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Ashe Build Guide by Zirdunokmakbai

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zirdunokmakbai

Ashe AD/AS carry

Zirdunokmakbai Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 8

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Ashe is a nice ranged champion which has a good ability to harass the enemy champions, ashe can do some nice damage if you buy the right items and play the champion the right way. There are multiple ways to play ashe and here is the way I play her.

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This ability is a passive, every 3 seconds you'll get 3% extra crit chance on your next auto shot stacking to 100% max. Let this buff stack to about 80 - 100% at the start and try to shoot a volley and an auto shot onto the enemy for max damage.

Frost Shot
This is a toggle skill, you do not want this up to attack minions, turrets or creeps. Only activate this ability when you are about to kill a champion or chasing one, you can also use this to just harass that short time more if you want to.

Use this to mostly harass enemy champions and/or slow them when they are in a big range, volley can also be used to damage enemy players while they are hiding in a bush or for farming minions.

Hawk Shot
The passive for this skill is very good for farming but this is not what you want in the really early game, the early game is about survival. You can easily use this ability to spot baron kills and/or enemy ambushes coming to you. If an enemy is running away from you into a bush, shoot the hawk shot on the bush to have a clear view on him to attack him and/or see where he's running.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow
This is a skillshot which means you'll have to aim it correctly. This is not the fastest moving skill so watch out where and when you fire it. This skill can be very nice to trigger a teamfight or chase down an enemy which is trying to get away. If you see an enemy recalling on low hp and you think you'll get your arrow to him by the time he's gone, give it the shot.

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Start of the game

At the start you must make sure that you don't get too much damage while you farm minions and try to damage your enemies with your volley, save your first auto shot for a champion since you'll have a high crit chance. Ashe is a very squishy champion at the start which means that a small mistake like moving into the lane a bit too much can kill you. If you are against double melee, make sure you keep as much range as possible, you don't want their attacks onto you since they will most likely just slow you while they are at you. If you are in mid lane, you wont have this melee problem as often, try to harass the enemy with your volley and shoot an auto shot now and then for that small extra damage.

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Buy order

Start of the game
At the start you'll have to buy a Doran's blade so you have a decent damage output at the start but also have some more hp, Ashe is a pretty squishy champion at the start so be careful what you do. The beserker's greaves as second item is simply to have a decent attack speed, attack damage only will not get you very far. If you have the attack speed of the boots, you'll have enough speed to be able to add some damage with the B.F. Sword and then you just go on with the build.

The build
If you want to change the build because you want to have some more attack speed or instead of the attack speed have some more damage, you can always do that. If you think you have a low survivability rate, you can go for a Banshee's Veil instead of the trinity force. You'll have to feel this yourself, if you die pretty fast, it could be because you don't have enough hp, magic resist or you could use the harmful spell resist from the Veil, if you'd like to have that item, use it.

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Laning Solo

Ashe is a good champion to solo lane on, she has a nice harassment and can harass multiple champions at the same time. If you are in mid, you'll most likely have a range against you, most ranged champions have about the same range as you so you shouldn't have to worry about too much damage. Other champions like twisted fate or lux have a higher range due to the skillshots but you should be able to avoid those. If you are solo laning against 2 enemy champions, you have 4 posibilities: double range, double melee or melee + range.

Double Range
If you have double ranged against you, watch out for any damaging skills they try to do to you and keep on firing your volley, don't use frost shot in vein.

Double melee
If you have double melee against you, keep as much range as you can. Moving in a bit too much can cost you your life. The melees mostly have an exhaust ready for you so don't be too risky on that.

Melee + Ranged
If you have a combination of both, try to combine the 2 other possibilities, you'll have to keep a lot of range so you don't get too much damage but you'll have to harass often so you don't get behind in levels.

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Laning with a teammate

Laning parnters
Ashe can be a good duo-laner since she has a lot of slows and a stun that can last up to 4 seconds. Ashe has some laning partners which are better than others but you'll be able to work with all of them.

Melee laning partner
If you have a melee laning partner, you could very well lane with champions like Xin Zhao, Tryndamere and more champions like those. These are very strong combinations since you can slow a lot. As Ashe with a melee partner, it is your job to do most of the harassment, your partner will not always be able to attack. If you brought enemies to low or even half hp, toggle your frost shot or fire your Enchanted Crystal Arrow and go for the kill, unless of course you have ow hp yourself.

Range laning partner
With a ranged laning partner, you can both easily harass enemy players, therefor; you should keep doing that as much as possible. At the start of the game you can easily hit half of the enemies hp with 1 volley and 1 auto shot crit, if you do this and your ranged partner does the other half, you have your first blood easily.

Support laning partner
By support laning partner, you can understand a real support like soraka, sona and more or you can understand a tank like amumu.

Real support
With these real supports like soraka, you should try to harass that little bit more since soraka can heal the damage you have taken, don't take too much damage since her spell can't heal all of it and with half hp or lower, people see you as an easy target.

Tank laning partner
A tank laning partner can take a lot of the damage you don't want to take so this makes you able to again harass that little bit more. Tanks usually also have a nice stun ability or maybe even multiple. Thise stun ability can be used very nicely in combination with your ultimate, one stun, attack the enemy and throw your frost arrow onto them and they are almost a free kill.

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Team Work

Ashe has a lot of slows as you can see, this can be a very good help in chasing down enemies or even ambushing them as Ashe. Having this slow again means that you can use it for defensive reasons, if you see a teammate struggling to get away from the enemy champion, you can simply fire a volley to slow the enemy and help your teammate out.

Your Enchanter Crystal Arrow will be your only stun as Ashe but it is a good one. If you fire the arrow right, you can start teamfights with an advantage of hp and damage because of the stun. If the enemy team gets hit by your arrow, one of their first reactions will be to run away, this will spread out the team and might win you a teamfight. As well as slows, you can use this stun for defensive reasons, fire it at enemy champions chasing teammates or ambushing you to stun them and give you/your teammates a chance to get away safely

Ashe has a very nice damage if you are able to farm a bit and buy the right items. In team fights, stay behind your teammates so they will focus you less, if Ashe is standing behind the teammates just shooting at them, she'll be able to deal a lot of damage.

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Hp potions and elixirs like elixir or agility or elixir of fortitude can be very useful for a burst or more survivability. You can need the hp potions to stay a bit longer on your lane if the enemy is very aggressive on the lane, you don't want to die too quick or have to recall to quick because playing Ashe is all about the farming and getting your ultimate as fast as possible.

Sight wards/Vision Wards
These wards can be very important to avoid getting ambushed or see when the baron is being killed. Getting ambushed as Ashe can easily mean a death to you, preventing this is easily done by having teammates calling out mising champions but also by shooting your hawk shot to the right places or placing your sight wards on the right locations.

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Other summoner spells

Clarity can be used by Ashe to have the better harassment since Ashe can get out of mana pretty easily in the early game. YOu can also use clarity to have your mana for you ultimate if that is needed.

While laning mid or laning solo against 2 enemies, it can be very important to get back to your turret as fast as possible, in that case, you can easily use teleport as a summoner spell. There are also a few tricks that ashe can do with this skill like shooting your ultimate when someone attacks your turret and immediatly teleport to it to pick up the kill.

Example: Ignite
Ignite is a good skill if you want to be aggressive or pick up the kill from the enemy that is running away, use this together with a flash or a ghost to have the opportunity to chase even more or just be able to survive.

Heal is one of the lower ranked summoner spells for ashe since you should be very careful with ashe and not just use a heal to counter their damage. You can however use this if you think you'll need it or just to stay in your lane a bit longer, this spell is pretty much useless in mid/late game or can be replaced by just buying potions.

Exhaust is just like ignite good to be aggressive or pick up a kill, slowing an enemy with an extra skill can be useful but you already have your volley and frost shot to to that for you which means this can be pretty useless. However, this skill can also be used as a defensive skill just to get away from a melee mostly to slow him.

I did use the improved ghost mastery, so if you choose to replace ghost by any of these summoner spells, make sure you replace that mastery, if you are using exhaust instead, you can pick the improved exhaust mastery instead.

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Why these runes?

Greater Mark of Desolation
These runes give you Armor Penetration which ignores armor from the enemy player, since your damage mostly comes from you attack damage, you'll have to be able to break the enemies armor with these armor penetration runes. To say it shortly, they give you more damage.

Greater Seal of Replenishment
As ashe, you'll have to use your volley quite some times and it'll have a cooldown of only 3.5 seconds at max level so you'll need quite some mana regeneration to equalize the mana you are going to be using in the game

Greater Glyph of Focus
This glyph is the reason why the cooldown on your volley is going to be so low, this makes you able to basicly spam your volley to harass a lot and slow the enemies. Having such a short cooldown on volley can be very useful in teamfights since you want as much spread damage as possible.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
This is basicly the same as the first runes, you'll have a lot of armor penetration which will be needed if you're playing against melees that have some armor, you don't want them to take away most of your damage.

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Most of my mastery choices are pretty clear, you'll have Sunder for more armor penetration and the rest of offense for damage and crit. The reason why i put 1 point in archmage's savvy is not only because you don't use exhaust in this build or smite at all on ashe, but also because you'll volley a lot and that small extra damage could mean a kill.

Why 4/4 Awareness and 1/3 Preservence? As ashe you'll of course need the mana, but in this case, awareness is just a better choice. One of the main aspects of playing any champion is to keep up with the levels to not fall behind, since ashe is very much used as a mid laner, you'll be able to outlevel your opponent if he does not have this on max.

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Why these items?

Berserker's Greaves
The Berserker’s Greaves give you a nice movement speed buff which you’ll need to get away from enemies, ashe is pretty squishy so the movement speed is to good use. This item also gives 25% attack speed which ashe can use very well

Infinity Edge
As you’ll probably know, ashe uses a lot of attack damage, Infinity Edge gives her 80 AD which is already very nice, it also gives you some extra crit which will be very helpful when you have nice speed and damage. The extra thing is that your crits now deal 250% extra damage instead of 200%, this difference could be very huge.

Phantom Dancer
The Phantom Dancer pretty much combines the Berserker’s Greaves and the Infinity Edge, it will give you a nice attack speed boost, some crit boost and the movement speed boost you’ll need against the enemies, not only to get away from them but also to chase them

The Bloodthirster
The Bloodthirster gives a nice AD boost which is very helpful with the life steal it gives, the 15% lifesteal is very useful not only to survive in teamfights but if you have this item, you’ll be able to stay on a lane longer since you’ll just recuperate health while farming minions.

The Black Cleaver
This item also gives a nice attack damage and attack speed boost but on top of that it also reduces part of the enemy’s armor which is very useful together with the runes that give you armor penetration, armor penetration is one of ashe’s main needs

Trinity Force
This item combines everything you need in an item, you get movement speed, attack speed, attack damage and there’s a nice passive which gives you a chance to slow a target by 35% for 2.5 seconds and your next attack has a chance to deal 150% bonus damage.

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Skill Sequence

The reason for this skill sequence is pretty simple, at the start, you'll want to be able to harass as well as deal some aoe damage to the minions, that's why you'll choose volley at the start as first skill.

Frost Shot
As second skill you'll use frost shot to be able to run away or chase enemies around, your volley will also apply your frost shot so having a volley to slow the enemies can be a very useful thing in many occasions.

Hawk Shot
You take Hawk Shot at level 4 because you'll have a chance to take volley again at level 3 and the reason why you don't take it on level 2 is explained already. However, the reason why you take this on level 4 is so you have at least the smallest range to spot enemy ambushes incoming, you don't want to get caught off guard.

Level 6 - 18
For the rest of the time, volley will be your main skill to use so you'll upgrade that if you can, if you can upgrade your ultimate however, you should go for that first. Not only does your ultimate do a nice stun but the damage is not unseen either. If you can't upgrade either volley or your ultimate, go for frost shot to chase down enemies or just run away from the enemies, if you already have your ultimate, farming is less important at that stage of the game.

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Pros / Cons

- Ashe has a very nice damage output with her auto-attacks, a lot of attack speed could kill almost any champion in no time.
- Ashe's slows give her some nice utility, use these to survive or chase down an enemy
- Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow is nice to start killing a champion or chasing it down, the stun can cost the enemy champion his life

- Ashe is a pretty squishy champion, be careful when you play her, she can die pretty fast.
- As soon as Ashe is stunned, this can mean a death, especially against a melee.
- Melee champions can be very burstheavy so running into a lane a bit too much can get you killed while laning against a melee.

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A few Ashe tricks

As Ashe had nice slows, you can easily kite melee opponents while being chased, you do this by doing the following:

1) Activate Frost Shot
2) Hit the enemy and run away
3) Keep repeating this
4) He'll realize he's dieing, keep shooting
5) If he flashes or ghosts away, use Hawk Shot to see where he goes and chase him with whatever you have, keep frost shot up.

Arrow Teleport
This has been showed in the other summoners spells section but i'll explain it to you.

1) Spot the enemy and make sure he's attacking your turret or minions.
2) Fire a Enchanted Crystal Arrow into the lane
3) Use teleport on the nearest turret or minion
4) Hit the arrow which stuns for 4 seconds, activate frost shot, volley and keep firing.

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Ashe is a very nice champion but can be squishy and will be focused a lot when seen in a teamfight. Play her carefully and enjoy the play.

If you read this guide completely, please tell me in the comments what you think of it, i hope this helps you play with Ashe in a different way you used to.

This is a score screen i captured from an almost full built game: