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Warwick Build Guide by XaroX

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XaroX

ARO's Jungle Warwick

XaroX Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Warwick is one of the strongest junglers in the game. With my special Aro guide to Warwick you will be top elo in no time (Unless, like me, your team is always bad and feeds. Or the other champions are OP)

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Runes and Masteries and Summoners

For Runes i go for a pretty versatile layout, opting for some mana to not get pwned if you die at their golem buff (more on that later).

Masteries are pretty straightforward, standard 21/1/8 with improved tp and revive.

tp and revive are used, cause as warwick youre a glass cannon melee so you can fight in a teamfight twice. youre basically zilean ulting yourself, with +400hp and huge Movement Speed.
Smite should never be used on warwick, cause he can jungle without it and this setup gives him huge presence in mid/lategame teamfights (one could say, 2 times the presence of normal noob warwick)

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Skill Sequence

As for Skill Sequence, i opt for maxing as buff first. On max lvl, combined with the synergy of your passive you basically have the importan parts of starks fervor, for free. It also makes jungle faster. Ult on lvl 16/17/18 cause its useless, its a self stun and you cant even crit. srsly riot? buff pls! (lifesteal is nice, tho)
Blood Scent gets maxed second, cause it can save your support wards, thsu generating free gold for your team. Bonus: if you have fed karthus he can ult when you have blood scent maxed for free Tf ult (youve heard it here first, make sure to reference me if you use this tactic, as ive invented it with my buddy AlbinoTroll)

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Items and Route

Now, most people build warwick as an ap/tank hybrid. But thats wrong, cause you don't use your best skill, hunter's call.

For Jungle you can either start with dagger for increase Attack Speed or Cloth Armor, a Ward and some health pots.

Aside: always keep a ward in your inventory, so you can flame your team that you buy all wards, they should buy some too. Works great in soloqueue and arranged team. BUT REMEMBER: dont use ward, as more than one is a waste to carry. Lategame you can sell

I recomment to start dagger, as it gives you all Warwick needs: Attack Speed (synergy with runebuild and passive). Start with Q skill though, in case their jungler comes to blue.

Now why would he come to blue? cause your starting at his blue, damn right! its called counterjungling. if they guard you can put ward and revive+tp for steal with autoattack. thats the only exception to the "keep 1 ward but dont use it" rule. So now youve gotten his blue, what next? either get his wolve or go take your side of the jungle. if you get low at red, its ok, you can die and revive for op 400 hp gank. jungle as much as you can, and always make sure to check enemy jungle, even when low hp. Warwick cant lose 1v1 with this build.

First trip back: if you start cloth armor, you can rush ninja tabis for dodge and armor. when start with dagger get boots of speed, rush zerkers or tabs and zeal.

Dont gank before you got your second red buff (not counting theirs), as your team's going to suck anyway, or the opponent champs have op range/damage/stun duration/escape. When ganking with red buff, close distance with superior Movementspeed, cast w and autoattack until either all enemies or you are dead. Keep in mind you have two lives, as long as theres a thing u can tp to, so no big deal if you die once towerdiving at lvl7, as long as you try again.

Early Game Items:

[*] Berserkers Greaves or [*] Ninja Tabis
[*] Zeal
[*] Zeal
[*] Vampiric Scepter
[*] Sight Ward ( D O N O T U S E S E E A B O V E )

Mid Game Items:

[*] Infinity Edge
[*] Vampiric Scepter

End Game Build

[*] Phantom Dancer
[*] Phantom Dancer
[*] Phantom Dancer
[*] Infinity Edge
[*] Blood Thirster
[*] Hextech Gunblade

optionally if need tank item get up to two [*] Warmogs Armor , but that doesnt happen often, as with BT and Gungblade and Passive Health-theft you basically cant die, ever.

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Pros (like Me)/Cons


    cant die unless stops autoattacking. NEVER STOP!
    thus incredibly tanky, as your build gives you virtually infinite hp
    can only lose to OP champions
    surprise jungle gimps enemy jungler
    revive tp best late game summoners

    get called OP --> reported
    maybe have to wait for jungle creeps to respawn cause so fast clear time
    people may think youre trolling (this is dead srs though)
    as Aro's law states, the better you play, the worse your teammates are --> this build makes your teammates feed. it's scientifically proven

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AROs Secret Playstyle tips (+Diplomacy aka the Blame Game)

Tip 1:
In Ranked, people sometimes forget the goal of the game is pushing. Help them remember if your jungle is empty! Just go to their lane, activate W and autoattack creeps. Top went back? Go Push! Bot at tower? help them out and push it all the way down! You just did opponents wraiths, top lane creeps are in the middle of the lane and 5 mia with no wards on the map? Run top and push!

Tip 2:
Also, some people go missing in the lanes from time to time. As a jungler it is your job to provide map awareness, and go looking for them. This is one of the reasons you start at opposing blue too: you know where they are (most of the time). MAP AWARENESS WINS GAMES!

Tip 3:
Sample: Dragon is up, Baron is up, Minute 30 in an even game, all mia:
Go to theit Blue. If theyre not there, take it. If theyre there start autoattacking until the dust settles. Make sure to focus Mordekaiser, if they have one. If not, focus their tank, as hes most like not going to back up, so you can stay alive with healththeft long enough for your team to take baron/inhib or just come and help those fools who just used all their skills on offtank glass cannon AROwick!

Sample 2: Your inhib is down because your team is ******ed and the enemy team has 6 OP champs. All Mia. All your towers outside of the base are down:
you can either go push any lane, or get a buff from your jungle.

Tip 4:
As your teams best player, you can never give anyone any buff. no matter what. NEVER. You need red buff for kiting enemy tanks, and blue so you can have W up more often. No one needs buffs more than you do!

Tip 5:
Often chatting with the enemy team is more important than actually paying attention. If the opportunity arises, make sure to comment on the balance of one of the champions in the enemy team (AROtip: make sure the same champion isnt in your team too first).

Tip 6:
Sometimes you lose games, but its okay. As long as you do everything as described in this guide, you did nothing wrong. So if its not your faul, its their faul. It's always their fault, unless the enemy team has at least one of those OP champs!

Tip 7 (Diplomacy):
If something goes wrong, make sure to instantly blame someone on your team. If all of your team fails, no one wants to take the blame or admit any mistakes. Help them in three easy steps!

Step 0: Something goes wrong; everyone ****s up; everyone knows they ****ed up

Step 1: BLAME SOMEONE ASAP (<-- most important part)

Step 2: everyone has a scapegoat now for the rest of the game (think Jews to Nazis), no ones going to question it (care for premades though, they might ally and revolt)

Step 3: make sure to blame everything on the scapegoat (he wasnt even there --> thats why we lost; just pull out arguments out of your ***!)

enjoy never being blamed for losing anymore, you're welcome

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Thanks for reading. Well, actually, you should thank me for writing this guide.


yours truly


PS: If you want to witness PRO ARO PLAY yourself, make sure to join chatroom "XaroX" on EU West or add me as a friend. I may decline though, if youre noob. Only pros pls (1300+)!

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Special Aro tactic

so because im in a good mood today, i give you extra insight into playing like ARO

of course this jungle route is somewhat dangerous, especially starting at their blue, even more so while guarded. "but how do you do blue when its guarded, ARO?" you say. If you think they guard you can tp to nearest tower and run there fast, hiding in the small brush near the top or bot lane, depending on which side you play on. when they have arrived at their guarding position, you can even start their wolves np, as no ones gonna see you run there. then kill jungler at blue/take it/both.

2) The ARO Image; russian method
so as said before, the route is quite dangerous. but dont worry about early game feed. up to 5 deaths are okay, as they think youre noob when actually youre superstrong and just acting weak. You build up a feeder image, then hit them when theyre overconfident. **** won wars (see USSR in WWII/Russia in Napoleonic war), so why not use it in LoL? the mechanics of killstreaks come in handy too, as youll be worth less and less gold, as their bounty increases.
Summary: feed-->win

3) switch up your builds!
in order to not get too transparent, one must mix up his play. esp. if youre as famous as me in the 1300 elo bracket (meh should be 2.3k, but the noob is keeping me down)
so what you do, is actually go for full tank build. if they know you, they know you going glass cannon. so you go fulltank. no matter if they have much ap or ad dmg, always get the same build:
hextech revolver --> hextech gunblade: this gives you dmg and some lifesteal
hextech gunblade x2 for midgame
then you go 2/5 boots or ninja tabs (no berzerkers, this is tank build)
hextech gunblade
Guardian angel for revive x2
hextech gunblde
invincible warwick!

4) "to truly become one with champion, one must aquire his traits" - XaroX

you play better as warwick, if you dont shower for a few days. and dont shave.
Bonus: maybe someone will recognize you on street as ww cosplayer. AROtip: ww guide works irl too, just autoattack until result is satisfying.

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