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Sion Build Guide by BlueIzBk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueIzBk

AP Sion: AP Nuke

BlueIzBk Last updated on January 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I made this build because Sion is one of the most powerful AP burst champions in the game. I feel that the other AP Sion builds just dont cut it.

As a quick side note, that AP at level 18 above is total bull****.
Doing the math, Will of the Anciendts (80 Ap), Hourglass (100 AP), 2 Deathcaps(280 AP), Lich Bane(80 AP), and a begining 14 AP from runes will give you 540 AP. BUT WAIT, add on another 342 AP for Deathcap bonus. So your actually looking at about 864 AP. With Sion's 90% ratio, your looking at 777 damage added onto each of your skills.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NOTE OF THIS BUILD, your skill order. Your skill order should be to use Death's Caress first (thus giving you a sheild), then using Cryptic Gaze (thus stunning your opponent, WHILE RUNNING AT THEM), and finaling using your Death's Caress a final time (thus expolding your sheild). Just by this, you have sucessfully dealt nearly 200 damage at level 2! Best part is that your not done. Nope. Because in 10 seconds your ready to go again. Mana? No problem, thats why you have mana regen seals and a Doran's Ring.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE. As soon as you reach 475 gold again in the beginning, go ahead and recall back for a second Doran's Ring and then Teleport back. This will give you massive amounts of Health early game, Massive AP early game, and Massive mana regen early game. From there you'll have no problem farming and harassing your lane.

The key to AP Sion is ultlizing his 90% AP ratio. This means that 90% of Sion's AP is going into extra damage in his skills.

With this build you will destroy early game, mid game, and late game. This build is a shock and awe build with great harass.

In this build, ill describe the Pros/Cons to Sion, explain the summoner spells that i feel benefit him the most, early/mid/late game, team fights, and other tips/tricks that really make you a force to be reckoned with.

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I choose Magic Pen marks, these give you the early game damage boost. Filling up your entire rune page with these are redundant, as late game, you have more that enough Magic Pen from your items to more than make the entire page void.

Seals of Replenishment. Why? With this build you will be dominating early game, and for that you will need massive mana regen.

Glyphs of Potency because you want to have as much AP as you can get early game.


Again, just like the glyphs, you want to have as much AP as you can get early game.

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Skill Sequence

ALWAYS start off with your stun as a first skill, if you have one of course. At level 1 your only going to be using one skill. If your attempting to kill someone, help kill someone, or just trying to save your own hide then a stun is the way to go. Stop them from getting away or stop them from chasing you!

If you notice I choose to max out my Death's Caress first, unlike many Sion builds do where there max out Cryptic Gaze. This reason is fairly simple, Death's Caress is better. Because
1: Again THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NOTE OF THIS BUILD, your skill order. Your skill order should be to use Death's Caress first (thus giving you a sheild), then using Cryptic Gaze (thus stunning your opponent, WHILE RUNNING AT THEM), and finaling using your Death's Caress a final time (thus expolding your sheild). Just by this, you have sucessfully dealt nearly 200 damage at level 2!

2: Death's Caress cost less mana until it reaches level 5

3: Simply put, lane dominance. Especially once you get your DeathCap. One Death's Caress literally wipes out a entire minon wave. This is great for two reasons. The first being all the gold. Who doesn't like gold? Second, because of Sion's 3rd ability. For every minon killed Sion gains permante health. The end game health above does not fall accurate to how much health sion will have.

I have literally ended hour-long games with Sion's health near 3500 points just because of so many minion wave instantly falling victium to Death's Caress

Lastly I must say something about Sion's Ult. I will admit, Sion's ult wrecks as a AD champion. However, this is not a AD build. I'm sure there are a bunch of builds featuring AD Sion's in this awesome website. I will however say this, ever need to do some major damage to a turret? Use his ult, it will give you attack speed. Ever low of health in lane? Use his ult, it will give you life steal on the minions.

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Early/Mid/Late Game

Early game your untouchable with so much health, AP, and mana regen.

Mid game you already have a Deathcap and are around 170 Ap which means one burst from your Death's Caress and Cryptic Gaze is doing roughly 900 damage minus any Magic Resist.

Late Game your bursts are doing doing nearly 2860 from the combination of Cryptic Gaze (1000 damage), Death's Caress (another 100 damage), plus a wack from your Lich Bane (864 damage). All within the short time interval of 2 seconds with a 10 second cooldown. That is not including armor and magic resist.

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Summoner Spells

I shouldn't have to expalin why flash is a great skill. It's easy to use, and is great of getting you into fights or getting out of near-death happenings.

Teleport is a tricky one however. The main reason I use this is so that I can quickly recall to my base, buy my items, and get back to my lane before and damage is done. By doing this I ensure lane dominance and no tower damage from Sion trying to run back all the way to the lane.

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- Early, Mid, Late Game burst dominance
- Farming incredibily easy
- Massive amounts of health thanks to easy farming
- This guy is a everlasting nuke that never dies. Nuke, 10 second cooldown. Nuke. 10 second cooldown. And repeat.

- If Death's Caress breaks you won't be doing much damage, but to be honest, if they break your sheild they just put out massive damage and you need to get out anyways.
- Melee Caster Nuke, meaning that Sion must be kind of close to do any damage
- Mana Pool scales like a tank, very low. However, you have so much mana regen it won't matter.
- Team fights. Sion relies heavily on his burst ability, but after he uses them he's useless for a few seconds until his abilites are back up.

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Item Build

Start off with Doran's Ring because it gives health, AP, and mana regen.

At 475 gold recall back, get another one, and teleport back to the lane. This now has given you 200 additional health, 30 Ap, and 2 mana regen per second. This gives your a advantage in helth early game and the ability to constantly use your abilites.

Next you odds are want your boots, dont need the enchanced version just yet. However having enough speed to use your stun, explode sheild, and then get out of there is important.

Next rush straight to Deathcap. Don't care about anything else. Getting this early game will just allow you to be putting out just a ton of damage.

Now you can finish off your boots to ensure speed and magic pentration.

Next get a Lich Bane so that if you feel like wacking your target after your stunned them and exploded all over them, might as well wack them for the enormous amount of AP your have also.

Finish off your 6 items with another Deathcap. Just purely for an insane amount of AP output.

Finally from here on out you can get rid of those old Doran's Rings from something more expensive and powerful. I choose Will of the Ancients for spell vamp and Hourglass for its ability + AP.

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Bring it up, stun them, explode on them, maybe wack them a little and you should be fine.
In no way was I just making a sexually sentence, it was all about Sion's skills.
Have fun lol

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