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Ashe Build Guide by General Grazu

Ashe build/simple guide/the farm

Ashe build/simple guide/the farm

Updated on August 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author General Grazu Build Guide By General Grazu 3,300 Views 0 Comments
3,300 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author General Grazu Ashe Build Guide By General Grazu Updated on August 22, 2011
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This guide is simple, but will most likely be able to improve loads of players who likes Ashe, but find her squichy, slow, low damage. This is more or less true EARLY game. After 15-20 min you should have at least inf edge. How? Last hit. Get as many minions as even possible. Half of them is not enough!

Use hawkshot, get extra gold per minion. Use early game to farm. Go with a support or mid --> Ashe got low damage in early game compared to cait, vayne, mf.. basically all AD carries, BUT she have a stun and slows.
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Skill Sequence

As Ashe you should always go with a support or mid. This is because of you will play the role as AD carry, and need as many creep kills as possible.

Hawkshot is an underrated ability. Most Ashe players are stacking Volley and Frost shot, but this won't give you the extra farm that you "need". With Volley you will get 5 extra gold every single minion kill (when it's at rank 5). This ability will help you to get items fast.

In my opinion, Ashe is quite weak early game (compared to for example cait and MF). Remember that minion kills is prioritized before champion kills --> Thinking of the fact that you can't afford to loose loads of minion kills just to harass your opponent. you have to do it while the minions are high on health!
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As Ashe you will basically just have to rush B.F Sword as fast as possible. This will boost your damage a lot!

Loads of people are buying Phantom Dancer early, but rushing AS instead of AD is a mistake. Ashe is extremely squichy, so you will have to play carefully if you want to success! She is also quite slow compared to other champions, and you might have a hard time against champions like xin early game, but you just have to be defensive. I usually buy Boots of Swiftness for the little "speed boost".

You might want to replace one of the Bloodthirsters for more defensive item like Banshees (depending on who you meet). Another Phantom Dancer could also work. Just for the extra crit and movementspeed. Being able to run fast is also a good way of surviving --> Depending on your which champions you play against!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author General Grazu
General Grazu Ashe Guide
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Ashe build/simple guide/the farm

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