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League of Legends Build Guide Author bridi

AS Ashe? Try it out. *NEW*

bridi Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Well, hello everyone! I have experimented and found that this is the best, and most enjoyable, way to build Ashe.

So Why AS Ashe??
If you've ever played Ashe you would realize she is the slowest m'fer in the world, this build makes her soooo fast and her slows even slowerer? (is that even a word?)This stacked with bloodrazor makes her drop dead amazing. If you hit with you're arrow in range of auto attack with the full build you will kill anyone because of bloodrazor's unique passive.

Beginning Game
You are squishy, heavily mana dependent, if you don't know how to harass well with Ashe, and SLOW. All you do at this point is last hit minions and if you're doing three's (that's what I play mostly) than solo. Don't use you're volley to harass, there's no need to, unless someone over committed then by all means put some lube on you're arrows and shove it up there ashe! If someone tries to harass you just volley them and back up, the more you have to b because of mana the worst off you'll be, trust me. Try not to b until you have enough to get both boots of swiftness and madred's razors. When you do b and come back you will control the lane just because you can kill they're minions so fast. Try to build the recurve bow next, it will get you money faster to finish bloodrazor.

Mid Game

You have finished you're Bloodrazor and you already do massive damage for kills stay with you're team and gank, if you start to underlevel then lane a bit. DON'T TAKE ANYONE ON YET 1V1, unless you are a master kiter which is what this build is centered around. Maybe get a few kills and build you're phantom dancer, with these build the zeal first because it gives you movement speed.

Late Game

By this time you are completley raping everyone, especially dumb tanks whoe don't know wtf the'yre doing when they see they're life drop to some puny Ashe. Just keep kiting until about half, turn on you're frost arrows, if you haven't already and if they are escaping then ult them


    Be very cautious of your hp, no lifesteal, you don't need it but, you are very squishy.

    Use your ult for every situation. Save teamates, kill runners, save yourself, intiate fights etc. It only has a min cd

    Learn to kite, this is the only way you should play Ashe when using this build, always moving

    Don't be afraid to use both summoner skills to escape, its better to do that then die.

    Don't feed, you shouldn't die once until mid/late game

    The summoner skills are so you don't die.

    Don't get Clarity as summoner skill, it will only help a little early, you are not dependent on you're spells.

    Use you're haw to check bushes all the time so you don't get ganked. Keep you're eyes on the map, especially in PUGs.

    When be chased get into bushes and use volley towards enemies. If you do this the split second it takes to cast it won't matter because they can't target you until you use volley.

    Get creative with your ult!

    Here is a good example of kiting for you're viewing pleasure:
*NOTE: This Ashe kites very well for the little run speed she has. Remember you move VERY fast so you can get more auto attacks in before you run. Not to mention you shoot them faster too :)

GLHF and try my build before you completely disregard it.
And before you give me a bad vote post me you're beef and see if I have an answer. If not then spam that bad boy until my build is neg percent. :)