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Team Guide by SaiYaKiro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SaiYaKiro

AP Teemo/AP Kennen Midgets Prevail

SaiYaKiro Last updated on March 27, 2011
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AP Teemo Build


AP Kennen

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Tips! Teemo

Plant Mushrooms all around your lane. I do it in bushes and areas where enemies could come in.
After planting those i use extra mushrooms to push and defend. I place them in a straight line so champions or minions could get killed and that means u can get some fast money.
In the beginning of the game try to get your team to gank an area so u can get some kills.
Poke enemies with your toxic and try to get kills. The kills help you get money to get your gear quicker and overpower your enemies.

I usually play defensive with Teemo ,but if u see and kill and u can get it i usually chase and run. Usually it works, but if the enemy goes too far run back. Try to save Move Quick for escapes and chases.

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Kennen is very good at poking with his Thundering Shuriken. Use it to see if enemies are in bushes and if you're really pro use it to plan ahead. For Example, a guy is almost dead ,but runs around a corner use Thundering Shuriken and guess where he is going to be and fire away.
Boom he's Dead. Farming is Excellent with Kennen. Use that to your advantage. First use Lightning Rush and rush into minions and other creatures. Then use Electrical Surge. Good to Poke and good to farm.

Like the Title NEVER GET COCKY!!!

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Introduction-(Please Read All of This Unless You Know How to Play these Cha

This is an AP Build for Teemo and Kennen
Teemo: Plant mushrooms in bushes and all around in escape areas so u can make a quick escape and
kills for enemies escaping. Poke with Toxic Shot and try to play semi Defensive.

Kennen: Poke enemies with Thundering Shuriken and to Farm use Lightning Rush and attack most of the minions rush backwards and then do Electrical Shock. This is really important so you can have the item/level advantage over the enemy.(Great Push)

NOTE: The Teemo skill sequence may be messed up ,but the idea is to get Toxic,Blind,Move,Then
Max Toxic, and raise Mushys when u can. If u can't raise Toxic raise Move. The skills should be Blind-1 Move-2 Toxic-3/4 Noxious-1
Max Toxic,Then Max blind, and Noxious, then Move

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Teemo: For Teemo you want to get Magic Penetration,Attack Speed,and Ability Power Runes to make his Poison darts and Mushrooms stronger. The point of this build is to increase the strength in those areas.
Kennen: For Kennen you want to get Magic Penetration,Health,and Ability Power. Attack speed isn't important for him since his ability helps nothing with his regular attack.

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Teemo: For Teemo you want to get Magic Damage and some critical and some attack speed.
Kennen: For Kennen you want to get Magic Damage and some critical and some attack speed.

Build towards AP masteries and try to 21/0/9

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Teemo1:You get Ability Power and Magic Penetration to make your poisons hurt the most. Attack power boots to administer the poison quicker and Madreds to hit some tanks. You get Rabadon after Void in this one if there is a weak tank or no tank.
Teemo2:Same as the top ,but order is off. You get Madred before the Rabadon if there is a tank.
So you could be able to destroy him easier.

Kennen: You get Magic Penetration Boots to make his attacks do more damage. His skills are based on his AP so you really need the AP and Magic Pene. Mejal is to build his AP after gaining kills or assists.

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Skill Sequence

Teemo: You want to Max Toxic first,because the AP gear will make it stronger and you don't want to waste that.
Kennen: You want to get Thundering first because u can poke really well in the beginning and throughout the game.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and Ignite is for quick kills and get-a-ways. Ignite enemies about 50% HP left to try and kill them. Heal to Chase or get a way with health.

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AP is pretty good with Kennen and Teemo. Kennen absolutely needs and and Teemo could do Attack Power and Attack Speed, but Teemo is known for his Mushrooms and his Mushrooms use AP.

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Pros / Cons

Pros- Kennen's skills are based on his AP so using this build will maximize his power of the skills.
Cons- it makes the character a little squishy
Pros- Great for Mushrooms and Poison darts
Cons- Bad to fight Shaco or Evelyn due to no Banshees so if u need it substitute an item to get it

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Farm with Kennen using Lightning Rush on Minions then Electrical Surge(said before,but not in right spot)
Farm with Teemo using Mushrooms

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Team Work

It is really nice for Kennen to lane with a Tank.
The Tank tanks damage while u distribute the damage.
With Teemo it is nice to also use a tank
The tank tanks damage while u can dish out poisons and lay traps without letting the enemy see your traps.


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