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Teemo Build Guide by xIchi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xIchi

AP Teemo - Tasty Shrooms

xIchi Last updated on September 26, 2011
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I'm currently working on my AD Kassadin build. I'll update this again. Soon. I hope

EDIT: I wrote this guide 1 day before the Lux patch.. so there where some serious changes about Teemo.Fortunately only AD Teemo was really affected. I'd even say that AP Teemo is buffed. Blinding Dart CD was reduced and you can Stack 3 shrooms like Akali's Shadowdance and place them with 1 sec. CD! Awesome for teamfights! And good if you aren't fast enough to prepair enough shrooms for the clash!

Hello and welcome to my Teemo-Build!
First I have to mention that I'm German so don't wonder if my English looks a little bit weird!
Feel free to post mistakes in my gramma, what ever so i can correct it xD

Ok, lets start!

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Playstyle as AP Teemo

1.Playstyle as AP Teemo
Playing AP Teemo isn't realy hard. You just need to run everywhere and place shrooms.
Your role in a Teamfight is to prepair the fight by placing shrooms all over the field where the clash will be held.
Obviously you won't do 1on1's often, maybe your enemy will flame and ask for a 1on1...
When the clash starts, disable the main damagedealer if possible. Sometimes you aren't even in the clash but supporting with shrooms. For example if your team is losing and has to retreat, they will need shrooms to survive. Beside you'll get assist or even kills from shrooms.

Now, how to play!

Early Game:
Try to damage them with your poison but stay defensive. After hitting level 2 you should try to force your lane-enemys to a fight (especially if they are melee's or auto-attackers) hit them with poison and blind the one with the most auto-attack damage.
When not, stay passive until level 6 for your shrooms. Try to dominate them with your shrooms and occupy all brushes around you. After that, place as much shrooms as possible.
Place shrooms whenever you can, like you have to go to the toilet fast and your R-buton was your meal! Edit: With the new patch you can have up to 3 meals. I'd recommend to always save 2 of them, so that you'll always have 2 shrooms left to place in a teamfight!

Mid Game
Mid Game is just like Early Game but now you have to place shrooms everywhere you get. If your mid mate didn't do well, help him. At this time there often will be clashes on the midlane, so prepair and place as much shrooms as possible to avoid a lose and get a win.
If the midlane is already pushed help the other lane, if it's not necessary just run in the jungle and place plenty of shrooms...
Don't try to pick up a fight cause if you play according to this guide you'll get Mejais really late! But never think of not buying it! Your shrooms will give you enough assist to feed it.

End Game:

Now, finally you should have enough AP to get squishys down to 50% health with 1 shroom.
If theres a Twitch or Yi, or someone else who goes full damage and don't has any Mres.
Try to pull them by hit'n'run to one of your shrooms blind them and do some auto-attacks, you will have enough attackspeed thanks to Nashor's Tooth and the Rageblade.
If you took Ignite, use it.
Even in End game you shouldn't stop placing shrooms all over the map especially at Nashors place. But don't place it at the entrance, place it so that the enemy won't notice it!

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Runes and Masteries

2.Runes and Masteries[/color]
I take 9/0/21 and go with Teleport and Flash
You can take it either or replace Flash with Ignite, so that your Masteries are 10/0/20.
I'd recommend Teleport since you'll need it for nice ganks by teleporting to your shrooms or just to get fast to a turret in order to save it.
And you can replace the Red runes with AP if you want.
If you think you're to squishy replace the Yellow ones with HP runes!
Edit: I replaced the Yellow ones with HP runes now. The AP on it isn't anything but useless!

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Items and Explanation

3.Items and explanations
So your core Itembuild:
Mercury's Tread
Nashor's Thooth
Mejai's Soulstealer

The Others: Rageblade,Zohnyas, and the 6th item is your choice.
I'd recommend Rylais for hp, Archangelstaff for more MP and AP, or even a Hextech Gunblade if you want to have some auto-attack action (maybe you should ask a member of your team to buy Stark's)
If you feel confident, you can skip Doran's Ring and start with a Tome.
Edit: Since Zhonyas Ring isn't anymore. I recommend using Rabadons Deathcap and Zhonyas Hourglass

But why Nashor's Thooth? It's easy to explane, I dont take any CDR runes so the CD for the shroomsis about 17 secs. with Nashor's Thooth and Blue Buff it's about 12 secs.!

Btw. you can replace the Rageblade too if you want to have more AP. I'd take another Archangelstaff.

Now with this Build you are realy squishy, so thats why your role in a teamfight is to run away and place shrooms, or kill those who want to run away with their low hp.

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Why Teemo?

4.Why Teemo?

I think Teemo is good for those who can't play auto-attackers such as Yi and Tryndamere.
You never rush in a fight first... more or less, cause you're the one prepairing an easier win for your team.
All in one AP-Teemo is realy tactical. I don't know why Swain is the Master Tactican..
Ap-Teemo is espacially good for those who like to fool their enemys by letting them chase you and die after 2 or 3 shrooms by your blinding dart.

Please feel free to comment and post mistakes of my english!
And please don't rate without leaving a comment!
See ya ingame!.. If you're playing Europe ;)

Groesse ist nicht alles!

Heh, you know what that means :D?
Midget power x3