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Teemo Build Guide by Bahnd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bahnd

AP Teemo: One-two Punch!

Bahnd Last updated on March 26, 2012
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Greetings interwebs and LoL fans, this is my first guide that I'm writing and the point is to explain the method to the madness that is my AP Teemo build. This is intended to explain why I play the way I do and not explain why its the best or something. The build itself is somewhat standard caster build with its order taking Teemo's tool kit into consideration. The idea behind the "one-two punch" is the proc off Lichbane and the status effect from malady makes Teemo a very high burst damage badger, and with the proper use of his mushrooms it quickly becomes a very bad idea to chase Teemo through his own minefield.

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Pros / Cons

Before I continue there are a few things i would like to highlight about Teemo himself and this guide.


  • Unlimited wards with the mushrooms
  • A counter to any AD carry
  • Residual damage can kill (MOAR DOTS)
  • Good luck catching him
  • Blinding shot is a very nasty nuke


  • YOU ARE VERY SQUSHIE!!! If your reading this you should know that and its better to avoid a fight than be targeted in the middle of one.
  • you have no hard CC (stuns/root) but with crystal scepter people are brought to a crawl on your mushrooms.
  • With this build you are not build to long encounters, with Blinding shot you can nuke your target, but its better to have them chase you than to stay and fight.
  • Teemo can not hold a lane by him self, the only reason he he could go mid is because your opponent probably cant push very well either.
  • YOU ARE VERY SQUSHIE!!! in-case it did not sink in.

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Runes / Summoner spells

I am not here to lecture you on how to build runes, my rune build is meant for pure damage. waltzing into a match with the same spell pen as the boots means that Toxic shots is dealing very close to true damage for the first few levels, and then again if you get your second boots fast enough. You can go for defense, but its better to avoid being hit in the first place

As for summoner spells I take Teleport and Ignite.

Teleport because the ability to be anywhere on the battlefield is very useful. and Ignite because it can be used to ensure that your DOT gets a kill.

Ultimately the choice on what to take is up to you but, ghost is silly because you are already crazy fast, and you are too squishie to need flash. if you get into a situation where you will need it, your probably already dead.

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Skill Sequence

In explaining the method behind the madness skill sequence is sorta important.

At level 1 start with Toxic shots the reason for this is to conserve mana and it makes you play it safe for the first few levels and that way you will be less likely to give up first blood.

At lvl 2 take blinding Dart and max it ASAP, this is your nuke. and the higher rank it is the longer the blind, so when the AD carry does get you they cant touch you

At lvl 3 take move quick, leave this at rank 1 until you have everything else rank 5.

At lvl 6 take your ult... DUH

after that focus on Blinding Dart then then Toxic shots, and your ult when ever possible. not that difficult right?

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Start with an Amplifying tomb and a mana pot... simple enough

after that your first priority is boots, Teemo is too squshie to not to be able to run away. feel free to that boots over the tomb first, i just like the extra damage. After that upgrade the boots ASAP.

The next few parts are really important that you take them early.

Take Sheen
Take Malady (finish it)
then turn Sheen into Lichbane

This should take you through mid game. The Sheen/Lichbane is really important because it adds extra damage every time you hit and run, and have time to stand around and take the extra shot. Also Lichbane will turn Move Quick into an extra nuke but its not as reliable because you have to wait at least 2 seconds from the initial proc.

Malady should be an obvious item that Teemo should take, the Attack speed and AP are good but the on hit effect is just as important.

And upgrading Sheen to Lichbane will convert your AP to your next hit rather than simply double your auto attack.

After that I recommend Crystal scepter, because YOU ARE SQUSHIE and the slow also makes your mushrooms very nasty. And the extra health allows you to function late game without being targeted because your an easy kill.

After that Death cap is a good pick, I think the item is just mean because your mushrooms should do a little less than 1000 damage by this... and that's not fun for anyone stupid enough to step one one.

Your last item should either be Nashors Tooth or Morellos Evil Tomb. If the enemy team has low resists take Morellos, give your self that extra punch. If you are being dragged into longer team fights then the extra cool down reduction helps.

a word of advice, do not take CDR early in the game, your mushrooms are very mana hungry and in order to use them when available you will need mana, and with you relying on Blinding dart over auto attacking its better to limit your self than to spend unnecessary cash.

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Mushroom Placement

Teemo's Mushrooms last for 10 min. you should use this to your advantage, try to place mushrooms in lane where they will be stepped on but not so they will be stepped on by minions.

come end game, you mushhies will do about 1000 dmg... no point wasting them on your CS

be smart with your placement, it is wise to leave one as a fail safe in front of a turret, but you should try to place them where you think the enemy will be... but be careful of the bushes, there may be wild Pokemon there.

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This is my main Teemo build, Its pretty funny to kill someone with a mushroom from across the map. I have used this in ranked matches a few times, but Teemo is not a very strong champ to begin with, however he is just fun to play.

The build is meant to be a support / AP carry.

This is my first guide and if there are any changes that I forgot or need to be made, feel free to let me know.