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Teemo Build Guide by Nomaly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nomaly

AS/On-Hit Teemo

Nomaly Last updated on September 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Teemo is a champion played mostly as AP. Although i believe this is a great strategy, i think On-Hit is better. Teemos assassin capabilities when building On-Hit are incredible. His abilites are great for chase and running away. He is excellent at assassinating enemy ADCS that try to fight back and is great overall, no matter what way you build him.This is also my first guide, so cut me some slack if you think it is lacking in some areas.

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Amazing damage
Great movement
Gives map control with shrooms
Rips through everything
Great 1 target damage and Good aoe in this build
Can be a great assassin and carries quite well
Passive can catch people out of position easily

Mushrooms only used for utility
Mushrooms can be destroyed with oracles
Gets focused
Very low HP

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I take these marks to increase my overall attack speed. Does well with this guide
because of items like Ionic Spark and Malady that have on hit procs.

I take these to help against AP users, great when their team is AP heavy.
I generally like to take these and armor seals to help with early game and
later on in the game.

I take these to add some survivbility to the "squishy" Teemo. These are great
for staying alive against AD users.

Rounds out the attack speed on Teemo, great add-on to attack speed marks adding that
little extra amount. Really helps with last hitting early and late game.

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Starting Items

Dagger and one Health Potion: I like this option more, you get a little bit more attack speed for last hitting at the start and you get one hp pot if you take a bit of damage.

Boots of speed and Three Health Potions:This option is good, I think the option above is better, but if you have issues with taking harass damage in games, the three health potions really help.

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Core Items

Ionic Spark:This is your main item. This item deals a lot of chain AOE damage every 4 hits. With huge attack speed this will proc constantly.

Berserkers Greaves: Tier 2 boots giving you good movement speed and some bonus attack speed, your dagger at the start builds up to this which is quite helpful.

Malady: After getting Ionic spark you need to get this item. It does extra damage on hit and gives extra stats.

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Finishing Items

Madreds Bloodrazor:This item does a massive amount of damage on teemo especially with all this attack speed in this guide. Great for shredding tanks and massacring enemy softies.

Phantom Dancers: Great item overall i would consider moving this up in the item order, but there that you need first to make this better. This item gives some godly attack speed and other bonus stats that are just great for teemo.

Wits End: Gives some on-hit damage and good MR if they have a lot of AP champions. Also has some bonus attack speed that is always great.

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Item Choice

This teemo guide is based on items. If you don't get the proper items, you can't do much. Teemo snowballs very well in this guide, he gets one kill continues to get kills for his items. The reason this guide needs a lot of attack speed is because all of Teemos items give on-hit effects. The higher the attack speed, the more your items hit and it increases your damage dramatically. With the additon of madreds blood razor you will shred through any kind of resistance. There are a few situational items I would like to go over too.

Nashors Tooth: If their team is a bit AD heavy and do a lot of auto attack damage and you want to be able to spam blinding dart, this item is great for you.

Bloodthrister: If you are having issues with dying very quickly because they all burst you down while you shoot them, get this item instead of phantom dancers, it is great life steal for sustain and adds a bit of extra damage.

Mercury Treads: If their team is CC heavy i like to get these boots instead of Berserkers Greaves.

Frozen Mallet: A great teemo item, slows the enemy so you can come in for the kill and gives you some health to help counter the squishness everyone knows and loves.

Tiamat: When they usually seem to be very "clumped" up in team fights you could get this, it works really well with Ionic spark and attack speed, dealing even more AOE damage. Makes your auto attack farm even better.

Side note on dorans blade: I like dorans blade when i play ADC but when i play teemo all it really gives is some life steal and a bit of damage, its not really that great, since this guide is based on item procs and not damage it is of no use to us.
Also if they have a lot of stacking armor and MR build magic pent and armor pent items.

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Mushrooms Explained

Of course, on Teemo there is the mighty mushroom. Great for farm and utility, if Teemo is built AP also a killer thing to have. Mushrooms are quite lacking to say the least in this guide, they can be used to farm at higher levels, but don't do any substancial damage. They can be used for sight or to slow as utility. I find this is a huge flaw in my build. But with the little AP there is from Malady and other items, the mushrooms are still quite a effective farm. And mushrooms can still be used as miny sight wards. So playing Teemo as a "sight ward" still works.

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Skill-Up Sequence

I find that Teemos strongest ability throughout the game is his posion. I like to max this out first because of the damage even WITHOUT building AP. Next maxing out Move quick is nice so you can escape faster, this will most often save your life. Last I like to max out blinding dart, since i mostly just use it for utility, the primary use for it is to BLIND people, not deal damage. Although blinding dart still deals some damage I feel that it isn't very strong and shouldn't be relied on.

What The Spells Do

Q Causes all the enemies attacks to miss for a short duration. I take this at lvl 2 and max is last.

W Gives you a boost of movement speed on active. Passively it gives you a small amount of base movement speed.

E A passive ability that causes all targets hit by Teemos auto-attacks to take overtime damage.

R Teemo stores mushrooms in his pack up to a max of 3. He can place these on command. When someone touches the mushrooms they explode dealing splash damage and applying a slow. These also give a small amount of sight.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I normally take this spell on any champion, its great for escaping through walls and chasing.

Ghost: I love this spell on teemo. Ghost combined with his W is just insane speed. His chase capabilites are amazing.

Ignite: I can see this being good on teemo, im sure many people use it, but i just prefer the chase capability of ghost to extra damage.

Exhaust: Good to use on enemy ADCS in a duel or any team fight. You can chase them down with this and if your team doesn't have a exhaust already, consider getting this.

Teleport: I love using this spell in premades. If you and 2 other people teleport to any lane you can easily take out a turret if there is no one defending. This spell is great on almost any role.

Revive: Don't go there.