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Teemo Build Guide by Muffinnn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Muffinnn

Ap Teemo- Oh a dart! ..where did my health go?

Muffinnn Last updated on August 13, 2011
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Hello and welcome, I'm muffin. Off of leauge of legends. I im here to welcome you to the one and only nukey teemo guide. I made this guide because i feel the need to tell people about the wonders of ap nuke teemo. This over powered bastard will nuke down the toughest people. (Doesn't apply to tanks with out magic pen) In this guide i will show you the wonders of what ****py ad and as teemos are missing. AP Is the best in my opinion.


This is my first guide ever. Please tell me if there's anything i can add too it to help me improve my rating. Or will even help me! New to the guide making but it's still worth a good shot!

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Pros / Cons


[*] Nukes really hard.
[*] Will nuke with shrooms 100% of the time
[*] Impossible to gank with shrooms in mid lane.
[*] Great in team fights.
[*] Hard to kill with blinding dart and does massive damage with blinding dart.
[*] Amazing farmer

Really squishy
[*] Easy to be backed into a corner when all his cooldowns are up
[*] Can do only a certain amount of damage at low levels
[*] Bad Early game
[*] Easy to focus on

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Now with teemo when it comes to farming, his ap poison darts will make things a breeze. Make sure at low levels you keep away from most of everybody in mid lane and make sure to last hit minions. Getting aggressive towards other enemy champions can easily have you punished, having you end up feeding the other team. Though be aware of top and bot lanes and farming should be a breeze. -Warning, this apply's to top and bot lanes if you don't take mid

Now another thing to remember is to keep a steady amount of harass preventing farm for the other team. Just don't run at them all willy dilly.

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As for the masteries that I have chosen, I like to stick to offense because do note that teemo is a auto attacker too, so it doesn't call for any utility or any defense. Your spell pen in the tree will also help along with all the attack speed and the extra magic damage you get at the bottom of the tree. This will mainly help you keep the steady pace of damage i'm always talking about. Along with the few in utility where you'll find that the extra mana regen and extra exp you get really do help in these types of situations.

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Doran's Ring

Is surely a good starting item. It's comes with a nice easy amount of ap 15. Also apply's to your runes keeping you at a nice 43 ap starting game

Sorcerers shoes

This extra magic pen helps with taking down tanks or even better easy squishys like brand or ashe. Etc. This helps mainly with shooting down there health and is a great combo with Void staff

Mejai's Soulstealer

Now for this bad boy, this is what gives you so much ap at mid game. Trust me, you'll get the assist and kills you'll need to get to 20 stacks. And if you don't the nice cool down reduction that comes along with it, is extremely nice! It comes in handy late game as well.

Void Staff

Now this is the blinding darts love. Teemo needs this for the 40% magic pen that it gives. This is amazing for picking people off in the crowd. I also love this because of it's nice ap that it gives. Only adding to you power to hit people harder.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Now what makes this hat so good on teemo is it increases ap by 30% and increases your ap by 140! Now if that isn't stacking on the amazing damage that teemo doesn't already do, then im not sure how we can make teemo any friggin stronger.

Zhonya's hourglass

Now with this nice bit of gear and if i didn't say that we couldn't make him any stronger... I lied. This bit increases ap by 100 and gives a little protection. Being focused down inside the heat of a team fight! Pop it up! And no one can touch you!

Lich Bane

Now with the grand final item! Lich bane! Throw this puppy on here and the passive of boosting your blinding fart....i mean dart by the measly i don't know... 100% more? Oh you do 759 magic damage stack that 100%... really? Do i even have to explain how bad that hurts.. And your mushrooms will do so much!

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Summoner Spells

What you should get!

Ignite: Ignite will herp derp your way to victory by getting you fed. As this will throw true damage and reduce healing so you can really put the hurt on them. Making life difficult for them. That or they run back to base missing all the wonderful!


Flash: This bad boy will get you out of the stickiest of ganks! It puts you to a reasonable distance where your cursor is.. Now what i love about this beautiful spell so much, is it's fast time that it proc's and how you can hide in a bush, when people run in towards you .. flash behind them and run and scurry off!

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Magic pen reds (Greater mark of insight) Now with these runes they are what gives you that jumping head start in the very starting game. Why i love it so much is because the extra damage it does to a player when you stack magic pen boots and a void staff.. These all stack together to do almost TRUE DAMAGE!

Ability power yellows(Greater seal of potency) Now with these lovely things, and what i love so much about yellows are a lovely 47 starting ability power! Starting game! (including the doran ring, because of the extra 15 ability power. But with out the dorans ring you would have 37)

Ability power at 18 blues (Greater Glyph of Force) Now what i love about this, is the fact that you stay on your game all game, you make sure you stay consistent with the levels and make sure you have a steady amount of ap to keep up your damage. These are needed by far out of all your runes and i really suggest that you get them!

And now for quint's!

Ability power for starting game (Greater Quints of potency) Now this should be self explanatory on how these will help starting game. Same thing a nice 47 ap starting game with these. So these are needed.

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Skill Sequence

Now for the skills that you will use to show those people who is the boss! First you need.

Blinding Dart

Now the reason for this is because this is your nuke. Slam this at someone and they'll be sure to be afraid of you. This is your nuke move and it's completely spammable. A great combo with blinding dart is. Blue buff.. OR Golem buff if that's what you want to call it. But blinding dart also helps you fight melee's like tryd or master yi. Making them miss there auto attacks. This can be fatal for them and most effective. With that slam ignite on them and there's some serious damage right there.

Toxic shot

Now for toxic shot, it's enough to say this is you finisher. This is what you throw on them with the auto attack and farm with to get easy kills. So Blinding shot. Ignite. Auto attack 4 or 5 times and it's over. This isn't your only major finisher though. That's your shrooms. Will cover that right now.

Noxious Trap

Now this is teemo's major moves that are needed. Mostly wanting to do things like set traps around the map and sit back as your ap shrooms nuke down there hp, Or wait till this hit spring from the shadows hit them with a blinding dart.. auto attack and a ignite and it's all over.. Shroom map below

Move Quick

Now this is one of your good passive ability's but i still say you should get this at level 4 and leave it at level 4. Now for what this is mainly used for is catching up to prey. A nice flash and ignite and a blinding dart will finish them off at high levels. Mid game or late game. a little bit more tricky but hit them with a auto attack or two when speeding after them.


Now with this... This is a fantastic passive considering it allows the enemy team to pass you up and get behind them.. spot the lowest hp! THROW A DART! AUTO ATTACK AUTO ATTACK! FLASH AWAY! And bam you get the kill.. This also gives you faster attack speed for you to throw your amazing darts at them.

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Shroom map

Uploaded with
Using this map should help you keep your enemies on the run. However poorly designed it is, i think it's a fairly accurate one. Black is bushes. Green are shrooms. Although if you don't like this quality i'll post a different map. Thank you.

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Unique Skills

You may be asking your self...

Why is this build any different from any other rare ap guide that is correct?

Well i'll tell you why! Because my guide consist with a combo of good items and the good runes and good kills with that i will have a gameplay video up soon of the whole action and why my guide would be better suited for a rare ap teemo. Though try it yourself and see if you like it, then you tell me about how strong this build is.. i have 100% faith that this build is OP For ap teemo

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More to come later!

Comment and rate! And tell me if i could add anything please! This is my first guide! And i should have some video's up sooner or later then i can put em out. And i'll play teemo a couple 100 times to screen shot his plays. Thank you for looking!

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