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League of Legends Build Guide Author haenszy

ARAM Guide for Tryharrds

haenszy Last updated on December 12, 2015
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Hey there and welcome to my ARAM Guide For "TRYHARDS".
I know, I know.. i've heard it a thousand times "this is ARAM why do you play seriously?"
Well bacause i love the callenge of creating a working team out of random champions, which more often then you expect is going to end up with you going for a "troll build" more often than you think. And most important it's working because i'm sitting at a winrate between 60-85% most of the time(average of the last 20 games) ->

I hope you like this guide and find it useful. Please leave a rating and/or a comment, i apreciate all kinds of feedback. (:

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Change log

03.12.2015 started working
07.12.2015 added Intro
07.12.2015 added "ARAM?" chapter
07.12.2015 added "Essentials For ARAM" chapter
11.12.2015 beautifying "Essentials For ARAM" chapter

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If you are looking for in-depht information skip this part.
For those of you which are not common with ARAM here is a small explanation of what you are going to face.

ARAM is a 5vs5 mode played an the "Howling Abyss", there is no jungle or obejctives like Dragon or Baron - just a simple one lane brawl with some unique rules:

  • A stands for "ähm why can't i back?!" - jup thats right no backporting and no healing while standing in base, you gotta fight till you die.
  • R stands for RANDOM and for REROLL- which means no champion select, no "i'm gonna pick..", but you earn REROLLS over time which allows you to well reroll a camps into another one.
  • A stands for "ähm i lied, you can heal yourselfes, " - there are 4 health relics across the lane which give you Health/Manna.
  • M stands for money - you start with more of it and gain more money over time - same for EXP

Beside that it's the usual, kill minions, kill champs, destroy towers, destroy nexus, the enemy ones of course => win game. :D

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Essentials for ARAM

Before going into detail i'll going to cover some basic ARAM essentials, because after a lot of playing i noticed a lot of people lacking some basic knowledge about that specific gamemode.

just do it?
It might not be as super important as it might be in normals but anyway, talk to your teammates about how you are going to play, passive/agressiv/tanky/suport/AD/AP, talk to them so you can create a working teamcomp.

Lane Agression
going agressive and punishing mistakes is key to succes
If you can go agressive or have to stay passive ist mostly decided by the campions which are in play and the players ability to perform well with them.

poke is deadly so learn to doge
For sure you have noticed certain campions to be super strong on aram, those are mostly high range poke champions, which have the ability to deliver damage out of a safe position for example Xerath/Varus/Nidale/Jayce/... You will encounter them very often and they will be a pain in the a**.

the better you dodge the less damage, simple as that
I've said it so many times, dodging skillshots is so d*mn important for every champ even tanks in the early game. Because of there is a chanche to negate damge why wouldn't you do so?

don't be afraid..
It might sound like a bad thing because why would you want to die?
Simply said, because you can't spend your well earned money otherwise and money won't win you the game, items will.

don't be afraid..
On the one hand you for sure have a build in mind which would fit best for your camp(if not look them up on Mobafire or another site of your choice)but since ARAM mainly consists of teamfights i'd like to encurage you to think about which item fits best for the current situation.

Oh boy, this snowball thing makes magic happen. A little bit of damage plus a sick engage/escape and gives you kind of an outplay potential if used right.

So, we are done with the basic ARAM stuff, if you feel the need to learn more detailed stuff about what i just said feel free to keep on reading.. oncce i added new content.
If you just qued up and didn't knew what you were going to play and just googled "ARAM Guide", go play that game and be sure to come back and finish my guide to get the best out of your ARAM games. (:


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