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Build Guide by bob246

ap/tank nunu build + tips

By bob246 | Updated on July 17, 2010

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bob246 | August 4, 2010 4:37pm
okay recently i have been playing alot of Morgana and i laned wiht a felow nunu payer and i realized that morgana is the BEST!! person to accompany nunu her back shield stops all spells from activating stuns silence ect which means your ult can only be stopped by a flash i at least think this i havent tested it yet but if i'm wrong plz correct me
bob246 | July 16, 2010 4:30pm
yeah i notcided that nunu wasnt a good farmer as well but still mog armor granst alota life anyways and i forgot to add that you can get zhonyas ring before tha i would suggest that if your play a more ap style nunu but if u want a tank get the mog armor i just put mog there first because any hp for me is greatly appreciatd caue if you were doing good with your ult erly game thenpeole will target you right away and the extra health helps out i may have screwed up hear too cause i have a typing deffiencey if youv ever sawn my other comments
sexyrob (3) | July 16, 2010 2:42pm
I dont like warmogs on my nunu since he cant farm
bob246 | July 15, 2010 1:18pm
oh i forgot to add that i'm not a max level champ yet but i do have 200= kills with nu nu and i have only lost like 7 matches with him when i get higher up i'll put runes and masteries in this build for now i'll let the viewer choose which he/she thinks are more helpful because playsyles vary
bob246 | July 15, 2010 1:15pm
okay thank you for telling steps on the build i forgot to include why i put ignite srry bout that well heres why i put it in there after an ult in a larger group u can use ignite to get 1 enemy while you chase another so you can score more kills and thanks for commenting and yes ths build is a bit expensive i apologize but if u can build it it is a strong nu nu build and yes i do agree a strong ice blast by level 9 but i prefer to have blood boil at level two there because it helps me with getting away when i'm weaker and the minion tip is very useful i agree with it that they can be fatal but they can also save u and i included other spell then the selected for different styles as all these spell are useful the one i put as preferred are the ones i use in battle and your tips were helpful if i screwed up else where in this comment plz also update thanks fer reading the build =)
abattoir | July 15, 2010 11:59am
i notice your build show's ignite and flash yet you state using exauhst and flash ill assume what is stated to be true
1)you may want a utillity mastery tree with seals of clairity ]if u plan on hastling early
2)agreed all here
3)this is in some cases agreed althought dont overextend and only if u also have sufficent minions as well early game sitting in an enemy minion pack can be fatal
4)i fully agree with banshees veil, again expensive
5)i forgot to mention in my own build that you may use summner abilitys like exahust and ignite on enemys without desrupting your ult also i agree that flash is fantastic not only for nunu but all chammps i had taken it out of my build due to heavy rumers that it was to be discontinued but as it stands now i think they were just rumers
6)this is a great idea as well althouth you have now suggested 4 summner abilitys i would like to know whitch ones u think work best together as well as alone
7)you should always be with teamates past the ganking level witch changes for each game but usually around 8-11 6 if your team is being fail and oh indeed i do love a stun freind :)
you stated you completed this quick so i understand the absence of masterys/runes
but would appreciate adding them in since i belive this is very important
i belive your item setup is better than mine due to this one here will cost about 14k
while i have posted an item build for under 10k for realism of averages nonethe less i shall try your item build and report back
ability level sequence
early on u must gage weather or not u will soon need blood boil (taking out towers soon if yoyou are pushing your lane)and consume (if you are low hp and no pots w/ you)
if you can do without one of these until lv 4 i suggest gaining the extra level twords ice blast asap also im fairly sure you may have lv5 ice blast upon reaching lv 9 and would highly recomend this
bob246 | July 14, 2010 2:52pm
if u read the build i'm once again going to ask u to comment on it your comments will only help me improve it so we can both play a better nunu
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