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Sion Build Guide by Fisheyesoda

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fisheyesoda

AP Sion: Absolute Meltdown

Fisheyesoda Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build guide on here, so please be nice with ratings and comments! Enjoy!

I use this build every time I play AP Sion, and he is my main. I have played around 100 games with Sion, and for the most part, AP Sion. I guarantee that if you use this build you will be able to nuke down squishies very very quickly, and with a few combos, even tankier champs.

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Pros and Cons for AP Sion


  • Melts squishies.
  • Can deal ***LOADS of damage in team fights with Death's Caress.
  • If you're with your team, and you manage to catch someone out of position with Cryptic Gaze, they will take about 600-900 damage, not to mention the rape they will experience from your team in the next couple seconds.
  • Wrecks early game with the extra +15 AP you get from runes, along with Doran's ring.
  • Helps teammates pick up kills from stun.
  • Keeps up with HP pretty well despite no HP items.
  • Farms like a beast with Death's Caress.
  • If you're low on health, you can use your ultimate on minions/buffs to heal up without recalling (great for sustaining lane).
  • Death's Caress' shielding aspect can save your *** if you're trying to escape.
  • Collabs fantastically with DPS and support characters.
  • Needs a lot of CDR to do well.
  • Pretty squishy late game.
  • Depending on the other team, you get focused a lot.
  • Early game, you run out of mana fast, until you get Morello's Evil Tome.
  • Not the best 1v1

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Summoner Spells

The reason I pick up ghost and ignite is because ghost is just an all around great spell, and it works wonders if you're trying to catch up or run away from enemies. And ignite will help you get early game kills, which will definitely benefit you later game.

If you prefer flash to ghost, by all means, use it. It's just my opinion that I like ghost more :)

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The +15 AP from your Quints will help out a lot early game.

The +33 magic pen will also help out big time early and late game.

The +4mana/per 5 helps out a little with the limited mana pool early game.

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Why so much CDR?

The CDR fromandand the 6% CDR from masteries will leave you at 40% CDR, or max CDR.

Why do we have so much? The reason for all this CDR is basically because without CDR, Sion is pretty much screwed after he pops his combo, because by default, it is around 10 seconds. With the CDR, the cooldown on his shield+stun are 4.8 seconds. That means you can hop in, stun, autoattack, blowup, autoattack; and once you have Lich Bane, at that point they are usually dead. But in the case that they don't die, you only wait 4.8 seconds till you're ready to NUKE them once more.

Also, with all that AP, Death's Caress is an unbelievable life saver. Imagine, you are running from someone, at 1/4 HP, and you get caught by them. What do you do? Stun them, pop your shield on them and keep running. But if they're ranged, and you are on the verge of dying, your shield will save your ***.

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OMG this build is SO expensive!!

Once you get, you can pretty much clear an entire wave of minions with. And you know how late-mid game there tends to be the huge build ups of caster minions? With Death's Caress, that's pretty much a free 100-300 gold, depending on how many minions there are, not to mention the amount of kills/assist's you'll be able to rack up.

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Alternative Items

For the core build, it is pretty mandatory to keepandand, andis very important too. After you have these 4 core items, you are free to buy what you need.

  • If they have built MR and you aren't doing enough damage.
  • If you think you're taking too much magic damage.
  • If you think you're taking too much attack damage.
  • If you are doing fine, and you just want to melt the other team that much more :)

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Thanks for reading

I really hope this guide will help you out on your experience with one of the best AP nukers in the game. If you did enjoy this, please vote it up. If you have any questions of why I buy certain items, or if you need any help with playing this beast of a character, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment down below, I will try to respond to you ASAP.