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Singed Build Guide by PowderdToastMann

AP/TANK SINGED "How about a Drink?"

AP/TANK SINGED "How about a Drink?"

Updated on April 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PowderdToastMann Build Guide By PowderdToastMann 6,109 Views 0 Comments
6,109 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PowderdToastMann Singed Build Guide By PowderdToastMann Updated on April 21, 2012
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This is my first Mobafire build on my main champion. Tell me how i did in the comments below! I have played Singed for awhile now trying to find the perfect build. Well, I found it! This build has been a blessing to my gameplay as Singed ever since I found it searching in the shop for the perfect items. I wanted to share it so I came to Mobafire.
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This is my custom made build on my main champion. I did not copy this build from anyone.This is the best build for Singed I have ever tried. This build is excellent in ranked games with a good team.
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Summoner Spells


,, since you are hard to kill, this is good for a team fight in trouble, or defending a near-death tower
, Very good with Singed when the whole team is chasing you down.


, It's a good finisher, you would replace it with teleport.
, Ghost is a better overall skill to have with Singed mainly either to catch up to your foe or to still continue your poison trail while they're chasing you.


, There is no need in this spell on Singed.
, This spell.....
, look at the build.
, I know you're a tank but you're ap too.
, meh. it's alright
, You don't jungle,just no.

, hahaha I laugh at this.
, Same reason for fortify.

, Leave it too the ad carries
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Skill Use

This is the ultimate 'GET OFF MY BACK" skill. Anyone who chases you will be covered with poison slowly dying while they have the thirst in there blood to kill you with less than 500 hp. Of course you have your ultimate so you're fine.
Some people say that this skill is terrible and has no point....WRONG!!! This ability will either help you in a chase down, running from or trying to get to, help you initiate more well, and to help your teammates when someone is chasing them
I know that this is one of his most useful abilities but still don't level it up first! This is also a good initiate spell but still it only helps the damage so it's useless to level up first. It's a veerrrryyy good skill to have though.This is too the "GET OFF MY BACK AND SHOVE IT HOE" skill.
Oh man you gotta love this ability! It helps everything! With this ability active you are even MORE INVULNERABLE! This is my bread and butter skill.
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Other items to replace?

Like I just said, Rylai's Crystal Scepterwill be a good replacement for the Rod of Ages. If they have a ap based team, replace the Frozen Heartwith a Banshees Veil. If they have a more Attack Damage team, you can swap the Force Of Nature with an Omenor a Thornmail. They have about an equal AP AD based team? No problem. You can swap the Sunfire Capeor the Frozen Heartwith a Guardian Angel
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Pros and Cons

-Very hard to kill
-Useful in helping
-Has Excellent survivability
-Hard To kill 1v1

-Easy to kill
-Can't do any damage
-W is useless
-Useless in team fights
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Singed excels at farming with his Q. If you have a line of minions behind you and Q is active,they will all die.
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Team Work

MAKE SURE you initiate, you are unstoppable after this build. Fling the ad carry or ap carry into your team and they're done.
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Why the second Rod Of Ages?

I get the second rod of ages because if you buy it early in the game your q does a **** load of dmg once you have it leveled all of the way up. Rylai's Crytal Scepter can replace the second Rod of Ages if you want an even more tanky approach instead.
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Just because you are unstoppable doesn't mean that you can 1v1 someone. You do damage I know but it's no use vs a Mord or Gp or Akali. You won't die instantly but still Don't try it please!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PowderdToastMann
PowderdToastMann Singed Guide
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AP/TANK SINGED "How about a Drink?"

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