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League of Legends Build Guide Author zHexoic

AP Veigar - The EVIL Guide

zHexoic Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Veigar Build

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The EVIL Build - Introduction

Hello! Welcome to The EVIL Build introduction, this build is not for a tank-like Veigar, nor a Mana hungry Veigar, This build is for a Veigar that can take you from full health, to no health in a matter of stunning you once with his Event Horizon. A Veigar that can easily 1v1 and push any lane of his choice. A Veigar that makes people say, "Wow, Veigar is so Overpowered!". So sit back, get ready for some fresh killing and enjoy the guide!

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The EVIL Build - Skill Explanation

Usually people focus 3 main skills when using Veigar, those are Event Horizon, Primordial Burst and Baleful Strike, and they usually get Dark Matter last. However; Dark Matter is a really good way to push a lane if you start to feel overwhelmed, its also a great way to harass a player unintentionally by using it while they're beside minions. I try to kind of even out the use of Dark Matter and Event Horizon because there a really good combination together, Having them both around the same level, makes for high damage and long stun durations. Of course, Baleful Strike and Primordial Burst are the most important in your arsenal however; so get those up as quick as you can and as soon as you can!

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The EVIL Build - Item Explanation

Due to Veigar's passive, he gains mana quickly based on how low his mana is. This is a good way to avoid going "B" in your start lane, you can wait out your mana and basic attack a few times while you wait. I don't put Veigar with any mana regen. items due to his passive, mana Regen is mainly only needed at low levels, after that- your Veigar should have no trouble with mana.
I stack my Veigar with plenty of Deathcaps, they boost his AP by 155 and passively increases it further, although the passive doesn't stack, 155 AP is still an amazing amount. The reason I start Veigar off with the Doran's Ring is to give him that extra AP boost when he's harassing the other players. You'll notice a significant difference if you don't start Veigar off with this useless item. I do throw on a Rylai's on my Veigar to make him slightly less squishy then he was before, this will give you a slight advantage over other Veigar's if there building Pure AP, or Mana Regen.
The Deathcap's increase Veigar's AP to a crazy amount once you've reached level 18, and you should be dealing over 1500+ Damage with his Ult, 1000+ with Baleful Strike, and 800+ with Dark Matter, making you a threat to any Champion that steps within your range!

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The EVIL Build - Last Hits

Baleful Strike needs as much last hit's as possible usually in order to get Veigar to that unique OP level people talk about. For this Build, Last Hit's are important, but not as important as some other builds. By the end of your build you'll have 4 Deathcaps, thats 620+ AP, if you sell your shoes and buy another Deathcap.. thats 775+ AP, With that ridiculous amount, Last Hits are important, but you'd need ALOT to actually notice a difference in your hits. I focus on getting last hits in Early Game, ussually getting around 15 - 35 Last Hits before we stop laning, and I focus on getting last hits near end game.. when Minion's are pushing each other and you just so happen to run by a army of minion's, heading towards your tower, I hit some of them with Dark Matter, taking out about half the group, then kill the rest with Baleful Strike while tanking the shots, (At this point, you'd have enough health to tank the shots easily without getting much effected).