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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hodginsx924

Ashe- Arrows of Destruction (Please read before you vote)

hodginsx924 Last updated on March 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Updates 2/22/11

I plan on keeping updates on this guide for all the patches in the future.

I will post videos in the near future but as of right now the clips are still being put together for a montage.

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Before I start I want to say this is my first in detail guide so please help me if you have suggestions or feedback! Dont be too harsh :)

I just want to start off by saying I love this game. This is by far one of my favorite games and were talking about a guy who has been playing games since sega genisis.
I go by Durkaa on LOL and you can call me that here also, I play to win. I believe you can have fun in the game but im not a fan of losing so ive disigned a guide to to exactly one thing. Win games.

To effectively play ashe with my playing style there was a big learning curve because she is so squishy and im so aggressive. You must know when to back down. Remember even if your team isn't good that your not the guy to start the team fight... NEVER!

By the end of this build you should be able to harrass if not take out just about any champ in a solo if you keep a distance.

This guide is recommended for an expierenced user who is has full awareness of map at all tims, ash is very squishy as we all know and very easy to be taken down. Perferably you want to be able to get mid just to get the extra boost in th xp early game. This guide if played correctly will take your ashe and turn the competition to ashes. Ashe relies on ARP to take down anybody who knows how to counteract her. Its not that hard to counteract her if they are stacked with armer right? No wrong. If you work on the ARP you can take down anybody who gets in your way. I didn't make quesents ARP because of the last whisper. You will benifit from the extra AS at early game for farming purposes and nobody is stacked with Armor that early game that a little ganking cant fix! This is my first guide as ashe and im on my lunch break at work so its still in construction as far as explinations.

If you think about her range it makes sense to go with AS because it takes them a bit to get to you, the more you can spam them before they do the better your chances on a kill will be.
Now I have been playing off "Ashe carry ranked games" for a long time when I first started playing ashe but I felt that a little bit of revamping would be nice, because he has a great guide but I have my own thoughts on things.

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[/img] The reason we have ARP Runes for our Marks is pretty self explanitory.
The MP5 lvl seals are also important because you will be using more mana as you play and rank and you will need the extra umph to get you around in desprate situations. I chose to go with CDR because the more you can spam the more damage you can ultamitly put out.
Now your probably wondering wtf is he doing with Movement speed for quesents? Well believe it or not nobody is going to be so stacked with armor that you need to have the 12 extra ARP at the begining. Thats why we will be getting last whisper as ive stated in the intro. The Movement speed is what is going to make or break enemys getting away or not with frost shots, plus will help early game all around.

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My masteries are 21/0/9 because I play very agressive and a passive Ashe is a wasted Ashe. Defense doesn't really benifit her much either because if your getting hit the defense wont save ur life more then likely you will die either way, so I think mana and health is more important for survival.

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This item guide is HUGE.

I don't think there is only one way to play ashe, I believe that you need to focus on everything, and then have a main priority. So AD and ARP are the MAIN prioritys. This build will help them significantly and also help you with AS CDR and more.

All of these items are in the order I purchase them every game. I think the order is crutial because alot of it goes by money needs. The quicker you can purchase the quicker you can kick some ***! I dont see a need in waiting early game that takes forever to farm to save up for the B.S. Sword

Dorians Blade
First thing we have is the Dorians blade! I know what your thinking, why not just go to the shoes and get health? I use to do that to get a jumpstart and thats cool, but Ashe is very squishy to the point that the extra health and damage make a BIG difference. I know 9 health.. Hows that a BIG difference? Well lets say you hit the target 9x in the first min, thats 90 less health then if you went for the boots!

Berserker Greaves
Berserker Greaves are a KEY item for Ashe. Any solid Ashe player will tell you this. Now the reason we choose these boots are because mobility is one of the best things you can get your hands on. Lets think about it for a minute. If you are too fast for them how will they keep up? You do have ghost and quick movement. Second, if you use ur freeze arrow, and you have extra speed how will they get away? Lets not forget about our Movement questents. :)

The Brutalizer
The Brutalizer is going to be a little more frosting on th cake. CDR and AD two things Ashe loves! Now we can spam more and do more damage, not to mention its cheap and will turn into the YGB later on .

The Zeal is going to help alot with everything its a quick and easy boots all around. The crits help and thats what matters. You will later turn this into your Phantom Dancer :)

The Last Whisper
The Last Whisper is an item I ofen overlooked.. :( This item is Ashes bread and butter to kills. Ashe can put out enough damage but without the right amount of ARP its useless. Last whisper is perfect for that, a solid 55AD 30AS and 3 stacks of 15 ARP! You couldn't ask for a better corosponding item to her needs. This is one of my favorite things to get with ashe, because as see bodies drop. I remember a time i was being ganked by 2 champs at once and i had half health. I managed to slow them and have them flee because of this item.

B.F. Sword
This is a big damage output that turns into an ever better item later on. But we wont get into much of this right now other then its a very useful item but by the time you can afford this you should be ready to start ganking, if you haven't already.

Phantom Dancer
The Phantom Dancer buffs up your zeal to a whopping 2x! This all around makes ashe better at everything she does. She will attack faster so now your putting out 300+ damage even more often. YES! Movement is improved and crits are even nicer! This will really help out with crits late game with your infinity!

Youmuu's Ghostblade

The Youmuu's Ghostblade is a nice finish to The Brutalizer. You now buffed that item up even more, the passive is a great bonus for Ashe. This will help your performance all around. If you need to you can activate this to rape a team that is trying to push very hard.

The Bloodthirster
I'm sure your wondering why I wait so long to get this item? The reason for this is because a good ashe shouldn't need this to early. Your never going to be pushing in the front of the pack leading unless your a *******. Haha, but seriously this is a great late game item. You can farm minoins after a fight to get extra health, and no longer have to return to the base to healh up. I think this is good late game because if you do get hurt more then likey its not going to be a little scratch its going to need some healing. The damage output is nice and the idea of healing a portion of that is even nicer.

Infinity Edge
Your final item to finish your build, and your most expensive. This item is one of the last items because of the price and benifits. Ashe does like to crit, but you get plenty of that and more in the earlier part of the build for much less. I decided that Infinity Edge would best used late game. The extra crits will now be much more effective, and the damage just tops off anybody who thinks ur a squishy. At this point you ARE a SQUISHY. But the strongest Squish and they have no idea. Yeah you might go down in a short few hits, but if you keep your distance and use your volley you should be able to abuse them before they reach you and possible chase them in fear for a kill.

You can replace the last whisper with the black cleavor if you feel that your not getting the job done at the end of the game. But its more effective to get the Last whisper early game.

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Skill Sequence

As you can see up top is the main idea here is to max out your VolleyFollowed by the Frost shot. Now the volley is only as strong as your frost shot when it comes to slowing the enemy down. So if you are playing another Squishy you might want to get 2 or more in the froze shot first to stop them from escaping if you dont think that Volley will cut it.

Frost Shotis the next Skill of choice, followed by Hawkshotand of course always your ULT

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Summoner Spells

I chose Clarityand Ghostfor a reason. You will be lacking the mana to spam your ult if you dont get clarity expecially early game. Now ghost is a given, if you need to catch up or flee the area a boost of speed is just what you will need.

There area several spells that are overlooked I use Clarityand Ghostbecause of my aggressive play style. Some will say well thats a waste of a spell. Thats not true, all spells are designed for how you play. I hear people say all all the time.. Use ignite use flash. No thats not how I like to play, I have way to much damage to waste my spell on ignite, I can do much more then what ignite does without issues, and flash is only good for ashe if your trying to jump over a barrier for escape which you might still be caught up to.

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Pros / Cons



-Squishy all game
-Low on mana without a buff
-Not the most mobile champ
-Big learning curve
-Often ganked

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Team Work & Awarness

This is a must when you play Ashe. You cant be a God or in this case a Goddess without the proper Awareness and teamwork. Ashe can easily visit the top and bottom lanes to help finish kills. Her awareness of the map is key, because a mia could be the death of her. Always stay near a turret durring a mia, and make sure to use a hawkshot to identify where they might be coming from. This will be the edge that you need to stay alive while you work towards arrows of desruction

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Thanks & Appriciation!

I just wanted to say thank you to all who have read my guide, and feel free to post any suggestions and what you think about my build. I put alot of thought into this and I really hope it works as well for you as it does for me. I know its a different approch to Ashe then most people. I just wanted to share my appriciation to all who have read this and supported me. Including all my friends who I get to play with on a daily bases. Thank you! :)[/h3