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Kog'Maw Build Guide by DisrespectGuides

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DisrespectGuides

AS-%health-Tank-Rip-Ap-Blade-****-Maw -- ByeBye Mundo

DisrespectGuides Last updated on July 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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U think Prof. Milk had the answer to the tank-meta? Pls his ******** doesnt stand a chance against this Kog'Maw. Tank= tons of health- The solutions to counter this idiots: %-health-dmg! Why is kog'maw the #1 anti-tank? This lil sweet BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W) is the key. On lvl 5 this ability deal 6% max. health dmg + 1% per 100 ap. --> pure tank shred. So let me show how to build this monster correctly....

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I think Kog'Maw has a really weak early game, so with a few of our runes we are trying to compensate that. With the other runes were trying to scale a bit better into the l8 game, where Kog's strengths are.
To cs confidently in the early game we have to avoid dying. So what do we need? Tankyness!
Now some mindgames: I choose health as the only source of my tankyness. Why? When players go to lane everyone, every-motherfckin-one will look at your hp-bar and name. They look at yours and think: "Holy fckin ****, this guy is ranged and has more health, i better be carefull because of this motherfcker!"- And thats exactly what u want- you have a weak early? Not anymore!

Well pen marks because they are the most effective way for damage.

Ap glyphs because you need a bit ap and well they are most effective as glyphs.

AS quints because you need the as for late game and it makes cs easier.

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Its not really important if u skill 9 points in utility or defense. I personally like defense more on kog because you have free harass on your BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W).

Important are the 21 points in the Attack-Skilltree because well, you want to deal dmg, whta were u expecting? To note is the Arcane Blade Mastery, wich gives u bonus magic dmg on auto-attacks. --> most important mastery point.

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I recomment a dorans-start. If you dont have problems with your mana - get balde instead of ring for a bit more w harass in the early and a bit more sustain.

Next on your to-do-list should be boots because kog'maw is so damn immobile.

After this its time for your core items. Nashors first because of your q max- more AS more nashor-procs. After Nashors you're going to buy the bread and butter of the build: Runaans. Runaans triples your dmg. Everything procs on the lil bolts- your nashors, BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W) and , if its in your build, blade.
Now you have AS. Fine. But AS only doesnt deal dmg. SO we get some dmgs. Ludens and Rabadons next. Build it like u want, if you want your autos to hit harder get Rabadons. You want some ugly effects on your LIVING ARTILLERY (R), get ludens. - Your decision.

Now its time to round out your build: Three options- your decision.
1.: The best option to enhance your autos even more: Blade. 8% current health dmg on your autos extra. And even better: Its normal dmg, making your build a bit hybridy (Is that a word?). My personal favourite
2.: Zhonyas- because Zhonyas, golden-********-active to safe your lil immobile butt. Ton of ap and armor. On top of that - FCK U ZED!
3.: Lich bane.: Bonus initial dmg- doesnt proc on runaans. A bit ap and movespeed to save ur butt. Probably the worst choice- but well <3 *****-bane.

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Skill Sequence

Well, kog on this build hasnt a special sequence, just remember: 1v1? Hit your q to shred those resistances. In fights roll through your keys from left to right and then autoattack them and show what it means to be called an ebola-spreading monster.

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Flash is really important- Kog has now escape-skill in his skillset.
You wanna get double escape spells because of his lack of mobility. Take heal, barrier or ghost. I prefer heal because of this instant speed boost and on top of that it heals. Its like u combined ghost and barrier.

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With this stuff ur gonna be an ebola-spreading monster. You deal extremely high dmg on your runaansifiet autos and you'll be able to carry those teamfights.

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Ranked Play

Not recommented for solo-queue, because you need protection and peel. In Teamranked with communication and protection a monster- you need to hit your autos.

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Pros / Cons

-Extremely high dps
-Tank killer #1
-Physical and magic dmg
-high-range, because of BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W)
-high dps
-because its kog- strong burst and poke.
-carry potential

-weak early game
-0 mobility without summoners
-team reliant
-if there are no tanks, teemo is better..... yes motherfckin teemo ....son of a b......

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Team Work

Like i already explained- YOU NEED SUPPORT. Get a friend of yours, to protect your beautifull butterfly***. If you have victim who supports you- start shootin' this autos and carry every teamfight. REMEMBER: KITING IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER!

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Unique Skills

You have 3 unique skills: 1.: Spreading ebola with %-health dmg on your BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W)--> killing tanks with ease
2.: Increasing range for easy kiting with BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W)
3.: Making this ebola into AOE-ebola (Pros call its ebolaids) with Runaans.

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Kog makes farming easy. Your BIO-ARCANE BARRAGE (W) increases your range and gives you bonus dmg for 0 mana costs, so use it for farming as you like. Your ult has low mana cost, use it for long-range farming, but keep an eye on the mana-costs. It costs more mana the more often you use it. Clear waves intantly with an e-r combo. Runaans gives you a ****load of waveclear.

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"Just do it"

Just do it, make your deams come true.

Now queue up my lil friend and shows those noobs how to spread ebolaids!!