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League of Legends Build Guide Author bob246

ap/tank nunu build + tips

bob246 Last updated on July 17, 2010
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Nunu Build

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tips with this build:

1. tease enemy champions with snowball early to slow the rate at which they'll level and slow them to enable teammates to finish them off

2. use blood boil for attack speed fortunately the cool down for this abilty is usually over once the ability effects are gone this abilty is also used as an escape method and since it can be casted on allies to give both of you the effect if you c a champ with lower life trying in team fights to retreat make sure to give them the buff this can also be used on minions which late game serves as an aid when pushing with no allies near

3. stay near minions because the combination of heal and consume can add a lot to your life preparing your self to fight again when fighting a lowered life champs this tip is used if your a lower leveled summoner and don't have flash yet

4. In my build I didn't put banshee's veil in there but if you are fighting a team with lots of enemy champs that can stop your ult while your casting it i would suggest adding it

5. okay now to address why I put the spells flash and exhaust in here okay first when using your ult if the enemy champs are fast enough to get out i would suggest using exhaust the extra slow will make it where they cant escape next my flash spell is in there because usually when using your ult on a lot of enemies they will target you if your life seems to be going down too fast u can flash out of there still causing damage and giving your self a head start on running away while allies finish your enemies off

6. when playing nunu your ult in a team battle with the spell heal can win your team the battle almost always

7. nunu works realy well with teammate i would suggest always sticking with an ally that has a stun this allows your ult to be impossible to be dodge

my best score with this build:9/1/23
there were alota team battles and alota kill steals

please leave comments and suggested items below so i can edit this build to make it the best nunu build possible

quick note i didn't fill up all the items cause when I'm following builds i rarely finish them and i did this build kinda quickly so i apologize for typing errors if i made any errors in the build comment about it and i will fix it asap plz don't rate down leave a comment on whats needed to be fixed