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Blitzcrank Build Guide by JaiFlips

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JaiFlips

Pull, Pop, POW! - Blitzcrank Jungle DPS

JaiFlips Last updated on December 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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* Notable Terms *

CD - Cooldown
CC - Crowd Control
CS - Creep Score
Blue - Blue Golems
Red - Red Lizard
Gank - To attempt to execute an ambush on a lane

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* Jungle Blitzcrank Introduction*

For those of you who are always complaining about any jungler's lack of CC, worry no more, Jungle Blitzcrank is here! He's got a short cooldown pop, a game-changing pull and a silence as soon as he reaches lvl 6! Doesn't it really annoy you when junglers like Warwick, Udyr, and Olaf only have 1 CC, and that when that CC fails to do its part the whole gank scheme is abolished? That won't happen with Blitzcrank as he's possibly the best utility wrecking machine!

Here's a video demonstrating an average well played Blitzcrank game:

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* Pros / Cons *

Let's review Blitzcrank one more time, just in-case you need it for comparison.


* Low cooldown, annoying pop Power Fist.
+ Game-changing grab Rocket Grab.
+ Stop runners from escaping using, and can disrupt a group of champions clumped together by silencing using Static Field.
+ Moderately Fast jungle finish time and swift gank execution using Overdrive.
+ Mana Barrier] allows you to tower dive with ease, and survive [[Karthus ultimate.
+ Does not rely on items to remain effective.
+ Can gank by level 3, enemy lanes will think you are clearing the whole jungle.


- Jungle time could be faster
- Unable to counter jungle

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* Jungle Blitz Runes*

For runes, I choose:
* x 3
To maximize gank efficiency, catch up to runners and pop them with Power Fist
* Greater Mark of Desolation x 9
To maximize the double damage dealt by Power Fist since it applies on-hit effects such as Critical Strikes.
* x 9
To ease the difficulty of jungling, avoid damage mobs of minions, and damage dealt by melee champions who might decide to make a stand and 1v1 you. (Which you'll end up winning most of the time with cunning thinking)
* x 9
To soften the blow from constant magic damage hits.
(Note: The reason I don't take Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction or Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction is because Blue Buff and Frozen Heart together make about 39% and the survivability added from Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is much more preferable.

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* Items *

For this build, it is essential to get these exact items, with the exception of 2 situational items. That item is alternating between Phantom Dancer and Madred's Bloodrazor, or Boots of Swiftness for Mercury's Treads to obtain more survivability against a mainly AP team or a team high in CC. The reason I don't take Banshee's Veil is because I feel that it is a sub-par item on Blitzcrank late game compared to Infinity Edge. If you feel like you can't live without it, grab it, but do try practicing games without Banshee's Veil and avoid situations getting yourself into trouble.

Here's my reasoning on as to why I choose these items, and why it is essential to the build..

* (Optional vs CC):
+ You need to make speedy entrances and getaways.
+ The mobility to get around the map as quickly as possible to jungle and roam.
+ The ability to catch up to runners with ease.

+ Extra mana for your Mana Barrier.
+ About 151 total attack damage after Madred's Razors.
+ Mana sustainability is increased.

+ Passive effect processes instantly through Power Fist, so that there is no need to auto attack to proc it. Very convenient.
+ More mana for your Mana Barrier.
+ Insane amounts of damage when paired with Power Fist, which is excellent for dealing killing blows on champions and towers.

+ Decreases the chance runners have of getting away with the slow from Phage.
+ Increased movement speed, always a plus on Blitzcrank.
+ Increased attack speed to tear away at towers.
+ Sheen's passive is increased from 100% extra damage to 150%
(Auto attack = 160 Damage x2 from Power Fist x 1.5 from Trinity Force
Total = 480.)

+ Slows melee champion's from effectively dueling you 1v1.
+ Allows you to dominate squishy AD carries late game. E.g) Master Yi, Caitlyn
+ More mana for your Mana Barrier
+ Cooldown Reduction by 15% allows your abilities to be activated more regularly.
+ Allows you to eat a couple hits from AD champions or the tower, while trying to destroy towers.

* (Optional vs Tanks):
+ Increased movement speed, by now you should be running like Speedy Gonzales if paired with Overdrive. That's faster than most Kenyans I know.
+ Improved chances to hit crtical strikes, attack speed makes the critical hits more regular.
+ If paired with Infinity Edge, you gain the knockout power of Mike Tyson.

* (Optional for survivability):
+ The ultimate confidence boost on any boxer, allowing knockout power of over 9000.
+ Towers become water bottles, so easy to crush that it's insane.
+ Most champions will not want to mess with you 1v1 at this point, unless they have lifesteal, but in which case you still mess up their face more than half the time.

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* Creeping / Jungling *

*When jungling, you'll want to start of at blue, ask a teammate to leash it for you so that you take less damage.
*Activate Overdrive.
*After blue, continue on to the wolves and use Power Fist extensively while jungling with blue buff active.
*After wolves, continue onto wraiths.

By now, you should be level 3 and should now look towards observing each of the lanes at a constant. Gank each lane according to..
1) How much CC is in the lane
2) How low hp of the enemy's tower is AND
3) How low the hp is of the enemy champions in the lane.
You should gank carefully with those 3 things in mind, listed by priority!

Steps to ganking:
1) Activate Overdrive.

2) Power Fist the person you think would bring the best outcome. Whether that champion be a squishy, has low health, or is a potential danger to the gank and should be disabled immediately.

3) Avoid running/chasing directly behind the champion you are running after, most often they will take notice of your position and predict that you will be using your Rocket Grab. If possible, continue running towards the most advantageous position you can think of (Under a friendly tower, in a spot with a clear shot away from minions, or near teammates) and fire your Rocket Grab. Follow up immediately with a Power Fist as quickly as possible!

(NOTE: To make most effective use of Rocket Grab remember to... pull your target as nearest as you can to your tower. Use Flash to cleverly position yourself to get a clear shot. Avoid make short-distance grabs, as chances are your target will Flash away.

If you cannot execute a quick pull and your shot is blocked by minions, Flash over them to get a clear shot. If the wave is hugging the tower and you are attempting a tower-dive, activate Overdrive and Flash behind the tower if it is distracted by friendly minions and Power Fist your victim and auto-attack them to death, you should be fast enough to run away with your Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and Mana Barrier should pop if it hadn't already in an earlier conflict to shrug of a few blows from the tower.)

*Continue by jungling Red Lizard if possible. If not, grab Madred's Razors and then proceed to Red Lizard.

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* Pushing / Farming *

Pushing and farming is something I emphasis on every single champion I play. My rule for prioritizing tasks while roaming is..

Towers > Kills > Jungle

in terms of money it is..

Creep Score > Kills > Towers

Are you feeding?

If so, have no fear. Always keep these couple rules in mind..

1) Stay out of trouble where you will not survive.

2) Do not jungle forever, it's only important to get Red and Blue buffs after lvl 3.

3) Obtain as much farm as posssible, in most cases i've seen CREEP SCORE out-weighs KILLS in matters of who has the highest amount of gold on the team.
E.g) I see Master Yi with the score 9/7/3 but has 251 CS, at the end of the game he beats the Fizz who has the score 14/5/2 with 103 CS and the Master Yi gets more gold by the end of the game.


Do not let your fear of being ganked obstruct your view on towers, I emphasize that you crush those towers whenever you have a good opportunity to do so. At least not with the speed you should be having with this build, and the ability to get away with Static Field, Power Fist, and Mana Barrier]. If you had farmed a decent amount you should also have the funds to buy a [[Frozen Heart by now to tank hits from AD champions while you eat away at the tower too.

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* Team Work *

When you see that your team is in a stand-off against the other team in one lane, and that neither has initiated. It is your job to start the action! You'll want to speed up into Overdrive and pull in the best catch you can think of quickly with Rocket Grab and follow up with a Power Fist to disable their movement. If the rest of the enemy team hauls in to engage your team, it's within your best intentions to disrupt their ability to cast any spells as well as damaging them using your Static Field. Make sure to stay within the teamfight and get off as many auto-attacks and Power Fist as you can without taking excessive damage. Once you see that the teamfight is no longer in your favor, flee with Overdrive and if chased to your tower, Rocket Grab the easiest kill, [Power Fist]] and let the tower do the rest of the work.


**Do not get yourself killed as you are most likely to be one of the most valuable assets to the team, you have 3 crowd control abilities and the almighty power to make choices of saving teammates in dire need!**

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* Outro *

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you enjoy carrying teams, pushing towers, 1v1ing AD champions and being the best out there!

If you have the time, and are really enthusiastic about my guide, please take a moment to visit my Youtube channels at: (Clan Channel)
or (Personal Channel)

Thanks, and happy gaming! ^_^