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Teemo Build Guide by theauger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author theauger

ap teemo i love shooms

theauger Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I like playing AP Teemo cause it takes more skill then just shooting darts at people really fast which is no fun. Plus AP Teemo takes more skill and if you get use to playing him like that you will never want to play ad teemo again. At lease give him a try the way i build him and see if you like him. I bet if you play him at least twice like i build him you may get a kill when you are died cause you mushrooms can do well over 1k damage.

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The reason i do my runes like this is i am trying to get as much ap as i can cause not all of it will be used towards you Q and you ult. Plus when you do it like this you will still be able to use you Q at lvl 2 and do a lot of damage to a non tanky person.

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The reason i put the masteries like this is because when you start getting mid and late game you are going to run out of mana really quick cause of all the cooldown reduction when you are poping out mushrooms every 16sec. Which is every nice in team fights or when you want to just go and **** with there heads.

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why i cause these items are because if you are a smart player you dont need more health or armour. i get the deathfire grasp cause i hate tanks and when i hit someone with my q and deathfire grasp they are almost died and if you set you mushrooms right then you will get the kill by the mushroom. Nashors tooth is for some attack speed but it will still give me ap and cooldown reduction which you will like if you use mushrooms as much as i do. and the caps is just to make you Q hurt and your mushrooms but then dont forget that your poison will hurt like a ***** to with a lot of ap. If you dont want the attack speed then just get 4 caps and you will almost hit 2 k on you mushrooms and they will be forced to buy a oricals eye cause even their tanks will not like getting hit by 2 mushrooms before and maybe after and dying cause of them.

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Skill Sequence

why i do it like this is cause you are not going to kill some most of the time right away at the begining of the game before you hit lvl 2 so just wait and you will get 5 more ap for your runes when you hit lvl 2 so you will be lvl 2 with you Q and have 10 ap so it will hurt and you can huase them really easily. then it is just common sence get you q and poison up before you get to lvl 6 but dont for get to get your sprint at lvl 5 it will help a lot when you want to run in do your q then get out before then can hurt you. then just do what ever you like i like maxing out my q then poison then my sprint but of course get you mushroom upgraded when you can.

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Summoner Spells

why i do these summoners spells this way is cause your sprint does not last long and when you use goust and sprint they will not catch you at all. the other spell that i use is flash just cause it is nice to us teemo as bait and setting up mushrroms to **** them when they get to your team so they my hit you once but you will hit them with mushrooms and be able to flash away and hit them with mushrooms and your q which means they are ****ed./

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when farming with teemo you really just auto attack them to get your poison on them but if you really want to use some mana you could use you q on the heavier creeps so the other creeps can get some misses from those big creeps but just remember be sure you are not going to have to use your q really soon or have the mana to use it again.

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Team Work

when in team fight it is a every smart idea to target the auto attackers that do the most damage and use your q on them and everyone go after them first cause they they will not be doing much damage with their spells. Then once they are gone it is really easy for teemo and his team to kill 2 or 3 more of them and take a turret really quick before they respond.

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Unique Skills

One thing taht i can tell you with this build is that you can make it your own really easily like if you want you can take out one of the caps and replace it with a blood razor and then you could eat through those tanks and everone else but have ap as well.

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Ranked Play

I have used this build in ranked games with my team keeps telling me not to but i have only lost one game with him in ranked and thats is cause my friend had to go to work and left the game and he was are tank. if you play smart with him you dont need more health you can do with out it. when i play ranking with teemo i always look at what the other team is building so if i need to i will buy a blood razor just so i can kill them faster and with mushrooms and a blood razor say good by tank in a matter of seconds.

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Pros / Cons

you can kill people with ease
your shooms will get you kills when you are died
you will be able to take people health really quick
plus you will be a huge support to team fights when you hurt and blind their main damage output

you dont have much health
you may died alot right when you start playing him like this
you may have to email me and i will tell you where to place the mushrooms so they will hit them

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Well this is the end of my build if you have any questions ask me i will help out in anyway i can. Just remember just cause they have a oricals does not mean that they can see you mushroom right when they enter into a bush!!!!

<<My Email if you have any questions about teemo or my other build tankplank>>