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Teemo Build Guide by 1Captain Teemo1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 1Captain Teemo1

AP Teemo: It's all about the shrooms!

1Captain Teemo1 Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, 1Captain Teemo1 here with a Mobafire Build on AP Teemo. Let's jump right into the build! This is my first build on Mobafire, and I decided to do it on Teemo, my favorite champion, the first time I played him, 6 months ago, I fell in love with the little yordle. He gave me the best of both worlds, a power house of AP, and a great escapist. All his abilities scale off AP, so why make him AD/AS?? It just doesn't make sense! So, his Blinding Dart and Poison provide your main supply of damage, they are the foundation for your unknown OPness. Mushrooms are your escape route, ward and kill secure. They can slow pursuing enemies, farm minions and eat away at an unsuspecting champion wandering through the jungle. It is what makes Teemo the Swift Scout he is. In a nutshell, mushrooms are a stealthed trap that you put on the ground, when an enemy steps on it, it explodes, slowing and putting a poison scaling with AP on the enemy, often doing serious damage. Move Quick is your pursue spell, and your anti- pursue spell, it basically increses your movement speed greatly.

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Pros and Cons

-Teemo can do some serious
damage with his Blinding Dart & poison
-Epic Shroom farming
-Great in team fights
-Well rounded champion
-Great at escaping ganks
(Shrooms+ Flash+ Move Quick)

-Super squishy
-Usually focused in team fights
-Needed to be played carefully
early game due to squishiness

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Skill Sequence

I chose this sequence because Blinding Dart can really help you in the beginning, it could get you that kill to give you an advantage on your lane. The poison and Blinding dart are going to be your main abilities, as AP Teemo, your blinding dart is a nuke, and your poison can pick off fleeing champions. Move quick is valuable, but not that much mid game, just play it safe until you get move quick, so when you do get it, you can combine it when flash to escape when you begin to play more aggressive. And your shrooms, they are amazing, do not hold them, if you find yourself with 3 shrooms often, you are a bad Teemo, shrooms can be used as: wards, escape routes for you and your team, and most importantly, minion farmers.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: This summoner spell is OP, even after it was nerfed, it is still the most 'must-have' spell of the game, its uses are, but not limited to: Ganking, escaping, killing, team- fighting etc... Need I say more? This is ALWAYS on my list as top summoner spell of the League.

Ignite: This spell is great for securing kills alongside your poison, also it is a great way to get your enemy laners to go recall early game.

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Ah, the source of Teemo's immense DPS and his great last hitter. His W (poison). This spell is a passive that you apply to your regular auto attaks, giving them a bite. This is based off of ability power, making AP Teemo an even better idea. Poison mixed with a mushroom explosion poison and a blinding dart can pick up a quick kill. Poison can also help farm minions, because it will most likely give you the last hit on the minion.

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Yes, these deserve their own chapter, these are the heart of Teemo, the living and breathing soul, if you do not know how to use them propely, then READ THIS. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER is that you should place at least one in every bush, and at every major buff. (Baron, Dragon, blue etc...) This is ESPECIALLY important if the enemy team has a jungler. (Sion, Rammus, Shaco etc...) These shrooms can make escape routes, it is also a good idea to get enemy champions to follow you through the jungle to get them to step on your shrooms, since they not only slow, but they do insane damage as AP. (One of the reason I do AP Teemo)

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Blinding Dart

Blinding Dart is best compatible with AP Teemo, (damage increased by AP). Blinding Dart is best versus AD melee, it will stop them from being able to hit you with auto attacks, and it does a TON of damage. This is a great initiator, and also a great kill secure. (There isn't much else to say besides: this ability rapes face)

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The reason I get an Amplifying Tome in the beginning of the game is to give my Blindig Dart a bite to hopefully pick up a kill even before minions spawn :) Next, we move on to Berserker Boots, these give you a nice little boost on attack speed. Then we will upgrade our Amplifying Tome to Malady, this is why we love our Malady: the best of both worlds. ability power AND attack speed. Next we will buy items for our Rabadon's Deathcap, which we buy for epic AP to boost our Blinding Dart, Poison & your shrooms will destroy. Next we get our Rylai's and Void staff, for Health, Magic Pen. and ability power.

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Why AP?

Many people have called me weird and stupid for rolling AP Teemo. Then I roflcopter when I beat their AD Teemo :P Yes, attack speed can increase DPS, but your AP powered poison will make up for it, plus, all your other spells with have a great damage advantage over an AD Teemo. There isn't much else to say other than... AP Teemo is awesome!

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So, all in all, Teemo is a AP powerhouse with DoT with Poison and a huge nuke from Blinding Dart, and escape artist with Shrooms, Move Quick and Flash. He is overall my favorite Champion in the game, and quite overpowered ;P Leave a comment to let me know how I did on this build, and what I could change, this is my first build, so I need opinions!!

Happy Hunting,

1Captain Teemo1 (Ub3rL33tTaCo in-game)