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Tristana Build Guide by JaiFlips

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JaiFlips

AP Tristana: Stomp Em' In Da Nuts (Updated 6/24/2011)

JaiFlips Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Utility: 3

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Introduction / Pros & Cons


I made this build for those of you who aren't seeing the true power of Tristana and want to tap into that inner AP you and unleash that Air Tristana. I'll update this build as much as possible, and I'll get some screenshots up of some crazy match history but for now i'm pretty busy with school and all. You know, those finals got me in a knot.

* Extreme stomping power
* Super fun to anger enemy champs
* Great Late-Game Power
* Annoying and powerful Rocket Jump harassment
* Explosive Shot is more beneficial in this build than others, it is more feared
* Excellent Farmer
* You'll be annoyed by the noobs that call you "OP".
* You'll have sticky nut sack goop on your Guerrilla Boots.

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Short and simple, let me explain to you why I picked these runes:

Greater Mark of Insight
* Harder crunch when you stomp on their nuts.
* Intense heart attack when you pop in that Buster Shot
* When you kill the champ you're after, when your Rocket Jump cools down instantly you'll be able to stomp some more nuts just as hard.

Greater Seal of Resilience
* You'll be able to survive those 1v1 confrontations with ease
* You'll have a higher chance to survive 5v5's, especially when focused by ADs champs.
* Solo laning becomes easier as well.

Greater Glyph of Potency

* Pack more punch in your abilities, combined with those Greater Mark of Insight.
* Patches up you're shortcoming in AP when getting Mejai's Soulstealer early game.

Please test this build before you complain about the runes!

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21/6/3? Why so?

Well, 21 for extra POW! early game which is great for getting Mejai stacks.

6 for increasing your survivability throughout the match.

3 to allow you to get back in there in a shorter amount of time to defend those towers or to get back in the action. Those few extra seconds could allow you to stomp those intruding enemy champions in the nuts when they're harassing your towers, chances are.. they probably won't comeback.

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You'll want to grab that Doran's Ring at the beginning of the match because it's pretty well rounded and fits the criteria of what this build is trying to produce very well. You're reading this guide because you're after a nuke champ who is able to survive intense confrontations with confidence. Similar to that of the Tanky/Nuke Ryze, but with more air and more stomping.

Grab around 2 Health Potions during you 1st Recall OR 1 Mana Potion if you don't have enough for the 2 Health Potions.

You'll want to grab some Sorcerer's Shoes right after just to add that extra touch of survivability and some penetrating kick in your stomps. These will go well with the Void Staff you'll pick up along the way. Although, if you want more gank power you'll probably want to switch these with Boots of Mobility during Late Game (Level 16-18) when you have the cash.

Next, pick up a Mejai's Soulstealer. It's recommended that you get this, why so early you might ask? Because you'll pick up stacks along the way, and the later you get this item the more you lose out on potential stacks when you're picking up assists and kills. I know that these are really low on Ability Power at the beginning but that's why you have those Greater Glyph of Potency runes.

Grab the Rabadon's Deathcap to unleash some power in your abilities. This item will easily get you Mejai's Soulstealer stacks fast. Not only is the flat 155 AP great for those clever finishing shots (Buster Shot works great on finishing Tryndamere before he has a chance to use Endless Rage), but you'll profit from the +30% increase in the current total AP you have. So this increases what your Mejai's stacks are adding.

The Void Staff will make the impact of you're Buster Shot soo amazing, every time you get a kill the enemy victim will be calling "OP" all the time. It'll also make your disastrous Rocket Jump more feared.

I recommend you now grab an Abyssal Scepter. Extra Magic Resist to avoid other AP nukers, more stomp power, and you reduce MR of nearby enemy champions (which is sort of like Magic Penetration).

Now, you'll probably want to sell that Doran's Ring to make room for that Lich Bane. This is your last contender at giving you the steroid boost you need in becoming more OP. You profit from the extra magic resist against those annoying AP abilities, you gain more mana to spam those OP abilities, and you dish out the amount of Ability Power you have in Attack Damage; This means that after you pull off your AP combo (Rocket Jump -> Explosive Shot -> Buster Shot) and you see that they aren't dead yet, shoot the last breath out of them with that 500-600 DMG in AD.

Oh wait, we're not done yet. "But JaiFlips I don't have anymore space in my inventory!". Yeah I know, but what you might not already know is that even with a full inventory you are able to buy all of the 3 Elixers in the Consumables section of the shop. They automatically and instantly active, buffing you with a 'Jesus Glow' and a significant boost.

"Yay it worked! But now all these noobs are calling me OP, what do I do?"
Stomp em' in the nuts!

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Using Your Abilities

Main Ability Combo
Rocket Jump -> Explosive Shot -> Buster Shot -> Rocket Jump (Instant Cooldown after champ is killed, move on to the next champion nearby)

Use this as an initiator. If you're at a low level when initiating and don't have that power to finish them off yet, wait till the enemy champion has low health. Harass them with your auto-attack which has great range, then stomp in with a finishing Rocket Jump. If you have low health, make sure the enemy champ is in near proximity of your tower. Don't forget to assess your tower's health before jumping in, pop your Explosive Shot, and if you have that Buster Shot ready Rocket Jump nearby behind the champion dealing initiative damage and pop him towards your tower with a Buster Shot.

I would also like to remind you that after you kill an enemy champion that your cooldown for Rocket Jump is depleted, and you are instantly able to re-use the ability.
Use this to your advantage for when your fighting a 1v2 and aim your Rocket Jump at the fleeing low hp champ, then jump to safety or move onto annihilating the next champion close by. If you can do this well, you may be able to achieve a Penta-Nut Stomping achievement.

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Summoner Spells [Flash & Exhaust]

I prefer getting Flash and Exhaust, here are my reasons:

1. Explosive Shot substitutes for Ignite as it is a DoT and does better damage.

2. For those who say "Well you already have Rocket Jump, you won't need Flash". You aren't wrong, but it depends on your play style. I play aggressively, cautiously and clever. So when I stomp in there like Superman all up in their business and see then that some surprise gank comes out of the brushes, I'll want that Flash to save my ***.

3. I love to squeeze in Exhaust in between my Rocket Jump and Explosive shot. So I go [Rocket Jump -> Exhaust -> Explosive Shot] just to turn the tide in an instant when you know that the enemy champion has Red/Blue Buff OR when you want to finish a champion quickly without taking too much damage.

Guide Top


Thank you to every single one of you that atleast read my guide, like it or not. You are all helpful and i'm grateful that you all atleast took the time or were interested in reading my guide. If you could leave constructive criticism comments or just some thanks and praise that would be nice!

Keep your head in the game and stomp their nuts for messing with you! Especially that flirting Teemo! ;)