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Ashe Build Guide by Kuffen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kuffen


Kuffen Last updated on November 1, 2011
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General info

This build focuses on the team. Frost shot may take allot of mana but the effect is transfered to voly for free. so its not to waste mana using the frost shots but rather have the effect on the volly. then geting a few points in Hawk to get some vision. Shure we have the ward from the Wirgles lantern that youll be puting up ocassionally. At 3v3 good places is red buff or the drake to se when they try it and have an eye on the area for ganks/buff pullers. if the team have 2 wirgles lanterns both places is rather good to place it. if there is a ward at the drake and they are on it its easy to steal for a burst ranged DPS.

The Hawk is a good tool for gank checks. it costs no mana to do so. so every min there should be a check if the oponents is missing.

Since this build focuses on the volly with frost it dosent get as high income early game, but for ganks its good since theyll get slowed down for the own team to pick them up/ stunning.

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Item sequence

This build up is yet to be tried by me, its a worked up build from my ashe build seen in the champion bundle i have.

I try starting up with the boots since it gives the attack speed. at the start of the game one could go either boots of speed or the knife. this will enshure the boots is on you fast since the attack speed and movement speed is a good start.

Then the new item (kind of stolen from seeing my pal Elvarion play) it will give LS and a Ward.
Extra DMG and Armour makes it a good anti gank item. its not super expencive and i think its rounded pretty well. Its some what cheaper than going TBT right after the boots. This will boost the LS since TBT needs some warm up.

The Phantom Dancer is there up in the top three items for its Attack speed and Critickal aswell as the movement speed. the movement speed will lower the chance of a kill loss and make it easier to escape.

TBT does kind of speak for it self. its the NR1 LS item with good DPS.

TBC makes the armour Drop, this effect goes under zero. so first a 45armour loss then a 10Armour pierce frome runes to make shure to DMG as high a possiable. This item also have a high Attack Speed and DMG.

Phantom Dancer for increesed Attack speed, Critt and MS.

Now we have a nice foundation, here comes the Critt DMG. Infinity Edge since we are already critting allot this will boost the DMG alot. we also have a good attack speed. allthou, with this item well need to discard the boots. this shouldent be so bad since we now have Phantom Dancer x 2.

We could stop here. but we could swich the lantern out for one more TBT when both are maxed well have 50% LS and over 400DMG per shot. this DMG is also transfered to the Volly. Since volly is affected by AD.

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Early Gank

The points in frost shot will help.
We do not want to waste mana shotin the FS more than needed.
When the team comes in for a Gank. shoot the volly to spreed slow on all the oponents so the get a short time to reakt and run away. The team mates coming in for the gank. one might have a stun. if its like morganas dark bind, Aimed and relying on hittin to bind them the slow from the volly shuld make this easier for the caster to aim and enchure a kill.

Shooting volly as soon as its of CD. then if the runner goes past a tower one could take it with the crystal arrow.

The crystal arrow make good for a first gank skill to, since the main target will be stuned and ppl in AOE will be slowed. And when going in for the Gank fire of a new volly.

The infinit range makes Crystal Arrow a good antigank. when they are going for a Gank fire it off imigietly to get the arrow to stun one DPS or a stunner. This will make the Team mate more likley to survive.

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Summoner Spells

I go with Heal since its a good life saver early game.
Its saved me a bunch to have the heal. Ashe cant take DMG so this is a burst of extra HP.
But this could aswell be Exaust to slow them both in making a kill or an Escape. One might be favoring the Ignigt as a FB skill. but its kind of lame. its good to make shue of an kill without tower diving.

I take the Flash skill since its good for both escape and chasing. people usually goes with flash and popes it to get over walls ECT. this way one can follow up and make the kill.
Or just do the same. go near a wall then get over it to escape.