.

Item Choice

Starter Items:
I go for a Meiki Pendant and a Heal Pot. You will need the Mana Regeneration in early game 'cause your Runes won't be effective in early game and Singed has got a very very high mana consumption as I said. Get the Tear of the Goddess as fast as you can to get mana which stacks up your passive and even more mana regeneration.

Nearly all of the Singeds out there go straight for Boots of Swiftness. Singed gains about 400 movement with these boots, but for this build we need something else.
AP, Magic Penetration.. Magic Penetration.. PING!! Sorcerer's Boots!!
But do not focus on them. If you fight an enemy team with lots of casters and Crowd Control better go for Mercury Treads. The Magic Res and 35% reduce stuff might be saving your *** sometimes.

Mejai's Soulstealer:
Some say "Do only get Mejai's Soulstealer if you are playing really good and if you have an epic score!!"
That's some **** imo. I promise, you will ALWAYS get stacks. Doesn't matter how many, but you will gain freakin stacks!! Even if it's only like 10 your AP will be increased by 80.00. And in the case having 20 Mejai's stacks it is 160.00 AP. AWZUM!?!
I tell you guys, you will never ever finish a game having less than 5 stacks. And if you are doing really really bad you can still sell the Soulstealer in late game and get some other item.

Rod of Ages
This is the Must-Have-Item for EVERY Singed build. Most of these Tank Singeds out there get even more than 1, but 1 Rod of Ages will be enough for us.
80 Ability Power, Lots of Mana which does also support our passive causing even more HP, and base HP. What do we want more??

Archangel's Staff
NOW we get an Archangel's Staff. Haha, I do always Lol when comparing my AP amount before and after having bought Archangel's Staff. Ridiculous increment by base AP and our mana which was stacked up by Tear of the Goddess.

Rylai's Scepter
Tons of HP, 80 base AP and a slow.But, this is not just any slow.. Everytime a foe touches your poison he will be slowed. And now imagine casting Mega Adhesive on an enemy..
75% slowed by ability + Rylai's ... WOOT!!

Zhonya's Ring
Your final item. Nothing to say. TONS of Ability Power. Bam, Pentakill and stuff.

Void Staff
As mentioned earlier, there is a exchange item if you are doing pretty pretty bad, not gaining any Soulstealer stacks.
In this case I do recommend buying a Void Staff. The AP and Magic Penetration do increase your damage a lot. But a well stacked Soulstealer beats this imo.

How To Play

Early Game:

Having bought a Meike Pendant and a Heal Pot you enter your lane. You should better not solo since you can be easily harassed in the very beginning. Get some Melee DPS who deals great damage even early in the game to aim for firstblood.
Spend your first Skill point into Fling. Fling deals great damage and an advised Fling can help your teammate getting your opponent very low. If you fall back you can try tossing your foe into your tower.. Devastating...
Do not forget to Ignite your foe while he's trying to get away with low HP!!
Before getting on Level 2 just stay behind your minions because except of auto attacking with low damage you can't achieve that much. From Level 2 on, having spent a point into Poison Trail, you can farm creeps pretty easily. Just run through the crowd and lasthit with auto attacks. The advantage of Singed's poison is that you get nearly all lasthits on creeps. Playing like this you can push further and further and without minions your enemy can only stay back and defend.
Well, you will pretty quickly have earned enough money to buy Tear of the Goddess and your Mana Regeneration should begin being enough.

Mid Game:

Do NOT go for Archangel's Staff yet !! I prefer getting it a little later because later we will have more mana stacks and we will have a great AP increment.
So, instead of this, we head for Mejai's and then Rod of Ages.

In Mid Game there are 3 things you could do at all:
1. Farming: Just stay in your lane and farm creeps. This won't be a problem.. Having maxed your Poison Trail Q Ability you just rush through the enemy minions and they will die. You do not even have to lasthit with an Autoattack anymore. Playing like this, your foe will not be able to push further which ends in a money rain for you and a boring defense play for your enemy.
2. Jungling: Monster Buffs work great on Singed!! The Lizard Buffs helps dealing damage and chasing your foes. The Blue Golem Buff will reduce your Fling cooldown, so you can use it more often. And ofcourse you won't have to watch your mana any longer.
Actually the Dragon Buff on Treeline is useless for your, but combined with your Ultimate you are able to devastate towers. His actual weakness becomes a great strength.
So, while jungling do not only aim at Monster Buffs, but do also take a look-around for the other monsters there. They are dead within 2 seconds and become easily earned gold.
3. Ganking: Start ganks with your teammates. You are very helpful for them, since you can CC them with Mega Adhesive and throw them into your teamcrowd with Fling. You gain more and more Soulstealer stacks, either for kills or for assists.
Thus, you gain stronger and stronger while your foes aren't even able to stack up Magic Res. Mejai's Ftw <3

End Game:

Continue your Mid Game play, concentrating less on jungling. Do only jungle the Monster Buffs which are still very important, of course. In your ganks you can either iniatiate a fight or rush in, after your Tank did so.
You will win all teamfights: You just have to push further in Lane and if they come too close to you, you pick an enemy, toss him into the crowd and watch him die.
Do not fear playing more aggressive and try to concentrate on Flings. With your abilities you can always escape and as I told you in the beginning of the guide. With your survivablity caused by the huge amount of HP you usually won't die.
Coordinate well with your team and victory won't be far.


Coming to an end it is still time for a small afterword.
So, this is the way I play Singed. I hope you enjoyed this guide and try him. I can tell you, I do prefer him in a 3on3. Ofcourse, I had lots of awesome games on Summoner's Rift, but I prefer his role on the Twisted Treeline.
There were too many games when I carried my team to a glorious victory, having no problems even in cases of a 1v3. But before I talk too much, just try it out on your own.
In addition, I would like to excuse possible obscurities concerning language and build structure, since this is my very first build.
If you do not agree with my guide, please do not only dislike, but tell me why :)
Also, suggestions for improvement concerning the way I wrote the build or the build itself are welcome.

Regards, Memory.