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Ashe Build Guide by GlobalUltis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GlobalUltis

Ashe - Cold Seeking Missiles

GlobalUltis Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there people! This is my first guide so please give me plenty of feedback. Now just to keep this simple... here is a simple guide on how to generally play Ashe The Frost Archer. Being one of my favorite champs; I think I know a lot about her and how to play her. Sorry in advance for any spelling errors (I didn't feel like checking them over).

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Pros / Cons


    awesome damage
    shines late game
    really nice stun to take out enemies with ease (as long as you can hit it)
    and a master of kiting
    needs farm
    won't be a really good addition to team fights if you don't master your arrows (just hitting someone should be good enough in team fights)

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I would generally go with flat armor penetration marks, armor seals, MR per level glyphs, and flat AD quintessences. armor penetration marks because I think it just helps a lot in general with all the resistance some people may have going against you. The armor seals help with that other AD carry's harass. The magic resistance per level glyphs are because you shouldn't be getting killed early by any AP users in general, so why not get the most magic resistance from that glyph late game? Now for the AD quintessences... I my opinion... it makes for easier last hitting and gives your moves a little boost for that volley harass early game.

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With Ashe's masteries, I prefer to go with a 21/9/0 because you need the extra health and armor early game. Some people like to pick up Havoc in the offense talent tree, but I think that vampirism is waaayyyyyy more worth it. With vampirism you get a bit of lifesteal to help sustain yourself in lane a bit better. It may not be much, but if you happen to have to buy a doran's blade it's going to stack and give some nice damage, lifesteal, and a little health. for offense you can see that I did not put a point into summoner's wrath because of the spells I recommend, and in the defense get summoner's resolve for the increase on health restored by 10%.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer to go flash and heal with Ashe because 1) flash can get you out of sticky situations by making it over walls, around towers for the tower divers, etc. and heal because she is squishy. Of course there are multiple other spell combinations that work just as good. ghost is a nice thing to have if you don't like flash, and exhaust/ignite might be of great use. If you are to use exhaust though I would consider putting a point into summoner's wrath for the bonus. In my opinion surge is a horrible move to use on anyone, Clairvoyance is not needed (unless you are that all out sniper ulti's whole time person), and Promote should not be needed.

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Skill Sequence

Volley is the best spell for early game harass and should be maxxed out ASAP. With Frost shot being second, and saving hawkshot for last. Volley gives out some really nice damage, stacking with 100% of your attack damage. while frost shot is an amazing slow added to your basic attacks (reducing the need for any slowing items). As long as your don't spam your moves, you shouldn't have any mana issues. I get a point into hawkshot early because if requires no mana to use, your get a passive +1 gold per creep kill (max of 5 at later levels), and gives a nice field of vision when needed. Making very useful for early game farming and checking bushes. As the game goes on and u finally start to max out hawkshot; then it will have a really long range, and you will be able to check baron or dragon without getting too close for comfort. Always remember her ulti is an instant cast making for easy get aways, and kills close range. However... once you master the long range shots; you start to enjoy sniping A LOT more.

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Unique Skills - Kiting

Something that makes Ashe a "unique" kind of champion is her appility to kite with ease. Her frostshot makes for easy slowing to get away or chase, and her volley applies your current level of frostshot. In the end making Ashe one of the best kiters ever.

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Now with the item build I generally use there is always room for modifications. you do not have to keep your boots after you get the 2 phantom dancers. I tend to sell them at that point to get black cleaver or last whisper (depending on if they built any resistance). If you feel like even buying a 3rd phantom dancer that's O.K. however I think that you could use that spot for a more useful item. Of course you don't have to rush the infinity edge first, but I find it one of the best items to rush (bloodthirster before it works as well).

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Now you have everything you need to know about Ashe.
REMEMBER: she is a very squishy champ. Play defensive and make sure you can make it out alive in a chase. ALSO IMPORTANT: her basic attacks are a crucial part of her DPS, so a thornmail against you will hurt you... a lot.