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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dovnfluen

Ashe Anitiat and Destroy, Even in Ranked.

Dovnfluen Last updated on February 25, 2011
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I play ashe alot, i love playing her because she really is the best Carry in LoL. She has Volley as CC, Frost Shots as CC, Hawk shot as Mapcontrolle and The best thing is the ulti Frost arrow. Frost Arrow = anitiate, Kill champs that ran off, Steal baron, stealing dragon and excellent at stunning target close and far away. so now i will tell you about the Runes, Items and how to play her.

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Red is Armor pent, i use Armor pent becasue it gives so mutch damage in early game, people with no armor runes die's easyr than minions and gives you the lane controle, Blue is Cd per Lvl. You need this because you really want some Cd on your ulti and the volley. , Yellow is mana reg Per Lvl. You need this to spam you volley and it allways make you sure to have mana for ulti, and you wont waste gold on mana reg items. Quints, is Armor pent. Thats the extra damage you will get.

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I go alot of offence, because she is a Damage dealer, and i go some utility becasue she needs some mana all the time.

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Dorans blade is a must item, and getting 2 of them is good because she will survive some more. i useally allways have a good farm, so i go like this. Dorans blade, boots, B.F sword and longswords, then i go brutalizer, Black cleaver, Zeal, Phantom dancer, Banshee. and it useally allways ends here, but in some cases you the game take more then 40 mins. so go The Blood thirster, Yoomus Ghostblade switch the phantom dancer out with infinity egde. and bam you are the best killermachine. Now you have Attackspeed, survival item, Armor pent, Crit, attack speed, life steal ' enormose Damage.

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Skill Sequence

You need volley, becasue it's the skills you cna spam and slow enemy groups, and make them cry becasue they can engage or run propaly. Hawkshot is only need one time, it will give you just the map overwiew you want. Frost shots is soo good to have becasue in battle you can controlle allmost everything what happends if you are haveing a good position. Frost arrow ofc you need it, it's the best ulti a Good player can have, but you most learn to master it first, before it get's dangerus.

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Summoner Spells

Ashe is soo Squisy,you need this to survive or hunt if you really want a kill so badly like a guy who's legendary, and you dont have the Frost arrow ready because you used it in (team fight) or some other reason. Other summoner spells as ignite, clarity, Exchaust and heal you really dont need. Ignite is not good becasue no enemy can run from you, and if there is a mundo or some other champs that can reg fast or lifesteal then you got your team mates to get the spells, they most understand that you are the carry, and you need (survivabillety?). the some for exchaust vs a trynd, or a irelia.

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Ranked Play

In ranked you will get forced as hell, so be wise and stay protectet by the tanker or the suppporter, use you flash to get in a good position if you are in a bad one. Ashe allways needs a good stand or els she is useless. Remember you have to deal as mutch damage as possible, you are useless if you die before or when the fight begins,

When you start getting in a line you have you passive that are so great and annoying vs the opponents use it to gain lane controlle, use it on a hero, make them fear you dont waste your crit on a minion, or a Golem just because a jungler needs a bit help, just volley the beast.
To have a lane controlle is so important, if you dont get it the enemy will harras you first, and thats your job. if you with a support like (janna) you have to tell her you need the Last hits because you are the carry, and she just needs some wards and some other support items that she can get easyly with out last hits.

the Frost arrow isnt easy to master, but i have an good idea, go on normal games or custome, try out the AP ashe and practice the arrow, it's fun when you know how to hit and you wont feel any wasted time, and you will get to master Last hit's to.

For now i am done, i'm just soo tired i will work more on this Build later, Cya and plz Rate or give a comment, and yea i know the enlgish is a bit bad but i will rework on that to, later.